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May 2005Apr 2007

Diploma (IT)

Kumaran Polytechnic College,Tv Malai

First class with 73% marks.

Apr 2003May 2005


Government higher secondary school, Gingee
Jun 2003May 2003


Government higher secondary school, Gingee

First class with 72% marks.


Adobe Photoshop
Java Script
SQL Server 2008

Personal Skills

ØEnthusiastic team player

ØA quick learner with hard working potential

ØGood interpersonal skills

professional Projects

Major Projects:

Project : 1

Complete Educational ERP Product

                Environment: C#, .Net 3.5, and SQL Server 2008.

About the Project:

Vertisa Info Tech is software Development based a company; we are developed the Product in Educational ERP like college, school and company. Our product is developed as a Educational ERP portal. The only wizard with over 14 different modules and  reports are developed from educational and managerial functions.  Human Resources module is at the heart of our HR software. It is a strong and powerful platform on which to build you future HR systems. Personnel database management, employee record keeping is the basis, and this is further strengthened by a simple and easy to use report writer and ad-hoc query tool. All data changes are audited and previous values of any changed data is kept. Data screens are fully user definable, and even these user defined fields and screens are fully audited too. When choosing a new HR software system, you owe it to your employees to ensure that their confidential employee data is key safe and secure, any changes being fully traceable on the audit. The Payroll process is fully integrated to Employee salary basics, and The Time Table Management is Structure with student and staff. ERP 2.0 is truly comprehensive e-governance software that covers the entire gamut of campus activities in a College. The software is aimed at bringing in process refinement, efficiency, accountability and control in a College. The extensively researched and well-tested architecture of College Excel ably suits the needs of variety of institutions of higher education ranging from the traditional degree colleges (Arts, Science and Commerce Colleges) to the colleges running technical and professional courses. ERP 2.0 is built using the latest Dot Net Technology from Microsoft. The software uses SQL Server as the Database. The service is adequately protected by Firewalls, Intrusion Detectors and Antivirus software.


·UI Design and Implementation.

·Requirement gathering

·Business Logic

Project : 2

                Health Care ERP Product

                Environment: C#, .Net 3.5, and SQL Server 2008.

About the Project:

                            A “Health Care Management System” is a computerized Management system. This management system has been developed to form whole Management system including Employees, Doctors (consultants), Nurses, Patients, Bills, and Complains and Tablet Data storage etc. This system also keeps the records of hardware assets besides software of this organization. The proposed system will keep a track of Employees, Doctors, Patients, Accounts and generation of report regarding the Present status. This project has web based software that will help in storing, updating And retrieving the information through various user-friendly menu-driven modules. The Main module is Tablet storage it’s a like medical structure, it is the system to maintain Centralized Global data base system that provides health care data in the form of Normalization structure and Cluster the data to help various types of prediction Analysis. As well as it helps to identify deviation of therapies and the physician using ANOVA, which is a powerful statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means based on the analysis of various groups. It is a statistical method that yields values that can be tested to determine whether a significant relation exists


·UI Design and Implementation.

·Requirement gathering

·Business Logic

Project : 3


              Environment: C#, .Net 3.5, and SQL Server 2008.

About the Project:

                                      OCRDC is Drug Administration and its access from admin User and agent. The admin user can add access role from the agent and it’s purely security based working. The Manager add the different type of Drug and Access role , Add new user , create various login for agent , the agent contain the view the drug and add assign project site to the user.


·UI Design

·Business Logic


  • Object oriented programming
  • Analysis and Design patterns
  • MVC Frameworks


Software and web application developer equipped with Microsoft .net technologies, ready to start working in a challenging environment, and blend with the team and render my service in the most professional manner possible.

Personal Profile

      Date of Birth: June 05, 1988


Sex :Male

Marital status:Single

Languages known:Tamil, English


Work experience