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Ralph has worked in management consulting since 1977.  He is an expert at developing business professionals to sell and deliver services to clients.  His work enables Professional Service Firms to grow their revenues, margin and service quality while delivering extraordinary business results to their clients. 

Ralph has worked closely with senior management in the top global Strategy Consulting, IT,  Marketing, Law and Audit and Tax firms.  His work focuses on developing the analytical skills of top performers, the business development skills of partners, teaching business research techniques, creating leadership development opportunities, integrating elearning into the curriculum and creating knowledge management tools that allow these firms to sustain their performance over time.

Currently Ralph has leadership  and consulting roles in three firms:  in the U.S. at Coherence Group, Inc.  Bridge Consulting International, a UK Consultancy, and at Iknow, LLC:

  • Coherence Group works with global companies to develop systems to support the performance of knowledge workers.  This work involves developing and implementing knowledge processes and technologies, best practice transfer systems, learning management systems and content, and process methodologies. His clients are listed here.
  • Iknow LLC is the premier knowledge management implementation company in the world.  Focus areas include: Text Analysis, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management,Enterprise Content Management, Digital Asset Management, e Learning and Software Development Methodologies.
  • Bridge Consulting International works with companies to develop senior management’s ability to develop, lead and execute strategy: to grow their firm’s management capabilities, to drive service innovation and to enhance the company's ability to deliver results to their clients.

Ralph’s work has been documented in the Harvard Business Review, CIO and Fortune Magazine.  He is a frequent commentator on knowledge sharing technologies, Enterprise 2.0 systems and executive education.  Ralph writes four popular internet blogs:  What Ralph Knows, Learning to Change Business, Coherence Group and What Ralph Knows about Software Development of which reflect his problem solving approach.

Work experience


Managing Director

Coherence Group, Inc.

Responsible for selling and delivering knowledge management, learning, leadership development and process methodology solutions to global companies.



Bridge Consulting International

Responsible for selling and delivering knowledge management, strategy implementation, business transformation, and learning solutions to clients. Led large engagements that enable a company's critical business processes with knowledge and learning. Delivered transformational projects in Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Health Care and Professionals Services.

  • Clients include: Allen & Overy (UK Magic Circle Law Firm), BBC, Channel 4, Ofcom, Shell, Serco, UK Department of Health)

Engagement Director

Iknow, LLC

Lead technology enabled transformation projects by redesigning business processes. . Key focus areas includeText Analysis, Knowledge Management, Taxonomy and Metadata Strategies, Business Intelligence, Taxonomy and Metadata Strategies, Enterprise Content Management, eLearning and Software Development Methodologies.


Chief Knowledge Officer; Chair of the Gobal Knowledge & Learning Council; Director, Knowledge, Learning, Methods (KLM)

  • Developed and managed global and regional knowledge management budgets plus a capital budget for enhancing the technical applications that support knowledge sharing. Budget responsibility exceeded $100 Million.
  • Created the enterprise portal, content and knowledge processes, people management policies, collaboration technologies, technology infrastructure, (including intranet and extranet applications) and content management practices, for a global consulting firm with 56,000 employees. Implementation involved building global and regional communities of practice in industry sectors, service lines and professions.
  • Transformed the creation and delivery of knowledge content, learning for skills development and the method for executing engagement work in a functional unit called Knowledge, Learning and Method (KLM). Developed a portfolio of improvement initiatives to improve consulting delivery productivity, engagement margins, and to accelerate the introduction of new services to the consulting market.
  • Directed the aggregation and deployment of the intellectual capital of the firm through presentation of practice experience, training, methodological work steps and project management expertise. Coordinated the global knowledge and learning technology architectures and balance computer mediated collaboration with Face to Face interactions for exchanging tacit knowledge.
  • Worked in a multicultural environment in multiple locations including the Paris headquarters of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Boston, Dallas, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Atlanta.

Principal and Director of the Center for Business Knowledge

Created the Center for Business Knowledge (CBK): a global organization that managed business research libraries, fact-based business research analysis, practice experience and knowledge, organizational learning, and knowledgebase development. Leveraged internal and external information and knowledge sources to accelerate the rate and quality of improvement in E&Y's Audit, Tax and Consulting businesses.

  • Developed knowledge management processes to acquire, store, add value and deploy practice experience and knowledge to support client development and the efficient delivery of results in client engagements. Created a knowledge shared service function within the firm (CBK) to manage the process of content creation and rapid knowledge transfer in the audit, tax and management consulting practices.
  • Built consensus within E&Y on the value of knowledge management and organizational learning. Lead the change management process within the management consulting practice to drive more industry/competitive information and fact-based content into consulting work products.
  • Member of the firm-wide Knowledge Council and Technology Planning Committee, responsible for the management of all knowledge and technology implementation initiatives in a firm of 30,000 US professionals and 90,000 worldwide professionals.

Principal and Chief of Staff

Symmetrix, Inc.

Managed all internal operations for a practice of 130 professionals billing $24 million annually and growing at 40% per year. Directed human resources, consulting staff training, business research and library management, financial planning and administration, information systems and technology, graphics, office facilities, recruiting, staffing and professional development. Consulted to client senior management on reengineering assignments in financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing.

  • Reengineered a large Canadian Telecom's sales, marketing and provisioning process for business customers. In a unionized environment, reduced process cycle time by 60% and headcount by 50%.
  • Developed and implemented a reengineering plan designed to change the fund accounting processes in a large mutual fund provider, built procedures and systems that supported a $130 billion mutual fund portfolio. Reduced the client's fund processing costs by 60%.
  • Reengineered a large multinational's corporate information system, reducing the cost of centralized computer operations by distributing manufacturing systems to the business units, while rationalizing and centralizing financial and human resource systems into a shared service center.
  • Participated on the Symmetrix management board as a member of the Operations Committee which developed and implemented strategic plans.

Director of Consulting Services

Promoted from Information Manager to Director for research and analysis, practice experience sharing, and training. Created and managed the firm's research infrastructure, including the research libraries and knowledge centers globally. Created a business research library and the research and competitive analysis techniques to support the formulation of strategy for Bain's clients. Developed and implemented methodologies for distributing problem solving technologies worldwide, including state-of-the-art training capabilities and services which added technical consulting skills to client case teams. Staff responsibility for up to 125 individuals.

Practice Experience Sharing: Continuously improved consulting staff productivity by actively managing Bain's problem-solving technologies. Identified practice areas for development and innovation, creating a worldwide framework for practice experience sharing, training and identification of best demonstrated applications of strategic concepts.

  • Created Bain's Experience Center to codify the accumulated problem-solving experience in clients, industries or markets served. Applied information technology and initiated training and seminars to distribute practice knowledge worldwide.

Executive Education/Training: Established Bain's training and development programs for executives and consulting staff.

  • Created a worldwide strategy for executive training programs. Designed programs to provide key consulting skills at career milestones.
  • Directed a $10-15 million annual investment in the development of proprietary training materials and technologies, creating state-of-the-art training capabilities for the professional staff and Bain clients.
  • Designed and directed the implementation of sales training for the worldwide vice presidents group. Sales increases of over 25% are attributed sales training and follow-up activities.

General Management: P&L responsibility for IT and market research functions. Created the product and marketing strategies for units charging over $12 million annually to clients.

  • Managed three specialty consulting practice areas: Bain Information Technology, Bain Market Research and the training department which sold services directly to clients, augmenting the skills of the consulting staff with a more technical skill set.
  • Developed strategic business research capabilities worldwide. Designed research facilities and implemented rigorous fact-based business research techniques for analyzing costs, customers, competitors, and organizational capabilities.
  • Restructured administrative overhead functions reducing costs by over $5 million annually.

Corporate Management: Chaired the team of executives responsible for providing administrative and information technology services to worldwide offices and client case teams.

  • Directed a process which rationalized fixed and variable office costs, providing management with greater flexibility to manage revenue fluctuations.
  • Developed internal and external benchmarks of worldwide operational costs providing incentive to reduce overhead costs by 20%.


  • Directed the development of a marketing database which tracked client Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors relationships, qualified high priority leads, and tracked company contacts.

Information Manager

Created a business research library and developed an organization which provided fact-based research, practice experience sharing and analysis to client case teams engaged in developing corporate strategy.


Text Analytics, Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis
Text Analysis applications are used to make sense of large amounts of unstructured data. Typically, unstructured data has not been mined and examined in as much detail as structured analytical content.  Text Analysis can take unstructured data from the internet, from call center conversations, warrenty records, customer surveys and other sources to analyze customer perceptions of products and examine preformance demensions.  It is a new and developinig area of analytical tools that is yielding increible results in areas like analyzing the "Voice of the Customer".
Metadata & Taxonomy Development for Business Applications
Innovation / Research and Development Strategy and Implementation
Best Practice Identification, Quantification and Transfer
Scenario Planning, Case Writing for Senior Executive Education
Development of Business Process and Software Development Methodologies
Executive Leadership Development
Strategic Business Research and Analysis
Knowledge Management / Enterprise 2.0 Strategy and Implementation

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