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Pursuing a career in an organization with future growth opportunities.  Driven, does whatever it takes to succeed and strive to be the best I can.  Innovative, quick learner, require very little training, display strong initiative and especially proficient with numbers.  Constantly volunteering for projects that are new and challenging in an effort to expand professional growth.  Knowledgeable and experienced in various areas.  Ultimately, hoping to achieve a leadership role in management.  I strongly believe in the one team approach, empowering and supporting others to grow and succeed.

Work experience


Supervisor Pharmacy Operations

CVS Specialty Pharmacy
  • Managed a team of 22 employees consisting of Technicians and Pharmacists
  • Manage a team of 40 employees consisting of on and off phone representatives
  • Developed reporting systems to track production
  • Work with Florida Cancer Specialists to ensure their patients receive their medication in a timely manner
  • Successfully transitioned Florida Cancer Specialists to Center of Excellence
  • Created and developed Center of Excellence team to handle REMS, Oncology, and Hemophilia therapies
  • Expanded and transitioned Hemophilia Center of Excellence
  • Manage schedules and payroll
  • Aide support site in process development and implementation
  • Work with Resource Planning on forecasting and allocation
  • Developed training manuals and job aides for all aspects of pharmacy
  • Aided in restructuring pharmacy which resulted in improved workflow and production
  • Implemented auto-answer on phone systems which resulted in faster answer times
  • Developed and implemented attendance tracking tool 
  • Developed and implemented request tool to manage missed punches, PTO, and Overtime
  • Developed staffing tool to track the amount of hours needed at any given time to clear next day scheduled orders
  • Verint Champion


  • Manage a team of 23 agents in a call center
  • Manage quality assurance and coaching on a daily basis
  • Report call center statistics such as average handle time, average hold time and after call work time
  • Manage agent attendance
  • Manage payroll
  • Hired and terminated agents based off of attendance and performance
  • Developed scripting from Ulysses training and lowered number of negative surveys
  • Manage agent schedules along with time off for coverage

Patient Support Supervisor

Welldyne Rx
  • Managed a team of 24 agents in a 24/7 pharmacy
  • CPHT
  • Developed quality assurance protocol
  • Managed service levels pursuant to organization's contractual obligations
  • Handled escalated calls
  • Developed training curriculum for new and existing employees
  • Managed scheduling for all employees
  • Developed growth opportunities for both organization and employees
  • Reduced overall calls entering into call center and managed excess time
  • Managed a 97% SLA overall

Patient Account Specialist Team Lead

  • Handled inbound calls regarding patient accounts
  • One call resolution with HIPPA verification
  • Ulysses certified
  • Processed primary and secondary claims
  • Worked patient A/R reports
  • Chosen for special projects such as patient refunds
  • Took patients' payments and requests for invoice and claim forms
  • Submitted internal cash move requests
  • Processed mail-in payments
  • Worked FTR report.
  • Helped research team with back-logged work
  • Complied with quality assurance goals and guidelines
  • Met and exceeded monthly goals upon hire

Certified Pharmacy Technician-Mail Order

WellCare Specialty Pharmacy
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician-Mail Order and Specialty
  • Filled prescriptions
  • Handled inbound calls from patients concerning all aspects of pharmacy
  • Packaged and shipped prescriptions
  • Billed for copays
  • Worked with management to create reporting documents
  • Trained new employees
  • Queue management(refill too soon, over the limit, credit card courtesy call, adjudication reject, prior authorization required)
  • Data entry Drug ordering


Rassmusen College

B.S in Finance

Currently attending


Seminole State College


Completed prerequisites for pharmacology


Proficient in:
  • All Microsoft platforms
  • Avaya CMS
  • Smarterm
  • ADP
  • Kronos
  • Verint
  • Quickbooks
  • All Cisco programs and management programs
  • Numbers oriented
  • Quick learner
  • Aggressive
  • Goal oriented