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Work experience

June 2016present

Aspiring visual merchandiser for flagship

Alongside first-line management tasks, I have been developing strong focus on commerciality as well as being able to adapt and incorporate new lines and products within the brand identity; notably positive results were prompted by close communication with store manager, peers and supporting team members, thus ensuring consistency as well as transferable skills.

Noteworthy consistency and quality in VM duties such as window changes, decal installation, layout adjustments, cleanliness standards as well as any and all changes in displays, upgrades, tweaks and occasional prop juggling. Good understanding of stock, in terms of chasing and adjusting displays in ways that markets the best sellers as well as appropriately accommodate lines going out of stock.

Whittard of Chelsea

Aug 2015Present


Developed rapidly from sales and product advisor to first line management, due to previous retail experience and natural flare for customer service; added responsibility along with conversion and sales training within 3 months of progression.

Maintaining a strong sense of focus to aid with multitasking, setting priorities and keeping it fast paced. Noticeable adaptability to a highly dynamic, challenging and ultimately entertaining work environment to ensure growth in both my personal and professional development.

Side projects and stuff I do for fun

Miscellaneous skill provider

Repeatedly co-opted to contribute image and text to the making of things such as graphic novels, zines and other independent, self-published quirks and creative outputs. Graphic design works include logos and branding aid for schools, start ups and small enterprises. Bulky experience on analogue and digital photography with extra perks on editing.


Central Saint Martin's, London

Oct 2011Jan 2012

Erasmus exchange

  • Erasmus study scholarship  - four months study opportunity at Central Saint Martins, London
  • constructive criticisms and group presentations
  • associating artistic practices with relevant theoretical framework

University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

Oct 2012Jul 2014

Master in Fine Arts

  • awareness surrounding cultural practices within the Arts; will correctly employ within assigned tasks, whether spoken presentations or written papers
  • multiple learning opportunities i.e liaising with relevant visiting contemporary artists/ participating in workshops (Philippine Hoegen, Franko Black, Stephen Wright, Paul O'Neil)
  • researched and completed my dissertation on the role of performance in contemporary illustration

University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

Oct 2009Jul 2012

Bachelor in Fine Arts

  • fundamental knowledge of various mediums pertaining to forms of  expression (printing techniques, life-study drawing, composition)
  • basic contextual/historical insight of major art manifestations as well as their leading artist representatives
  • express ideas clearly, concisely and objectively


Computer Literacy
  • Good operating knowledge with Office
  • Extensive comprehension of editing programs
Language Fluency
  • Native English
  • Proficient German 
  • Agility in acquiring new vocabulary and taking immediate command of it
  • Readily picking up site-specific competences
  • Good memory coupled with willingness of learning 
  • Recognizing and handling emotions
  • Eager to form new connections and develop quality relations 
  • Actively trying to minimize negative impact 
  • Efficiently managing conflict

  • Understanding behavioral patterns and motivation
  • Tuned to details surrounding relevant circumstances
  • Taking responsibility and understanding consequences
Critical thinking
  • Identifying key points to a given issue
  • Intellectually curious
  • Openly expressing opinions and feedback
  • Employing optimal resources to solve a given task