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Raju Ahmed Shetu

Full Stack Engineer

Careear Goal

I want to establish myself as a successful software engineer. I would like to take any challenge in this regard and try my best to face it with honesty and integrity. I am always interested to learn new things and see my skills to come into action.I am a hard worker. I always believe that hard work beats talent when talent sits idle. I am very interested to get hold of new technologies and learn new things. I know how to work well in a team and boost their performances. I can work simultaneously in multiple projects.


October, 2016Present

Full Stack Engineer

Stealth Mode Startup

We are working on some projects on corporates sales and customer relations app.  Most of the project ideas are kept confidential to third parties due to NDA signing. The tech stack here is Django for backend, Angular2 for front end and Postgresql for database. I am working as a lead developer here. Designing the core architecture of the application along with the work distribution to the other developers is my key job here.

November, 2013September, 2016

Senior Framework Architect

Automation Solutionz

I mainly developed a testing framework.The testing framework will help to manage the test cases, generate report and plan the testing scenario. This framework is also capable of doing manual, automation and performance testing.

During my tenure I have mostly managed the development of this framework. I have done automation testing, manual testing and android automation by this time.The framework is developed on django platform. For database we have used postgresql at the back-end.

We have integrated both android automation and performance testing with our framework so that no extra effort is needed to learn new things for mobile automation and performance testing. So if you are familiar with web automation, then you can easily do mobile automation.The main work of mine is to look at all possible tools to consider and then take the optimum solution that fulfills the requirements.

This framework is still in development phase. It will be released soon.


May 2010Oct 2015

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

I obtained a CGPA of 3.49 (out of 4.00). My project 'Online Shopping System' was awarded as the 'Top 10 Project' in Database Project Show. I have completed various term completion project based on C, C++, Java, Django, e.t.c. I am currently doing my thesis work on developing a smart attacker which can attack a web server to find out the vulnerabilities and mitigate those vulnerabilities..


Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination

Jhenidah Cadet College

I obtained GPA 5.00 (on the scale of 5.00). I have also achieved board scholarships in talent pool. 


Secondary School Certificate Examination

Jhenidah Cadet College

I obtained GPA 5.00 (on the scale of 5.00). I have also achieved board scholarships in talent pool.


  • Automation Framework

       I have already worked on this project for more than two years. The system is mainly developed in python. We are trying to develop an integrated test case management system where you can simply run automation testing ,manual testing, performance testing and mobile automation. For now in case of mobile automation, only android is integrated. but later on we have already planned to iOS and Mac. 

  • Road Crossing Game

        This game was developed in C as the term project in Level-1 /  Term-2.

  • Graph Plotter

        This was done also as a term project with Java in Level-2 / Term-1.

  • Online Shopping 

        At Level-3/Term-1 we developed the database schema of this system which was awarded as the top ten project in data base project show in June,2013. Later on, we have implemented this system in Level-3 / Term-2 as the term project for the software system design lab.


  • Python
  • Django
  • Angular2
  • iOS
  • SQL
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Android
  • DBMS
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJs
  • Git
  • Postgresql,Oracle
  • Selenium
  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • Ruby on Rails



  • Top Ten Project Award, Database Project Show, June ,2013
  • Best Player Award in Inter Hall Basketball Competition, 2013

Co-curricular Activity

  • Top Scorer, Inter Hall Basketball Competition (Champion in 2016)
  • Captain, Inter University Basketball Team(3rd in 2013) & Inter Hall Basketball Team (Champion in 2013,2015)
  • Member, Inter Hall Athletics Team (Champion in 2011,2013,2015)
  • Member, Inter Hall Football Team & Inter Faculty Football Team
  • Member, Inter Hall Volleyball Team. (Champion in 2012)
  • Member, Inter Faculty Cricket Team.(Champion in 2011)
  • Member, Inter Hall Badminton Team.

Personal Information

Father's Name: Md. Lutfor Rahman
Mother's Name: Shirin Sultana 
Present Address: 12/A, Genetic Huq Garden, 1Ring Road, Shamoli, Dhaka
Permanent Address: Chopder Para Road, Bejpara ,Jessore
Contact: 0421-71194


  • Dr. M. Kaykobad


        Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

        Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

        Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh        

        Email: [email protected]

        Relation: Advisor

  • Riz Hossain

       QA Manager

       Asset Science LLC, Canada.

       Email: [email protected]

       Phone: +1 519-572-5079

       Relation: Employer