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A Mobile Application Developer with 2 years of experience in android application development. I am an android enthusiast, dedicated, committed, self-motivated, a software developer able to work on own initiative, not limited to android but also willing to learn new and upcoming mobile technologies.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: Java* 
  • Mobile Technologies: Android*
  • Android Libraries: Picasso*, Retrofit*, Volley*, Gson, Butter Knife*, greenDAO*, Emojicon, Crashlytics*
  • Web Technologies: HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, JSON*, REST APIs
  • IDEs: Android Studio *, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA
  • Framework: Wordpress, Linphone*, Phonegap, Google Play Services, Vuforia, Quickblox
  • VCS: Git /Github, BitBucket, gCloud repositories, Git­Flow, SVN
  • Databases: SQLite*, MySQL
  • Operating Systems: Linux*, Mac OS X, Windows*
* denotes advanced skill level


MyEdu on Google Play -

  • Android app for Students, Parents & Teachers to communicate and collaborate.
  • Major features are Notifications, Announcements, Attendance, Schedule, Assignment, Exam, Result, Suggestion, Holidays, Transportation, Feedback.
  • Major technical modules are REST API Integration, Run time permissions for Android 6.0, GCM Push notifications, Animations, SQLite database, Lazy image loading, Google analytics and crash reporting tools integration, Background Services and Broadcast receivers.
  • Designed, Developed, Managed and Deployed complete app to market.

Contact Pro on Google Play –

  • Android App to manage phone contacts.
  • Major features are Merge duplicates, Black list, Contact backup/restore, Integrated call & sms logs.
  • Major technical modules are REST API Integration, SQLite database, Android Contacts and Content Providers.
  • Designed entire app according to material design and Developed functionality of contacts import, export feature from vcf file, Search in Contacts, Messages, Call logs, Performance improvements and Bugs fixes.

SIP Dialers : 

HoduPhone on Google Play

CosmoFone on Google Play

SipFoon on Google Play -

RBM Dialer ­ on Google Play -

  • SIP Dialers for making VoIP calls based on open source Linphone.
  • Major features are Audio & video calls, Call transfer, Call pause, resume and forwarding, Mute & Unmute calls, Speaker calls, Audio conferencing (merge calls into a conference), Chat (Instant Messaging), Address Book with search, Call History with call statistics.
  • Built Linphone from source code, made customization in theme & layout design, integrate REST API, deployed app to market.
  • Designed, Developed, Managed complete app.

ComsoShare on Google Play -

  • Android App to share Facebook posts with WhatsApp & Google+ account.
  • Major technical modules are Facebook login, REST API Integration, Facebook graph-API, Fresco library for efficient image loading, WhatsApp sharing.
  • Developed Camera, Gallery audio and video sharing to facebook wall or facebook page and Worked on issue solving.

AW Connect on Google Play -

  • Android app which allows you to initiate or participate in conference calls from your mobile device both via telephone and via SIP.
  • Major features are Audio Calls, Conference calls, Join an existing conference call, Call Hold, Mute/Unmute, Speaker Mode, Send DTMF.
  • Developed calling module using android SIP client with DTMF functionality.

InNet City : 

  • InNet City is a client android application which connects mobile device to specific WiFi service provider.
  • This app keep searching for WiFi hotspot in background, and connects to network whenever it comes in range.
  • Major technical modules are REST API Integration, SQLite database, Google Maps integration, Background Services and Broadcast receivers.
  • Designed, Developed, Managed complete app.

WebRTC App : 

  • Android app which is build on top of WebRTC technology using Quickblox SDK.
  • Major features are peer to peer and Group chat messaging, High Quality audio and video calling
  • Designed, Developed, Managed complete app.

Work Experience

Apr 2016Present

Software Developer

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
  • Analyzing project requirements & estimating efforts.
  • Analyzing, designing, developing and deploying apps to google play.
  • Managing team of 2 members and multiple projects.
  • Coordinating with team members for system design, integration, application maintenance, etc. 
Jun 2014Mar 2016

Jr. Software Developer

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
  • Acquired advanced knowledge of android.
  • Learned SIP protocol, Linphone SDK to develop a SIP Dialer app in android.
  • Designed, developed and deployed apps to google play.
  • Managed multiple projects independently.


Jun 2010Jun 2014

Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology)

L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad
  • Scored 8.34 CGPA

Awards & Honors

  • Won Gem Performer Award for Half year from OCT-2014 to APR-2015 for exceptional work dedication
  • Won Best Student Award in High School.
  • Won HTML WAR event held at L. D College of Engineering in 2013.
  • Now in List of Top 1000 Users (875) Highest Reputation Holder from India on StackOverflow with 5000 Reputation.


  • Eager to learn new technologies
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Listening Music
  • Playing chess, carom, mobile and computer games