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I have a strong belief that art is as much a mindset as it is a practice, so I try to engage with my surroundings in as much of an expressive way as possible.

I believe everyone should be given permission to exist inside that "creative" mindset, and have it imprint on the way they see the world.

I would love to work in CassArt because I am passionate about the brand, the company concept and the products you offer. I also believe that my own experience with art and creativity will lead to a valuable contribution within the company and brand experience.

I am also highly delightful to work with.  

Work experience

July 2017present

VM Supervisor

Core responsibilities featuring actively managing the shop floor, cash handling, customer facing, opening/closing.

Working in the flagship of a fast growing company, I have a strong focus on commerciality, being adaptable, reactive and communicative, maintaining strong relationships with manager, peers and supporting team members, ensuring the best customer/product experience is delivered consistently, enthusiastically and at all times. 

VM duties including window changes, decal/vinyl installation, layout adjustments, cleanliness standards; monitoring space to sales, stock control, changes, upgrades, tweaks and occasional prop juggling. 

Whittard of Chelsea

Aug 2015present

Sales Assistant/Key Holder/Supervisor

Modest beginning in sales and service, product advisor with in depth tea knowledge, previous retail experience and a flare for customer service.

Key holder and Supervisor status attained shortly after. 

Because I was so invested in my role I made a point of taking on extra responsibilities such as sales and service training and visual merchandising duties. Professional commitment and dedication paid off when the company created a new job description and a title for the role I was fulfilling in my home store.

Side facts

Miscellaneous skill provider

I enjoy contributing image and text to the world whenever possible and have frequently been co-opted for making things such as graphic novels, zines and other independent, self-published quirks and creative outputs

Graphic design works include logos and branding aid for schools, start ups and small enterprises.

Bulky experience on analogue and digital photography.

I also read a lot of books.


Central Saint Martin's, London

Oct 2011Jan 2012

Erasmus exchange

  • Erasmus study scholarship  - four months study opportunity at Central Saint Martins, London
  • associating artistic practices with relevant theoretical framework

University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

Oct 2012Jul 2014

Master in Fine Arts

  • heightened awareness surrounding cultural practices within the Arts;
  • multiple learning opportunities i.e liaising with relevant visiting contemporary artists/ participating in workshops
  • researched and completed my dissertation on the role of performance in contemporary illustration

University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca

Oct 2009Jul 2012

Bachelor in Fine Arts

  • knowledge of various mediums and forms of expression
  • basic contextual/historical insight of major art manifestations as well as their leading artist representatives
  • express ideas clearly, concisely and objectively


Computer Literacy

I am not afraid of screens

Language Fluency

Native English/ Romanian

Proficient German 


I readily pick up site-specific competences

Good memory/willingness of learning 


I recognize and manage emotions

I am eager to form new connections and develop quality relations

I am efficient at managing conflict


I understand patterns and details surrounding relevant circumstances

I take responsibility

Critical thinking

I am intellectually curious and able to identify key points to any given issue

I openly express opinions and feedback, and employ optimal resources to solve a given challenge