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Rakad A. Al-Summait

Organizational Development & Recruitment Manager


I’m eager to excel in this field with hard work, perseverance, and dedication.
I want a highly rewarding career where I can use my skills and knowledge to help the organization meets and surpass its goals.


Aug 2006Jun 2010

Bachelor Degree in Quantitative Analysis

King Saud University

Administrative Since College  

Work experience

Oct 2017Present

Organizational Development and Recruitment Manager

ALFA Company
  • Manage the manpower planning activities and procedure.
  • Manage the local and overseas recruitment and selection.
  • Manage the HRDF activities covering the candidates sourcing, agreements and payments refund process.
  • Design various HR related system such as: staff retention, motivation and incentives schemes, recognition, employees performance appraisal cycles, career, path planning … etc.
  • Manage and develop the organizational structure of the company in terms of adding or removing departments, sections and units or titles and work on taking needed actions to publish them over related departments as well as manages the organizational structure Module the HIRIS (SAP).
  • Develop the job description cards of the company in term of fine tuning through adding or removing departments, sections and units or titles and work on taking needed actions to publish them over related departments.
  • Participate in the identification and development of the competency model to be used throughout various organizational programs.
  • Develop\ align employee’s performance management program with key organizational goals.
  • Manage the company performance management system – SAP/ success factor.
  • Consult with management performance, organizational and leadership matters. Conduct needs assessments to determine measures required to enhance employee job performance and overall company performance.
  • Perform salary surveys, employee related surveys, organizational development analysis to determine ALFA Co’s market status in relation to other similar companies within the sector.
  • Conduct job analysis and job evaluation to determine appropriate salary levels according to the adapted compensation guidelines and policies.
  • Prepare and update the Executive managers in Saudization percentage, turnover ratio and hiring plan once needed.
July 2015May 2016

Saudis Training Manager

ALFA Company
  • Plan out strategic activities on Human Capital for management development on a yearly basis.
  • Assist the Senior Training Manager to Draw-up a yearly succession plan based on the organizational strategic needs.  
  • Identifying training and development needs within the organization through job analysis, appraisal schemes, guests' comments and regular consultation with the department heads.
  • Assist the Senior Training Manager to Prepare a training plan for the organization (Annual) based on systematic research through a training needs analysis.
  • Assisting the support services (functional) departments to solve performance GAPS through training and development.
  • Develop and update the training manuals for the operations.
  • Conduct training audit region wise, two quarters of the year
  • Working in a team to produce training and development programms that are satisfactory to all relevant parties such as operational line managers and support functional teams.
  • Facilitate the monthly Training Coordinators meeting.
  • Develop appropriate training materials, lesson plans and curriculums.
  • Provide updated information on relevant external course for the Senior Training Manager.
  • Participate with the Senior Training Manager in developing training concepts for managerial levels.
Nov 2012Jun 2014

Assistant Training Manager in Training & Management Development

ALFA Company
  • To conduct the training need analysis for the operational employees on a yearly basis
  • To prepare lesson and session plans based on the restaurant training programmes
  • To deliver training for the restaurant concepts on the following positions, Employees, Supervisors and Asst. Managers based on a monthly training calendar.
  • To conduct train the trainer certification programme for the selected branch trainers.
  • To conduct Manager in Training(MIT) certification programme for the selected supervisors
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress and performances of the Training Coordinators in their respective regions.
  • Assist restaurant operations to solve specific training problems (core functions) either on a one-on-one basis or in groups.
  • To laze with the training coordinators to identify the changes for the operations training manuals.
  • To ensure the training coordinators provide an action plan for all performance GAP’s in guest’s comments.
  • Assist the Training Manager to conduct training audit region wise two quarters of the year and provide a training and development plan.
  • Organize and liaise with Training Coordinators concerning new employee orientation and induction
  • Conduct the quarterly Training Coordinators meeting.
  • To ensure that all training documents are filed as per the required standard.
  • Assist Training Manager in supporting the new restaurant concepts training plan.

Nov 2011Oct 2012

Assistant Restaurant Manager

ALFA Company
  • Comply with company policies, procedures, standards and specifications.
  • Achieve company objectives in terms of sales, service and food quality.
  • Monitor and assist branch trainer’s day to day activities in terms of training needs.
  • Assist the Restaurant Manager on conducting employee’s performance appraisals and setting goals.
  • Ensure that all products are received in correct unit of measurements, good condition and deliveries are received in accordance with the restaurant’s receiving standards.
  • Ensure that all food and products are consistently prepared and served according to the restaurant’s recipes, portioning, cooking and serving standards.
  • Supervise and assist team members by performing opening, closing, and mid shifts throughout operations.
  • Monitor the team members ServSafe training is completed by closely communicating with the supervisor.
  • Monitor the team members Fire Safety training is completed by closely communicating with the supervisor.
  • Conduct immediate, corrective and preventive actions upon guest complaints to avoid reoccurrences.
Sep 2009Nov 2011

Restaurant Supervisor

ALFA Company
  • Comply with company policies, procedures, standards and specifications.
  • Ensure that all guests feel welcome and are given responsive, friendly and courteous service at all times.
  • Ensure that all food and beverage are prepared and served according to the menu recipes.
  • Ensure to visit all guests' tables to check satisfaction and take immediate and corrective action accordingly.
  • Control daily cash transactions by following all cash handling procedures.
  • Conduct positive daily briefing and discuss the following points: sales achievements, appreciation and recognition and shift highlights.
  • Prepare all the required paperwork, including forms, reports in an organized and timely manner.
  • Coordinate with the kitchen head and captains for all operational related issues.
  • Supervise and assist team members during day to day operations.
  • Supervise team member’s daily schedule, other day to day activities and employees' training performance.
  • Follow up on ServSafe training process for all team members.
  • Follow up on Fire Safety training process for all team members.
Apr 2008Aug 2009

Executive Secretary

Afaq Alaqar
  • Read and analyze incoming memos, submissions, and reports in order to determine their significance and plan their distribution.
  • Open, sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email.
  • File and retrieve corporate documents, records, and reports.
  • Greet visitors and determine whether they should be given access to specific individuals.
  • Prepare responses to correspondence containing routine inquiries.
  • Perform general office duties such as ordering supplies, maintaining records management systems, and performing basic bookkeeping work.
  • Prepare agendas and make arrangements for committee, board, and other meetings.
  • Conduct research, compile data, and prepare papers for consideration and presentation by executives, committees and boards of directors.
  • Attend meetings in order to record minutes.
  •  Coordinate and direct office services, such as records and budget preparation, personnel, and housekeeping, in order to assist executives.
  • Manage and maintain executives' schedules.
  • Supervise and train other clerical staff.


Manpower Planning

Detriment the numbers of needs that align with the yearly company goal.

Planning & Developing training budget

Planning & developing training budget on yearly basis with keen focus on Return On Investment (ROI).

Team Building

Possess excellent knowledge in team building on elite activities

Qualified as Internal Auditor

Qualified as Internal Auditor and possess excellent knowledge conducting corporate audits based on ISO 9001 – 2008.

Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2008).

Extensive knowledge on quality management system (ISO 9001-2008).

Conducting & Generating reports on Training Need Analysis (TNA),
Preparing & Organizing team members career path plans & programs.
Developing training curriculum
Conducting Training

Ability to conduct training in an effective and efficient manner.

Implementations a new polices and procedures
Performance Management

Participate in setting performance objectives for the individuals and monitor them through the KPIs.


Nov 2015Nov 2015


ALFA Co. Through Mr. Russell R. Clements

Attended an entry level classroom training on HACCP – The Pre Requisite Programs

Nov 2015Nov 2015

On-The-Job Coaching

Saudi Skills Standards through Doroob
Sep 2013Sep 2013

Internal Auditor

CSA Group through Mr.B. Roze

Certified as Internal Auditor in ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) from UK.

Sep 2013Sep 2013

Fire Safety Warden & Coordinator

ALFA Co. Through Mr. Russell R. Clements

Attended & Certified as Fire Safety Warden & Coordinator

Aug 2013Aug 2013

NLP Workshop

ALFA Co. Through Mr. Russell R. Clements

Attended Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP workshop).

Mar 2013Mar 2013

Supervision -2-

ALFA Co. through Mr. Russell R. Clements

Participated and completed successfully on Supervision  Level 2.

Dec 2012Dec 2012

Train The Trainer

ALFA Co. Through Mr. Russell R. Clements

four days workshop for the Trainer to be certified 

Apr 2012Apr 2012

Servsafe Food Safety & Hygiene

ALFA Co. Through Mr. Russell R. Clements

Attended & Certified Servsafe – Food Safety & Hygiene Program

Nov 2010Nov 2010

Supervision -1-

ALFA Co. Through Mr. Russell R. Clements

Participated and completed successfully on Supervision Level 1 . 

May 9, 2018May 9, 2018

Conflict Management

Dale Carnegie

Significant Achievements throughout the working experience:

  • Developed various training manuals for 2 new concepts in ALFA Co.
  • Prepared lesson plans, curriculums & session plans based on the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the past 5 years.
  • Conducted pre-requisite plan for the organization in terms of constructing new positions based on the business trend.
  • Conducted internal quality audits on quarterly basis for all ALFA Co. branches for the past 3 years.
  • Developed entry level & mid-level Managers for the restaurant operations Through Supervision level 1 & Level 2 training programs.
  • Conducted month to date approximately 300,000 man hours for the past 3 years Through various skills & classroom training programs.
  • Generate and develop more than 80 JDs Cards.
  • Develop and Designed three programs for employees succession plans.
  • Trained and Developed more than 300  entry level Saudi employees.
  • Trained and Developed 13 certified Female Saudi Trainers for the Restaurant Operations.
  • Trained and Developed more than 25 mid-level Manager Saudi employees.
  • Implement an incentive program and link it with annual performance appraisals.