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Work experience

Jun 2015Jul 2015

Online Shopper

Every day I would go to & search for items on the pre-launched website. If I could not immediately or easily find the item, I would use filters to narrow down my search. Next, I would try searching for it on the websites of their 500+ partnered Brands if I still did not find it. Then, I would search for the item on Google to find the item that I was searching for, save the link, and put the link of it on the Google Doc form that I was filling out. As I searching for the items, I would fill out information on Google Docs about it. On the Google Docs, I would fill out information such as: my email address, the exact name of the item that I was searching for, whether or not the search was successful, did I find the item, whether or not I found the item using an alternative name, I would save & put the link of the item that I found in the Google Doc, & left good feedback about the item. At the end of my working day, I would also fill out information on another Google Doc listing my name, my email address, and the number of hours that I worked.

Feb 2014Apr 2015

Virtual Promoter

Cheerful Givers

I volunteered for Cheerful Givers as a virtual promoter. I promoted this website to my contacts via e-mail, my social media pages, and on the various websites that I visited.

Jun 2014Apr 2015

Online Researcher

I volunteered for Cheerful Givers as a researcher. Each month, "Cheerful Givers" would send all of their volunteers a Master Donor's Contact List Spreadsheet that had the lists of in-kind donors. It listed all of the in-kind donors that the volunteers had found, their contact e-mail addresses, their websites, and when was the last time the CEO of Cheerful Givers contacted the possible in-kind donors along with their responses to the requests. Also, I would be searching nearly all day long throughout the week for possible educational or toy in-kind donors for "Cheerful Givers". I would save all of them that I found on a word document. After that, I would check their Master Donor's Spreadsheet List to make sure that I have not found any duplicates. Whenever I got finished, I would create my own Master Donor List Spreadsheet using either Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet with the in-kind donors that I had found listing their names, websites, e-mail contact information, and my name. When I got done with this spreadsheet, I would e-mail it to "Cheerful Givers".


Apr 2010Apr 2015

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Columbia Southern University

This degree was interdisciplinary by design. It covered a general survey of psychology, general studies, human relations and development, healthcare management, and elective courses in other disciplines & majors. 

Nov 2010Jul 2011

Undergraduate Certificate in Psychology

Ashworth College

I attended for 1 college, took 5 courses, earned 15 college credits, and earned this undergraduate certificate.

Apr 2011Apr 2011

High School Equivalency Diploma

Grenada Adult Education Center

I took the General Education Development Test.