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To attain brilliance in field of Software through rigorous application of modern technologies and trends prevailing in the industry especially in Java Development


So far I had worked with lots of POJO stuff,Servlets,JSPs,some html(css) and the latest was Distributed Computing using RMI. Being a Demonstrator for Borland Together I learnt new Visual Modeling technologies prevailing in the industry for Designing Enterprise Level applications. Learning Borland Together have given me an exposure to the industry best practices and standards like BPMN2.0,UML 2.0,MDD(MDA),DSL. I am also familiar with the Requirement Definition and Management solutions provided by Borland. My goal is to be involved in a Large Enterprise Application which may be based on Java which can open a path for me to explore and learn New Horizon's in the field of Software Development.I am also interested in showcasing automation technologies to clients. Modeling using UML is another aspect on which I will like to built my expertise on a Advanced Level

Work experience

Apr 2008May 2009

Software Engineer

Quedge Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  •  Gain competence in Java programming at an advanced level
  •   Contribute to development projects as a developer
  •   Demonstrating Visual Modeling technologies and latest industry practices to the clients
  •   Developing skills on Borland Together, conducting demonstrations of Borland Together and         implement  Borland Together projects for clients
  •   Demonstrating use of automation for Requirement Definition & Management
  •   Demonstrating testing methodologies and best practices
Dec 2007Mar 2008

Tryangle Business Solutions Pvt Ltd



Core Java,Advanced Java and UML


Green Belt

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