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An individual who has a confident and a professional manner, along with exceptional multi-tasking skills and organizational skills. Able to exhibit confidentiality, discretion, diplomacy, practicality, logicality and professionalism according to various situations. The ability to understand an individual and act accordingly makes for a versatile personality, complete knowledge on my statements makes me confident and resolving an issue taking every aspect into the equation makes me logical and practical. All this, supported by hardwork, grit and determination, makes for a complete and satisfactory fulfilment of any demand. The curiousity to learn and ability to apply the same, aids my practicality. 

Work experience

June 2017July 2017


VST Industries Ltd.

Successfully completed an Internship at VST Industries Ltd., which is India’s 3rd top tobacco and cigarette manufacturing company, on Production and Maintenance Systems. 


2015 2019

Bachelor of Technology - Mechanical Engineering

Bharat Institute of Engineering and a Technology - JNTUH

Pursuing Mechanical Engineering to embibe technology and ethics into issue solving and innovating ways through solutions. And practice to invent and perfect the inventions. 


11th - 12th Grade

St.Joseph's Public School- ISC

High School: 12th score of 62%


1st - 10th grade

St.Joseph's Public School

High School: 10th score of 70%



Vice President of School Parliament

St.Joseph'a Public School - ISC

Have been the Vice President of School Parliament and efficiently resolved existing issues and planned for the addition of better equipment and infrastructure. 


Certification of Merit

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, National Service Scheme, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

Secured second place in the Debate Competition Conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, National Service Scheme and JNTU(H) at JNTU(H), Hyderabad. 


National Youth Day - Certificate of Merit

Bharat Institutions

Secured 1st place in debate organised in alliance with Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence on the occasion of National Youth Day 


Youth Parliament 2016 -

Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence

Certification of Participation in the Youth Parliament 2016 on the occasion of Natioanl Youth Day 


Delegate in the Ace- Model United Nations.

ACE Engineering college, Hyderabad.

Represented the delegation in the Joint Crisis Committee (NATO) in the Ace Model United Nations, addressing the, then critical issue of the Cuban Missile Crisis and proceeding towards war preventive measures.


Delegate in the Conference of Diplomats- Model United Nations.

Conference of Diplomats- Model United Nations.

Representated as the delegation from Botswana in the committeeof The African Union in the Conference of Diplomats- Model United Nations, addressing the issues and their solutions.


Delegate in the BITS- Model United Nations. 

BITS Pilani, Hyderabad.

Delegates as the International Press from Human Rights Watch in the Human Rights Commuttee at BITS- Model United Nations, reporting the raised issues and their solutions.


Impresario - Entrepreneurship Development Cell - Idea Pitching

CBIT Entrepreneurship Develeopment Cell

Pitching of Start-Up ideas in an event titled "Investors Wanted" 


Entrepreneurship Summit - Idea Pitching

Gurunanak Institutions - Entrepreneurship and Decelopmemt Cell


Volleyball nationalist.

Have been playing volleyball since childhood and lead the state team into the nationals with efficient captaincy and team spirit. 

Problem Analyst

Analysis of existing and yet to arise issues, finding effective and executable solutions in par with the technological, ethical and prefossional standards. 

Motoring Journalism

Being a motoring enthusiast, experiencing various vehicles and writing about that experience comes out of a habit. Have previously written for internet based sources. Had an own Motoring page to publish my articles. 

Effective motivational speaker. 

Finding the right motivation for myself and not stopping there but motivating people who need it. A lot of people these days get stressed out and get demotivated. I believe in moving along, developing with people around and not just by myself. So, for that to happen I started sharing my motivation and that became an essentially effective skill, I take pride on as it will help to reach the destination I set for myself in life.

Efficient event organizer.

Have organized events that were both large scale and small scale. Events, I organized came out to be not only entertaining but also informative and intuitive. With the help of my organization team and leading them with the right motivation, made the events huge success and efficient and with no complaints.

Effective Speaker

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Efficient speaking skills help me to make a point firm and communicate with the audience on subject.