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Ramachandar Kodimela

Business Intelligence Delivery Lead at Accenture

  • Sri Said Residency, Flat no:101, Lane no:4, Brahmanwadi, Begumpet, Hyderabad, India
  • +91 9885431949


Driven software engineer having 10+ years IT experience with extensive background in Data Warehousing, ETL, Business Intelligence, Analysis, design, architecture, Agile & traditional lifecycles.  Adept at project management, leading teams.

Work experience


Microsoft Business Intelligence Lead

  • Implementing a business intelligence strategy within a global network.
  • Recommending solutions for reducing total cost of operations.
  • Finding the root cause of a problem and then ensuring that it is resolved through the most appropriate solutions.
  • Detailed study on legacy systems and the designing of required reports, inbound or outbound Interfaces, conversions and enhancements.
  • Use of the business process requirements to drive out the product requirements and metrics
  • Proven ability and experience on handling multiple teams.
  • Extensive experience on Product Lifecycle Management, Vendor Management and Client Management.
  • Client end on-site experience (Milan, Italy and Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Application Developer

iSOFT R&D Pvt. Ltd.
  • Created prototype and production-level object-oriented applications throughout software development life cycle, including design, modeling, coding, testing, and documentation.
  • Analyzed business, functional, and technical requirements to make sure project met expectations.
  • Troubleshot and resolved bugs in .NET applications to ensure optimal development environment.
  • Developed Win Forms user interface projects with initial layout and base controls.
  • Designed Web-based ASP.NET Internet applications linked to firm-wide SQL databases.

Professional Exeprience


Accenture Fare Management System


Accenture’s innovations in fare management help agencies manage costs with a flexible, open system. The Accenture Fare Management Solution (AFMS) is a digital payment platform that manages fare collection and customer service across multiple transit authorities and modes of transport.

  • Detailed study on the designing of required reports, inbound or outbound Interfaces, conversions and enhancements.
  • Architect the database schema and implement dimensional. Review and maintain the schema, its tables, indexes, views and PL/SQL procedures in SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Designed and implemented star\snow flake schemas (Loyalty cube, Service provider cube, customer cube & Transaction processing cube).
  • Designing and Developing the Dimension and Fact Tables from various different sources, majority of them are SQL Server Data Sources.
  • Responsible for all ETL operations within the Engineering group including client feeds, warehouse loads, and data extraction.
  • Implementation and delivery of BI platform solutions to develop and deploy ETL, analytical, reporting and scorecard\dash boarding on SQL Server 2012 using SSAS, SSIS/DTS, SSRS.
  • Developed, deployed and monitored SSIS Packages for new ETL Processes and upgraded the existing SSIS packages to SSIS 2012 for the on-going ETL Processes.
  • Monitored Full/Incremental/Daily Loads and support all scheduled ETL jobs for batch processing.

SMDS (Sales and Marketing Digital Services) Sitecore


The client engaged Accenture to transform the legacy process marketing content publishing to a digitally capable one that can support SMDS’s vision of providing world class digital experience and global publishing services.

  • "All ways the right man for the job".
  • Recognized as the go-to for attacking and solving complex technology issues.
  • Retained and given additional responsibility / authority of project mobilization and managing all the brand teams.
  • Recommended and / or implemented high-impact initiatives for measuring, tracking, and improving productivity, business matrix, systems performance / data quality indicators, and product management / progress.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Ops


This project is to create BI analytic and reporting for the Microsoft business operations which helps them to manage their partners\\vendors programs. And also it helps Microsoft and their partners to ensure the accuracy of the license renewal and invoicing which in turn helps the business to manage their software licensing effectively.

  • Involved in Full project life cycle (from requirements gathering to implementation phase).
  • Participated in project planning sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outlined the proposed solution.
  • Responsible for translating the Business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Analyzed data flow and business requirements to create High Level Design document.

Hydrocarbon Resource Volume Management System


The HRV-MS tracks volume and maturation information for hydrocarbons through their life cycle, providing a central data store for volume information. The system supports several key business processes. These processes are HCM (Hydro Carbon Maturation), ARPR (Annual Report of Petroleum Reserves), BP (Business Planning) and LE/LV (Latest estimate / Latest Value).

  • Involved in interacting with business users for requirements gathering and analyzing source data for enterprise reporting.
  • Responsible for translating the Business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Analyzed data flow and business requirements to create High Level Design and Low Level Design document.
  • Maintained log information in SQL table to tracking Errors and recording package execution status.
  • Designed Different Types of reports like Drill Down, Drill Through, Sub Reports and Parameterized Reports.



In order to share application knowledge and best practice over all the Client businesses, the U-A application “ONE!TORIS (Technologies Operations & Research Information System)” is adapted from the U-W with the name “PASCALL (Production and Supply Chain Information System for All Businesses)”. The purpose of the application is to provide planning and reporting capabilities for a high level SCM (including production) on Plant, technology and country level for all businesses.

  • Extensively involved in gathering user and system requirements for the Analysis Services Cube.
  • Worked closely with the architect and team in designing, developing and implementing planning models for budget & forecast.
  • As Configuration Manager, required to establish code integrity prior to delivery, set up and manage TFS (Team Foundation Server), ensure code changes are effected in a regulated manner in TFS, label the code post-delivery and periodically verify the TFS code backup.
  • Design and develop SSIS packages, store procedures, configuration files, tables, views, and functions; implement best practices to maintain optimal performance.
  • Creating Stored Procedure in T-SQL, Cursor, and Triggers for database functionalities.
  • Build efficient SSIS packages for processing fact and dimension tables with complex transforms and type 1 and type 2 changes.
  • Created system for capturing, reporting, and correcting error data.
  • Create prototype SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes using the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM)
  • Designed strategies for ETL audit, Load balance, and Exception Handling and High Data volumes.



Lorenzo is the foundation for our connected care strategy. Built around the needs of individuals, it enables electronic record management across all locations of care by removing the traditional barriers to sharing health related information.

Lorenzo brings together different tools and functions across care settings to create virtual health networks that securely connect doctors, care facilities, patients and, in the longer term, consumers.

  • Involved in Full project life cycle (SDLC).
  • Used N-tier architecture for presentation layer, the Business and Data Access Layers and werecoded using C#.
  • Developed application logic using C#.
  • Written stored procedures, triggers using SQL in SQL SERVER 2005.
  • Worked intensely on the User Interface.
  • Developed WebForms using C# and ASP.NET.
  • Developed Web Services for user authentication and file ransfer
    Used Xpath , XmlNode to access files and XMLDataDocument to synchronize with Datasets.