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Remarkable experience with Photography, Video shooting, Video editing, audio recording
Familiarity with non-linear editing, production and broadcast applications.
Proficient with digital Video editing systems and video equipment.
Steep knowledge of social web properties and graphic design.
Skilled at digitizing and editing raw source footage, and editing.
Knowledge of writing, scripts, storyboards, and composition. 
Expertise with multimedia and VFX software. 
Ability to handle numerous production assignments and team.


May 2005May 2006

Post Graduate Diploma In Television Production

Hyderabad Central University (HCU)

This course aims to provide an integrated overview of digital  film and television with emphasis on photography, direction and post production.While the emphasis will be on the art and craft of audio-visual production (scripting, cinematography, editing, sound and special effects)

Apr 2000Mar 2001

Advanced Diploma in Animation and Post Production

Image Multimedia

Learnt Extensive knowledge in the Areas of 3D animation, video editing, post production, sound editing/mixing, recording, motion graphics and two- and three-dimensional visual effects etc. Related to the documentary films and movies and other media related products. We are very much pleased to have delivered satisfactory results.

Apr 1999Apr 2000

Bachelor of Education

Bangalore University
May 1995Sep 1998

Bachelor of Science

Osmania University 

Work experience

Feb 2012Sep 2015

Senior AV Designer

FHI 360

Managed field production of video shoots.  Captured off-air newscasts and drafted reports.
Managed editing, shooting and designing graphics for videos. Handled in-house and in field shoots. Conducted and managed video shoots.  Aided as producer during video shoots and oversees video.

Jun 2013Sep 2015

Founder and Organizer of Photography Club.

Hyderabad Digital Photography Club.

The aim of the HDPC is to promote the knowledge and photographic skills of the members and provide a forum for interaction with others of similar interest. As a Founder and Organizer of the Club I have conducted various training and  meetups related to photography and Videography . Gave Assistance and motivated many people. Find more about this on-line.

Jun 2011May 2012

Multimedia Administrator

ALDUS Computers
  • Managed and produced video/photography content for diverse business projects and developed marketing strategies for clients. Created marketing plans, motion graphics creation, production, and post-production editing.
Jun 2006May 2010

AV Studio Administrator

Alok Vedic Studio

Programme Planning, Setting up crew and location, Indoor studio administration, Various digital equipment handling, Editing and exporting the programmes according to the requirement of TV Channels.

May 2001May 2006

Cameraman and AV Editor


Here I  was in-charge  of the Planning  Video Recording, Editing, Post Production, Audio Dubbing, 2D animations, Titling, for the entire product along with the Print and  Web page designing and hosting.


Software Skills

Graphic Designing and Photography: 

Photoshop, Lightroom,  Acrobat

Post Production:

Adobe Premier, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Aftereffects, Ulead, FCP,Sound Forge, 


HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash, Ms-Office, Internet applications, Social Media, Blogs, Apps, Software & Hardware Assembling, Installation & Trouble shooting Maintaining Studio and Multimedia Systems.

Photography & Videography

Proficient with digital  editing systems and video equipment.

Proficient in Handling Various Digital SLR's and Fully HD Video Cameras.

Proficient in Handling Latest Post production software's

Proficient in Lighting management for videography and Photography.


Won “Fuji True to life Photo Contest” - National Level in 1998 from Fuji Corporation International.

Won  Andhra Pradesh State Level Award  for Photography in 1997.

Have always been a much appreciated, good Conceptual Designer, Visualizer and a Team Player.

Professional References

  1. FHI 360    :  Laxman Das ( Project Manager):  +91 8588813123
  2. JET & Alok Vedic Studios : Sri Krishna T   ( Sr. Manager):  +91 9866085019
  3. National Informatics Centre: Rajasekhar K ( Dy. Dir. General ): + 91 9989274858

Technical Proposal

  1. Creative Approach to Audiovisual Production:

I start our creative process by working with our clients and multidisciplinary design teams to first define the themes, main storylines and walk-away messages that are to be conveyed through the audiovisual exhibits.  Then I immerse ourselves in the content, provided either by the client or by doing the research ourselves. We communicate our ideas for media design to the client and creative storyboards. If the project requires production of multiple videos and/or other AV components, we create a master plan and schedule, coordinating and grouping individual production tasks and deliverables for maximum efficiency.

  1. Consider the audience:

I  identify the target audience for each exhibit early in the design process to insure the videos and interactive programs are age and audience-appropriate in look, complexity, navigation and visitor experience.

  1. Attention to detail:

This might go without saying, but the smallest error can derail any project. We are rigorous about checking accuracy of information, proofreading screen text, and clearing all rights. We make sure our clients are partners in the commitment to careful review; our product isn’t finished until it is flawless.

  1. Finally, we want our clients to be pleased:

    I tend to have repeat business with clients and exhibit designers and because what you read are not just words - we stand by the principles stated here.
  2. Staffing Capability:
    As I am the founder and organizer of the Photography Club ,we have our teams and part time independent freelancers who have worked on various projects for many years. If additional staffing is required, we draw from a large pool of associate producers, writers, camera operators, lighting specialists, professional photographers, video editors, animators, and graphic artists with whom we have a work history.
  3. Methodology:
    I create work plan spreadsheets for each audiovisual component. These are the roadmap for production.


      4. Quality assurance:

Keep  client apprised of production as it happens with regularly scheduled reviews of all phases and elements of development and production . Most of the latest technologies are used.  The quality of the Video according the requirements of the client( SD, HD, Fully HD) .

    5. Problem-solving:

Through our work plans, strong communication skills and hands on management, I usually can anticipate problems before they become crises.



  • Develop preliminary schedule and/ work plan(s)
  • Assemble production team, either film or video, tailored to the specific needs of the project
  • Write final scripts; submit for review
  • Detail final storyboards- submit for review
  • Transfer or digitize extant source material as needed
  • Schedule location videography as needed.


Post Production (video):

  • Record scratch track narration, as needed
  • Record character voices, as needed
  • Edit video to rough edit level and submit for review
  • Revise rough edit per client comments
  • Submit fine edit for review
  • Rough mix for music/soundtrack, submit for review

    • Provide open or closed captioning, as needed
  • Output show to technical specifications

Production Equipment:

Fully HD Cameras with higher Megapixel.
External Lighting equipment
Professional Collar and Hand mic’s
Camera Dolly etc.

Pre Production Equipment:
I have a very good configured Hi-end Post production equipment for faster work delivery.


Sample Projects:

  1. Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council : A visual Documentary of- Online Nurse Tracking System, Under the Project of FHI 360 and  US CDC.

Link : Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council


  1. Mahila Sishu : Digital Empowerment Solution of Women and Children, Under the Project of National Informatics Centre (NIC), MohFW, WCD.

Link : Mahila-Sishu

  1. Care on Wheels: A NGO Project.

Link: Care on Wheels


  1. IDSP (Integrated Diseases Surveillance Project), Health Department, Govt. Andhra Pradesh Project.

Link : IDSP


  1. Tribal School Project: Schools for tribals by NGO-Jeeyar Educational Trust. This is a very old project shoot in 2002. I was also the as a anchor in last minute.

Link: Tribal Schools

Note: These are few old samples.  Many HD videos are offline as because of copyrights by organizations.

Sample Photography Works:

As a photography entrust I travel lot of new places. Some of my sample photography works can be seen here.  Many professional shoots are there but because of copyrights I can’t submit them online.

Photography Samples

Price Proposal

Activity                                   : 15,000/-

Per day shoot rate             : 20,000/-

Per day edit rate                 : 10,000/-

Cost of Voice Over (VO)     : 10,000/-

Extra Charges: Travel, Lodging, Communication etc. charges (on actual).

The above rates can be flexible according to the equipment and manpower used.

  • Cost of music : Extra
  • Cost of animation (if required): Extra
  • Cost of Extra Manpower: Extra