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Speaking Spanish


Networking, building lasting relationships, foreign languages, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, sales, avid reader.


My objective is to bring as much value possible to the company of which I am a part of while also growing my knowledge in the field to expertise

Work experience

Feb 2013Present


PHP Financial Services

-Financial planner assisting needs of families through services such as opening IRA's, life insurance, health insurance, annuities, college funds planning, and debt relief.

Jan 2013Present

Field Representative

Spearmint Rhino

-Coordinated marketing, club events, and outreach.

-Accountable for generating increased traffic.

-Introduced a more aggressive marketing campaign which had not been implemented before hand. Took initiative & built strong relationships with local businesses & their owners which enabled a more generous stream of business to business relationships. This networking enabled me to bring marketing material into various lounges, restaurants, bars, smoke shops, ect., with ease which resulted in a sharp increase of first time customers.

-On occasion my duty included getting promotional passes out. My first day on the job I quote the Manager saying “These passes hardly ever come back, It would be great if we see one or two a week.”. That same weekend I brought in a party of 12. Passes have been coming in at a consistent basis since then bringing value back to the club.

Jan 2012Dec 2013

Sales Representative


-Managed bill payments & customer accounts. Looked over bills/accounts for discrepancies diligently which many times helped customers avoid unnecessary charges. This maintained clients happy & retained many that would have been lost .

-Successfully right fitted customers with phones & plans that fit their needs. Return rate was maintained extremely minimal/close to non-existent.

-Top salesman 3 months in a row, at my highest point achieving more than a third of entire upgrade quota for the store.

-Built lasting relationships with customers which led to many great referrals and repeat purchases.

Jan 2007Dec 2013


Pacific Theaters

- Supervised and coached crew members keeping flow of operations in optimum efficiency.

- Actively participated in hiring decisions by assisting with interviews.

- Responsible for auditing & reconciling all money drops.

- In charge of marketing. Ordered posters and trailers ensuring we were ready for any movie sent to us by the studios.

- Paid theater invoices.

-In charge of facilities, maintaining work environment to comply with company standards.

- Head projectionist.

Jan 2011Jan 2013

Vice President

Los Angeles Mission College Business Entrepreneurship Club

- Educated members on aspects such as: fundraising, sponsorships, business plans, and media outreach.

- Provided growing opportunities for students to gain real world experience by connecting them with local business and community leaders such as Eric Garcetti. (Current candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles)

- Organized fund raising activities to provide a stream of revenue for club activity use.

- Hosted community events. Reached out to businesses for sponsorships and booth rentals within events. 


Aug 2009Present

Los Angeles Mission College


Insurance Agent License

California Department of Insurance