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I am a back-end programmer.My expertise in PHP with different type's of framework like as: Laravel, Codeignator, Yii, symphony and some CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Boonex, Moodle. I am develop some novice android apps and develop a some system using

Personal Information

Father's Name       :        Swapan Palit          

Mother's Name     :         Shikha Palit          

Date of Birth          :          10 October, 1989

Permanent Addr  :          Dewapara,Raozan,Chittagong          

Religion                   :          Hinduism

Gender                    :          Male

Nationality            :          Bangldeshi

Material Status    :           Unmarried

National ID No     :          1527408071937

Height                     :          5'10''

Weight                    :           76

Blood Group        :           A (+ve)


Front-End Developer

HTML5, CSS3, jquery, Bootstrap.

Back-End Developer

Raw PHP and framework(Laravel, Codeignator, Yii), ASP


Mysql, SqLite, MSSql, Oracle

Tools and IDE


SVN, Git, dbforge, Composer, Pencil etc


Dreamweaver,Netbeans,PHPStrom,Visual Studio



M.Sc in CSE

Jahangirnagar University  

B.Sc in CSE

University of Science & Technology,Chittagong.USTC


Jan 2014Feb 2014

Applied ASP.NET (MVC)


C# basic, MVC format in ASP

Sep 2010Jul 2011

Web Programming


HTML, CSS, Adobe photoshop and Illustrator, Javascript, PHP, Mysql, Wordpress, Yii framework.

Jan 2010Jul 2010



C# Basic, ASP.NET, Crystal Report

Work experience


Senior Software Engineer

Giantssoft Ltd. 


March 2016Jan 2017

Software Engineer

Tech-Wings Ltd.

Software Engineer(6 Month)

Feb 2015Feb 2016

Software Engineer

Domain Technology Ltd

Software Engineer at. (1 year)

May 2014Jul 2015

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at (1 year 3 months)
Jan 2013Dec 2013

Web Programmer


Web Programmer at (1 year )




                                 It is a digital marketing website with their different feature i.e.

                Automated Email Campaign ,

                Landing page design,

                Simple website creator,

                Ebook generator as user need,

                SMS Campaign configure independent provider,

                Pay and take payment with different payment gateway like stripe,paypal etc ,

                Also many other small feature.

It's a tools for man who have money but can't configure a business .This type of people are configure their business by instafunnles.


                                     PHP, Angular, javascript, and Mysql



                                     It is php based socialnetworking project working bascically USA. It is a BOONEX Dolphin based project.


                                     Raw Php  and Mysql database.



                                     It is php based e-learning project working bascically india. I am handle this project's different module. It have some CMS (omni-secure, Moodle, Fiverscript, etc). It also have different online payment system (PAYPAL, PAYTM). I also configure this onlige gateway. There are also facebook login module, course selection module etc.


                                     Raw Php  and Mysql database.

Pebble System Management:


                                       Pebble (Hatay Bunao) is a handicraft company which Manufacture their product in many rural center. They send their product raw material into the rural center ,after that the center return different type's of product.End of this process pebble gave the remuneration to the rural center .Pebble sale their product in foreign company and  export their product abroad. After this process they maintain their stock.

The Pebble System Management cover the whole workflow to convert the process in automation.To develop the system i am the lead programmer  out of two programmer. The system is run in their intranet system currently.


                                      Php with Codeignator framework and Mysql database.

Visitor Management System (VMS):           


                                       It's a application  system of Grameen Phone company which maintain their daily visitor log and notify respective employee in phone and mail.  In this system the visitor find out their desire GP employee using some searching such as employee mobile no, employee department, or employee code. The whole system front end and back end created by me.  It's running in GP house local server.


                                        Raw php and Mysql database.

Benapole Custom House Website:          


                                      It is a Dynamic wordpress site made for benapole custom house. The custom house replicate their total management system, weekly program, daily chart sheet, different type's of news, photo gallery etc. I made the total system and maintain it. In this( link you can find it.

                                      Wordpress CMS and Mysql database.

Chittagong Port Gate (CPA) Pass system:          


                                      The system maintain Port gate pass using original national ID (NID) card number by a barcode reader and take a picture in the situation. Then the admin give the pass to the pass holder.After that the pass holder show his/her pass in anyone gate out of 15 in CPA there habv another 2D barcode reader which verify his/her pass validity and get the access. Me and another programmer build it in one week. the system running in Port gate intranet system.

                                       Raw php and Mysql database.

EATL Apps Project:          


                                     It's a project which maintain the backend of most of the dynamic Android apps in nationalapps project. In the project most of the dynamic apps use so many API which provide from the backend server. But the project actually front end i use only by authorized admin or user. I am develop it by consulting of a senior programmer.           


                                      Php with Yii framework and Mysql Database         


                                   It's a educational web portal which contain most of the school data in bangladesh.It also have valuable tutorial for primary education and etc.       


                                    Raw php and Mysql database.


Excellent ability to read, write and speak in both Bengali, English and Chatgaiyya


  • Having skill to communicate with people with good manner.
  • Having good communication skill with individual and organizationally as well
  • Arrange social networking of any cultural activities


Kefayetul Mostafa

Assistant Programme Officer


Sub-office, Cox'sbazar

E-mail: [email protected]

Cell: 01812341812


maung shan aye

Financial Coordinator
Msf-Holland- sudan
Email: [email protected]