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Work experience

Research Scientist

SRM University
Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics, Osmania University, Hyderabad. Under the able guidance of Dr. A Supraja Reddy, research scientist(B), successfully completed my study oriented project on“ Global Positioning System” and has submitted a report on“ Analysis of Ionospheric Effects on GPS Signals” to the organization. Paper Presented “ The Marine Scavenger” at March 2013. Designed an autonomous boat that can clean up oil spills in marine water bodies. Eco-friendly dispersants and bacteria are user to degrade oil so as to ensure minimal disturbance to marine life.


Internship/Projects Development of RSS Enhanced Android Application for Aiding Education. Won best educational project and poster award at SRM University.. The project aims at developing an android application to aggregate RSS feed of creative knowledge from various third party sources both government and private web portals and portray them in a simple user friendly language which all students can understand without any difficulties.


SRM University Narayana Junior College


School Institute


Data Base
Septic Tank Effluent Pump