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Work experience

Jun 2004Present

CHEMIST ( Analytical Lab Manager )


Experience of Process industry based on both Hydro & Pyro Metallurgy

ØExperience of Commissioning of Zinc smelter (Hydrometallurgical process) of capacity of 1,70,000  & 2,10,000 MTPA.

ØExperience of Pyro technology of Zinc & Lead Smelting process.

ØExperience of Gold Mining & Refining process.

ØExperience of 254 MW Captive Power-Plants.

ØExperience of Laboratory analysis related to the Metal industry as well as Power plant.

ØExperience in “WSMD” (Weighment Sampling Moisture Determination) activities of Imported Zinc & Lead concentrate as per ISO standards.

Experience with Analytical Instruments

ØAAS (Varian, ECIL, Perkin Elmer)

ØXRF (Panalytical(WD), Shimadzu (ED))

ØOES (Spectra Lab, Shimadzu)

ØPolarograph ( Metrohm, Radiometer)

ØUV spectrophotometer(systronics)

ØVGA & GTA ( Varian, ECIL )

ØGas chromatograph

ØMoisture analyzer(mettler)

ØFire assay instruments

ØOperation and maintenance of fusion furnaces, cupellation furnaces, muffle furnaces

ØMicrobalance(.0001mg) MT-5 AND UMX2

ØConductivity ,pH meters, Turbidity Meter


ØExcellent analytical skills, attacking all assay related problems and coming up with better Solution.

ØRaw material analysis (Zinc & Lead concentrates, Gold Ore, Coal , Lime stone, Copper sulphate, lime chips, Sodium Sulphate, Charcoal etc…)

ØProcess samples (Zn & Pb smelter Slag & Matte, effluent samples, Cooling tower water, all intermediate samples analysis of both PYRO & HYDRO metallurgical based process)

ØFinal products (Zinc, Lead, Silver Metal, Sulphuric acid)

ØComplete Water analysis (Effluent, ground water samples etc)

ØEnvironmental samples (Ambient air, Stack emission, Soil, Solid waste samples)

ØAnalysis of gold and silver in concentrate and slime by AHK (UK) procedures (fire assay techniques)

ØAnalysis of water, coal & other samples related to Power Plant.

Managerial Experience

ØInvolved in ISO auditing and accreditation related activities

ØGood knowledge in SAP

ØInternal Auditor for ISO 17025 (NABL)

ØManpower planning depending on the process requirements

ØRecruitment of right people for the related jobs in the Department

ØShift scheduling

ØConflict management

ØCalibration of equipments

ØChallenging LME Labs for assay related issues in their umpire analysis

ØInvolving in metal accounting with respect to Zinc and Lead concentrate


Jun 2003Jun 2005

Master Of Science

MohanLal Sukhadiya University

* Master degree with 65%

* Specialization in Analytical Chemistry related to Process Industries

* Completed the degree with job by doing shift duties as shift incharge

Jul 2001Jul 2003

' A ' Level


* 2 Year Computer Diploma along with Graduation.

8 year experience in Process & Quality control Laboratory

vManaging the overall Laboratory operation & handling the staff of more than 20 chemists.

vReporting to senior management for various types of process parameters.

vResponsible for Process & quality control activities.

vMaintain the 5-s & Quality circle activities.


Having experience in process & quality control Laboratory with various Instruments like XRF, AAS,OES, Spectrophotometer, Polarograph etc. and associated analysis. My work experience involves right from classical analysis & development to enterprise rich instrumental Applications