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Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Postdoctoral Fellow

LSU Health Science Center

Key Accomplishments: 1 Peer reviewed paper, presented conceptual research poster at EB2011

Technical Role:

  • Cell culture, Biochemical and signaling assays, isolation of cardiomyocytes and Langendorff
  • Isolation of proteins from cardiac tissue and cells, western blotting (NRF2, TRX2, SOD1, SOD2, NFkBp65, iNOS2, pSTAT1, ACE2)
  • Initiated research on macrophage polarization upon oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Immunoassays, confocal microscopy, immunoblotting
Apr 2008Aug 2009

Assistant Project Scientist-II

UC Davis School of Medicine

Key Accomplishments:

  • 6 Peer reviewed publications, presentations at national meetings, 1 Invited review.

Technical Role:

  • Supervised  technicians and trained postdoctoral scientists to develop and apply quantitative LC-MS/MS, HPLC/UV/FL, GC/FID, GC/MS  and bio-analytical methods in support of preclinical drug discovery
  • Designed pharmacokinetic studies for novel ion channel modulators targeting type-1 diabetes, psoriasis, hypertension, stroke
  • Planning and execution of  preclinical pharmacokinetics, DMPK, ADME and toxicity studies
  • Coordinated pharmacokinetic and bioavailability studies for drug candidates under development
  • Operated, developed methods and maintained a Finnigan LC/MS for qualitative and quantitative analyses (XCalibur Platform).
  • Collaborated with other scientists to provide pharmacokinetics and bioavailability assessment using software tools such as WinNonlin and Origin.
Oct 2003Mar 2008

Postdoctoral Research Associate

UC Davis School of Medicine

Key Accomplishments:

  • 5 peer reviewed publications, UC Davis Laboratory Management Institue's Distinguished Research Training Award,  Extramural promotion to Assistant Project Scientist-II

Technical Role:

  • Preclinical evaluation of 3 NCE's (ion channel modulators), one licensed to a biotech from UC Davis
  • Preclinical bio-analytical method development and validation, quantitative and qualitative LC/MS for novel ion channel modulators in plasma, urine and tissue (brain, liver, heart, kidney, arteries), protein binding, bioavailability from rodents and pigs (LCQ quadrupole ion trap and TSQ Quantum Access MAX - Thermo Scientific)
  • Designed in vivo dose and draw experiments for in vivo rodent models of type-1 diabetes, T-cell mediated autoimmune diseases (psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, stroke), hypertension.
  • Supported drug discovery work by performing ELIZA’s, cytokine arrays (Milliplex), Immunocytochemistry, immunogenicity assays. Authored and co-authored 8 pivotal papers and presented at several conferences.
  • Developed GC/MS methods for metabolic profiling of cellular lipids in inflammatory pathways
Apr 2002Oct 2003

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Texas A & M University

Key Accomplishments:
  •  Isolated and characterized novel anti-cancer limonoids and flavanoids from Citrus (preparative HPLC- Waters, MPLC)
  • 3 peer reviewed publications 
Sep 1994Jul 1997

Sr.Scientist Analytical

Lupin Laboratories Ltd.

Key Accomplishments:

  •  2 Process patents (Indian and European )
  • Promoted to Sr. Scientist from Analytical Executive in one year.

  • Technical Role:
  • Designed and patented a novel process for the extraction of (-)-erythrohydroxy citric acid (anti-obesity) from Garcinia sinensis.
  • Technology transfer from bench (1kg) to Pilot plant (500 kg).
  • Led a team of analytical scientists in formulation development and testing
  • Developed, validated analytical methods using HPLC, GC, HPTLC.
  • Contributed in patent writing, SOP’s, ISO 9000 for research and development group.
  • Contributed to the launch of 8 new drug formulations.


Aug 1998Dec 2002


University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India


Confocal Microscopy
BIochemical and Immunoassays





  • NMR Laboratory and structure elucidation, 2008
  • UC Davis Laboratory Research Leadership and Management Certificate, June 2008
  • LC-MS: Theories and Applications, ACS CertificateDecember2005
  • Preparative Liquid Chromatography, Waters Corporation, July 2002
  • Analysis of Nutraceuticals: Dietary Suppliments & Functional foods, Waters Corporation, 2002
  • New Advances in Environmental Analysis, Waters Corporation, 2002
  • New Capabilities for LC/MS Advances, Waters Corporation, 2002


  • Accomplished Bio-analytical Scientist  with expertise in translational research.
  • 8 publications  and 4 patents in pharmacokinetics and analytical method development.
  • Validation, troubleshooting and maintenance of LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, HPTLC, Flash Chromatography.
  • I have a unique combination of analytical skills with pharmacology and immunology, planning and execution of preclinical pharmacology studies, setting up animal models, dose and draw, ADME and toxicity evaluation, immunoassays and confocal microscopy.