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Dabbling with Illustration, social media activism, performance and film-photography

Work experience

Whittard of Chelsea

Aug 2015Present


I moved to London in July 2015 and started work in the Whittard of Chelsea flagship store, respectively the Covent Garden branch, working with tea coffee and chocolate. My initial role was that of sales and product advisor, due to my previous retail experience and my natural flare for customer service. With the support of the management team, I branched out my key responsibilities to VM and then got promoted into first-line management.

I learned to work in a sales-oriented environment, while continuously and consciously looking after the customer's needs, I developed a strong work ethics to aid managing myself as well as others, and a good sense of focus to help with multitasking and setting priorities.

Overall, Whittard CG has provided a highly dynamic, challenging and ultimately entertaining work environment and that in exchange has helped me in both my personal and professional development.

Freelance projects


Freelance Artist

In the last three years I have been co-opted to work on two self-publishing initiatives (a London based writer for a graphic novel, and a Romanian Financial Consultant), with the assigned role of designing characters, background and overall layout.

I also have experience in doing other things such as Logo Designs for schools, start ups and small enterprises or community projects, as well as a bulky background on self taught photography and editing.    

On an entirely different note, I have also tackled several translation projects (English-Romanian/ Romanian-English) for either academical writing (i.e a translation+editing from English to Romanian of a research paper on Romanian art critics during Communism) and several small poetry publications.

Demmers Teahouse

Sep 2014May 2015

Sales and Product Advisor

I worked in a tea-based franchise, mainly as a sales representative, but later took on responsibilities on staff training and visual merchandising.

The role involved a hands on relationship with all the information surrounding the tea production/preparation. It was exclusively client-oriented, it required having a firm grasp on product knowledge and being articulate with it.

Other tasks revolved around comprehensive stock managing, basic accounting, computer literacy, technical and general maintenance of the work environment


University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

Oct 2012Jul 2014

Master in Fine Arts

  • awareness surrounding  cultural practices within the Arts; correctly employed them in assigned tasks i.e presentations and written papers
  • engaged  with multiple learning opportunities i.e liaising with relevant visiting contemporary artists/ participating in workshops (visiting artists such as Philippine Hoegen, Franko Black, Stephen Wright, Paul O'Neil)
  • successfully researched and completed my dissertation project

Central Saint Martin's, London

Oct 2011Jan 2012

Erasmus exchange

  • Erasmus study scholarship  - four months study opportunity at Central Saint Martins, London
  • engaged with constructive criticisms and group presentations
  • correctly associated one's artist practice with relevant theoretical framework

University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

Oct 2009Jul 2012

Bachelor in Fine Arts

  • gained fundamental knowledge of various mediums pertaining to forms of  expression (printing techniques, life-study drawing, composition)
  • gained basic contextual/historical insight of major art manifestations as well as their leading artist representatives
  • learned to express ideas in a clear concise and objective tone


Computer Literacy
  • Good operating knowledge with Office (Word, Excel)
  • Extensive comprehension of editing programs (Gimp, Photoshop)
Language Fluency
  • Native English
  • Proficient comprehension in German 
  • Agility in acquiring new vocabulary and taking immediate command of it
  • Readily picking up site-specific competences
  • Good memory coupled with willingness of learning 
  • Recognizing and handling emotions
  • Eager to form new connections and develop quality relations 
  • Highlighting differences while actively trying to minimize negative impact 
  • Efficiently managing conflict

  • Acknowledging patterns and their respective justifications 
  • Aware of details surrounding relevant circumstances
  • Understanding consequences pertaining to a certain course of action
Critical thinking
  • Identifying multiple sides to the issue at hand
  • Intellectually curious
  • Openly expressing opinions and feedback
  • Employing optimal resources to solve a given task