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Work experience

Projects executed with L&T-Chiyoda Limited

(1)  Coker Unit, Jubail Export Refinery Project, Saudi Aaramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company, Saudi Arabia.
Designation                     – Project Engineering Manager
Duration                           – Aug’ 09 to till date
Project Value -                 – 900 M USD
Engineering Quantum    – 365,000 man-hours
SATORP plans to build a coker unit as part of the 400,000 bpd Jubail Refinery and Petrochemical Complex project located in Jubail 2 Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. The unit will be part of the new aromatics complex also being constructed in Jubail. The unit will process heavy crude into fuels such as benzene, paraxylene, naphtha and petroleum coke. Feedstock for the complex will be delivered from the Jubail refinery.
Foster Wheeler Arabia is the licenser for the unit. EPC contract is awarded to JV of Chiyoda Corporaton and Samsung Engineering. Detailed Engineering of Chiyoda part is being executed at L&T-Chiyoda. As of Feb-10 the engineering progress is 16.9%.
30% Model Review has been completed. UG model review was concluded recently. P&IDs have been issued for HAZOP. Critical packages have been ordered and VDR is going on. Piling layout has been issued.
(2)  Diesel Hydrotreater Unit and Hydrogen Generation Unit, MRPL, India.
Designation                     – Project Engineering Manager
Duration                           – Apr’ 09 to till date
Project Value -                 – INR 1300 Crore (290 M USD )
Engineering Quantum    – 450,000 man-hours
MRPL, Manglore, is going for refinery expansion. L&T has been awarded two projects - DHT Unit (3.7 MMTPA) and HGU (70000 TPA).
The project has very tight schedule – 29 M for MC for DHT Unit and 30 M for HGU. Came up with an innovative idea of advance engineering before the award. Due to advance engineering ordering of various critical items could be accomplished within 3 months. Got P&IDs and Layout issued within 75 days and 90 days respectively. Got the licensor package from Haldar Topsoe within 20 weeks for Hydrogen Unit. To accelerate the construction work introduced pre-casting method for Pipe Racks. Got the constructability Review done before issue of layout. Issued Piping 1st MTO within 4 months.
Engineering Progress as Feb-10 is 72% and 55% for DHDT and HGU respectively.
(3)  Sulphur Recovery Project, Indian Oil Corporation, Vadodara, India.
Designation                     – Project Engineering Manager
Duration                           – Oct’07 to Mar‘09
Engineering Quantum    – 325,000 man-hours
Project Value -                 – 170 M USD
IOCL Gujarat Refinery, Vadodara, is going for Residue Upgradation & MS/HSD Quality Improvement Project. The SRU project is one of the various units being put. The capacity of the unit is 2 x 300 MTPD having Pastellization Package and single TGTU of 600 MTPD sulfur-equivalent capacity. Capacity of ARU is 660 m3/hr of Rich-MDEA. There are two SWS units of 40 m3/hr and 59 m3/hr capacities.
Implemented various new initiatives while execution. Noteworthy among them are – i) Team Building Exercise along with Owner, PMC and Contractor’s personnel; ii) Value Engineering Workshop; iii) Integrated Scheduling in Primavera Enterprise Ver.
The project has very tough timelines. Train-I is to be completed within 24 Months and Train-II in 28 Months. We achieved 85% of engineering progress in 12 months, a benchmark for a project of such a magnitude. The project is going on and is likely to be completed on schedule. Got the Equipment Layout approved on 52nd day. Issued the 1st Piling dwg on 78th day. Got the 3 milestone model reviews done in time. The site rework is reported less than 2 %. Got the change orders approved. Developed the good rapport with PMC (TOYO India) to get the timely approvals of the documents.
(4)  Proposal of BAB Compression Project, ADCO, Abu Dhabi
Designation                     – Proposal Engineering Manager
Duration                           – Sept’08 to Feb‘09
Proposal Engg. MH        – 30,000 man-hours
ADCO is putting up a Project to maximize the gas production which was reduced due to depletion of Well Head Flowing Pressure (WHFP) in BAB Thamama C, D and unit 6/7/13 reservoirs by installing 3 compression stations near GASCO Habshan.
As a PEM, managed the proposal activities of following - 5 Design Engineering Centers – i) FEED Verification Group, ii) Material Verification Group, iii) Pipeline Engineering Group, iv) Compressor Stations Engineering Group and v) Group for Substation & Transmission. Also I Coordinated with Procurement, Construction and HSE Groups. Overall 18 work centers were involved. The project involved some 23 special studies. Had one Special Study Coordinator to coordinate with the special agencies to carry out such studies. I conducted constructability study during proposal involving engineering, procurement, logistics and construction groups. During the proposal engineering arranged Lessons Learned of the past similar projects and tracked the implementation. Arranged Cold Eye Review of the critical items.
I presented the engineering execution methodology to ADCO. I explained them the engineering organization, man-power mobilization, activities on the critical path, key success factors of the project, use of smart plant P&ID and 3D Modeling. Our Technical Proposal was adjudged the best among all competitors.
(5)  Detailed Engineering of Heart Land Upgrader Project, Fort Saskatchewan Alberta Canada.
Designation                     – Project Manager
Duration                           – Jan’06 to Dec’08
Engg. Order Value          – USD 12 Million
Project Value -                 – 1.2 Bn Canadian Dollar
The project is grassroots heavy oil (bitumen) merchant up-grader that will upgrade bitumen into synthetic crude oil. The plant will process annual volumes 41000 m3/day (260,000 bpsd). Carried out Engineering Management of Thermal Cracking & Quench Section, Treating Units (SWS, ATU, SRU, MTU) and Asphaltine Handling Unit. Executed engineering through various phases (DBM and EDS Phases). Prepared Engineering Services agreement and it’s amendments.
As per Canadian engineering and construction practices developed Engineering Work Packages and Construction Work Packages for construction subcontractors.
Was deputed at Calgary, Canada on rotation basis as a management representative to interface with customer (B A Energy ) and PMC (Jacobs).
Made presentations to Investor Groups and Banker’s Independent Engineers for engineering.
Assisted Owner / Project Management Consultant (PMC) for local Indian vendors for ordering of critical equipment like CO Boiler. Coordinated the ordering of the most critical equipment of the plant to FLSM (then FFE).
Participated in Jacobs Interactive Planning session at Calgary to discuss and finalize:
Contract Schedule
Jacobs Detailed Engineering Schedule
L&T's Detailed Engineering Schedule
Fabrication / assembly module schedule
Equipment Delivery on-site dates
Unit construction schedules
Schedule drivers
Schedule priorities
Procurement strategy to accelerate ordering
Resolved conflicts arising out of cultural differences. Arranged weekly Video Conferences to smoothen the communication. Authored an article “Working Together” in project’s monthly magazine.
(6)  Proposal Engineering for the Offshore Associated Gases Project (EPC-1), Das Island Facilities of Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Co. Ltd.
Designation                     – Proposal Manager
Duration                           – Feb’06 to Oct’06
Order Value                     – USD 32 Million
This was a big and challenging proposal engineering work. During the proposal studied various modules to be fabricated and their transportation. As a proposal engineering manager worked out the optimum quantities and extents of the modules. Floated inquiries and obtained the vendor quotes. Prepared Technical Proposal and presented to the ADNOC. Carried out risk analysis.
(7)  Detailed Engineering for the Isomerisation Project of Oman Refinery Company, Muscat Oman.
Designation                     – Project Manager
Duration                           – Jan’05 to Mar’06
Engg Order Value           – USD 1.85 M
Project Value -                 – 85 M USD
Oman Refinery Company the Owner came with an EPC Project to install a new Isomerisation facility with capacity of 10,225 BPD to upgrade the refinery light naphtha to high octane gasoline. Consolidated Construction Company was the EPC contractor and L&T-Chiyoda was the Engineering Contractor.
As a Project Manager ensured timely deliveries conforming to project specs. To achieve the project objectives took various initiatives such as periodic 3D Model Reviews, peer reviews of the deliverables, weekly teleconference b/w CCC Project Team at Oman and our engineering team at India, various visits to site by our engineers, regular monthly updates of level III Schedule etc. Settled change orders in a very harmonious manner and received the claims. For the first time in our company issued 100 weekly reports consistently without slipping even a single time. The Customer CCC and ORC were very satisfied with my performance as a Project Manager and the team’s performance. They rated our performance at 9 on a scale of 10.
Just to highlight that we did proposal work for DHDS Project for ORC in Year 2000. That time I was Proposal Engineering Manager. Our Technical Proposal was rated as the best. Though we could not win that order yet it established our name. This time Owner suggested LTC to be hired as Engineering Contractor.
(8) Implementation of Construction Progress Monitoring System for the Sakhalin II Project Phase-2 LNG Plant, Sakhalin Oblast, Russian Federation.
Designation                     – Control Manager for CPMS
Duration                           – Dec’03 to Jan’05
Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Limited is putting up this plant. The overall project consists of two process trains, 2 LNG Tanks, LNG Jetty, one Oil Export Terminal, Material Offloading Facility (MOF), and Utility and Off-sites. The two parallel LNG trains each producing 4.8 million tons LNG per annum, are largest in the world. The EPC Contractor is CTSD Limited (a joint venture of Chiyoda and Toyo).
I represented Chiyoda in the Control Group and stayed at Chiyoda Yokohama for 1 year and later went to Site at Sakhalin, Russia. Under my stewardship this system was implemented for the first time in Chiyoda Projects. Having established the whole system presented it to Client SEIC and got their buy-in. Trained all the subcontractors to give the input for the system. Trained field construction control group and the local Russian trainees.
Duties & responsibilities were - 1) To customize Construction Progress Monitoring System for the Project, 2) In consultation of Chiyoda Functional Disciplines to establish construction work volumes, 3) To establish work steps 4) To establish construction schedule into CPMS with reference to Level III Schedule, 5) To put planned construction man-power into the system with break-up of nationalities, 6) After setting the program, input the construction progress on monthly basis 7) Train the subcontractors to give the report in the prescribed format.
This was one of the best accomplishments of my professional life.
(9)  Naphtha Hydrotreater Unit & Catalytic Reforming Unit of 3 MMTPA Refinery III Expansion Project of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Chennai, India.
Designation                     – Dy. Project Engineering Manager
Duration                           – Jan’02 to Jun’03
Engg Order Value           – 125,000 Engineering man-hours
Project Value -                 – 95 M USD
The objective of Naphtha Hydrotreater Unit was to produce clean desulphurized Naphtha cut able to be processed in the Reforming Unit after removal of all impurities. The catalytic Reforming Unit produced RONC 98 reformate containing less than 1 vol % benzene. The design capacity of the Unit was 225,000 MT/Y with a turndown ratio of 50%. Larsen and Toubro were the EPC Contractor. Ms/ Axens were the licensor for the NHT / CRU Unit
The LSTK project was completed in 25 months, an international benchmark. My successful handling of this project opened way for me to be considered for international projects. Customer rated our performance at 8 on a scale of 10. Even today this is considered as a bench-mark project executed smoothly.
(10)      Various Proposals Handled as Proposal Manager
Vapour Recovery System, Saudi Aramco Shell Refining Company, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Improve Hydrocarcker Reliability, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
Replacement of Electrical Equipment at GOSPs, Saudi Arabia
Aramco Gas Pipeline Ras Az-Zawr, Saudi Arabia
DHDT Project MRPL, Manglore, India
BAB Compression Project, Abu Dhabi
LOB Upgradation Project, HPCL, Mumbai
DHDT & Hydrogen Project Gujarat
Once Through Hydrocracker Unit, IOCL, Haldia
Early Production Facilities, Kuwait Oil Company
Motor Spirit Up-gradation Project, IOCL Refinery, Haldia
N-paraffin Plant, Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Taiwan
DHDS Project of Oman Refinery Company, Oman
CDU/VDU of Expansion Project of IOCL Refinery, Panipat
Catalytic Dewaxing Plant , IOCL Refinery, Haldia
 (11)      Various Projects Handled as Project Coordinator
 Expansion of Wet Corn Milliing Plant and New Liquid Glucose Plant of The Anil Starch Products Limited, Ahmedabad
Fuel Oil Handling System at Combined Cycle Captive Power Plant, Haldia.
 (12) Various Projects Handled as Proposal Coordinator
 Ravva Satellite Gas Terminal, Cairn Energy
High Pressure Blow Down Scheme in PP Plant at MGCC, Nagothane
Chemical Jetty, Dahej
Desalination Plant, Relinace Refinery, Jamnagar
Dehydro Sulphurization Project, Haldia
Sea Island Berths and Top Side Facilities, Relinace Refinery, Jamnagar
 (13) International Contracts Prepared and Negotiated
 Pipavav Ship Breaking Project (b/w Chiyoda and Koatex Infrastructure Ltd.)
Engineering Contract (b/w CCC Greece & L&T)
Engineering Contract (b/w BA Energy Canada & L&T)
Engineering Subcontract Agreement (b/w Chiyoda Corp & L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.)
 (14) Miscellaneous Activities Handled
 Coordinated preparation of tenders for civil / structural work of Pipeline Marketing Terminal, Navagam Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
Assistance in project management and procurement activities for the LSTK of Sulphur Block of Madras Refinery Limited.
Liaison with various government agencies on behalf of Chiyoda Corporation for their Front End Engineering Design for LNG Terminal, Pipavav of British Gas.
Preparation and implementation of quality system in the company. L&T-Chiyoda Limited was the youngest company to get the ISO 9001 certification. Conducted various internal audits as Internal Quality Lead Auditor.

Project Manager

Have managed various projects as Project Manager. Responsibilities include:

Communication and rapport building with client

Health Safety & Environment

Project Review Meetings with Customer

Establish Task Force

Evolve Project Schedule and seek buy in of all stakeholders

Monitor progress and prepare catch plan in case of slippages

Contract Review

Interface management within the organization among the functional disciplines.

Conduct Tool Box Meetings

Conduct Risk Review Meetings

Constructability Review

Value Engineering

Implementation of Lessons Learned

Authorize Project Procedures and Change Orders

Authorize engineering and construction work package

Evaluation of engineering subcontractor

Issue progress repots to customer.

Review 3-D Modeling activities of the Plant

Maintain project profitability.

Team building and motivation

Conflict Resolution


Out of box thinking


System improvement orientation

High integrity


Strong decision making

Focused approach

Excellent written and verbal communication

Excellent presentation skills



Brief narration of projects handled, with accomplishments are described in the following paragraphs starting with the current one:

May 2010Present

Sr. Project Manager


Presently I am Project Manager for GES+ Projects of Saudi Aramco. Currently I am handling FEED work for Clean Fuel Aromatics Project, Ras Tanura Refinery of Saudi Aramco.

Sep 2011Present

Projects executed

Clean Fuel and Aromatics Project, Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Aaramco, Saudi Arabia.

(1)  Clean Fuel and Aromatics Project, Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Aaramco, Saudi Arabia.

Designation                     – Sr. Project Manager, Jacobs Zate.

Duration                           – Sep’ 11 to till date

Project Value -                 – 1.5 Bn USD

Engineering Quantum    – 420,000 man-hours

 The purpose of the facilities is to reduce the ground level emissions in the Kingdom’s major urban centres through the adoption of new and improved Gasoline and transportation Diesel product specifications. Extraction of Benzene and Toluene will also provide feedstock for the new RTIP Petrochemicals facility to be located in Jubail. Furthermore, this project will improve refinery profitability by the replacement of the existing fixed-bed Reformers (Rheniformers) with a new NHT and CCR complex and world scale Aromatics facilities necessary to produce Paraxylene product for export. The facilities will also improve transfer capabilities of Gasoline and Diesel through Ras Tanura Terminal (RTT) to the Eastern Central region distribution system.

 M/s Jacobs Zate are developing a FEED package for LSTK contractors. M/s Axens are the licensors for the process units.

 (2)  Detailed Design & Engineering for 24” Natural Gas Transmission System for SWCC Desalination Plant at Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Designation                     – Sr. Project Manager, Jacobs Zate.

Duration                           – Apr’ 11 to Aug’11

 This was an special assignment to calm down an irritated customer. Due to some problems customer wanted an experienced person as project manager. Management assigned this project to me for trouble shooting.

 (3)  Design Works New Wafra – Mina Saud Pipeline Design Works, Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc., Al-Zour (Mina Saud), Kuwait.

 Designation                     – Sr. Project Manager, Jacobs Zate.

Duration                           – Jan’ 11 to Mar’ 11

Engineering Quantum    – 15,000 man-hours

 SAC plans to build a new underground 16” EOCENE crude oil pipeline from Wafra to Mina Saud, approximately 52KM long. The new 16” pipeline will replace the existing 10” and 16” EOCENE pipelines.

 This job was awarded based on our performance in the pervious job.

(4)  Design Works for Relocation of Piping Manifold, Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc., Mina Saud Kuwait.

Designation                     – Sr. Project Manager, Jacobs Zate.

Duration                           – Sep’ 10 to Dec’ 10

Project Value                  – 20 M USD

Engineering Quantum    – 8,000 man-hours

 SAC’s objective is to relocate the existing pipeline transfer manifold and the scraper receiver for the existing 20-inch Ratawi pipeline currently located behind the SAC Engineering Building, to give way to new facilities that will be constructed under the Master Plan Project.

We were working with Chevron for the first time. Though the job was small management committed to Chevron to mobilize the A-Team. Hence I was nominated as project manager. Since the team had no experience with Chevron standards as in past we were working with Saudi Aramco, There were possibilities of having gaps in understanding. To avoid any possible gap in understanding conducted regular weekly teleconferences with SAC PMT. Prepared a tender package (technical specifications) in Chevron's formats. I identified new subcontractors in Kuwait with the help of client. I managed 3 subcontracts within the budget.

 I assisted marketing team to establish contacts at Wafra, Chevron’s Oil Fields. Customer rated us 97.5% during customer satisfaction survey. Based on our quality performance the client awarded us new Wafra Line job.

 (5)  Desalination Pipeline and Associated Inlet / Outfall Works, King Abdullah Sports City Project, Saudi Arabia

Designation                     – Sr. Project Manager, Jacobs Zate.

Duration                           – May’ 10 to Aug’ 10

Project Value -                 – 225 M USD

Engineering Quantum    – 16,000 man-hours

 This project will make available water supply to the Sports City from the Red Sea. There are two parts of the job – Offshore and onshore. Jacobs Scope of work was to prepare 60% design package. For offshore part we explored various options such as horizontal directional drilling and thrust boring. For onshore part we are preparing the design package. Onshore part consists of Pump stations water lines (product and return), desalination plant, and distribution at city.

 During peak time I coordinated with 9 offices (JZ-Khobar, PMT-Dahran, EC Harris - London, Arup-Leeds, SaudConsult - Cairo, Scado - Khobar, DCL-Dammam, APEX - Bahrain, Jatco- Khobar). Most of the activities except onshore pipeline design were carried out with the help of subcontractors. Got various change orders approved from the client (Saudi Aramco). I identified various subcontractors, for HDD / Tunnelling work and various agencies that can carry out marine surveys.

Feb 1995Apr 2010

Project Engineering

L&T-Chiyoda Limited, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Reporting to CEO, I am Head of Department of Projects. The Department has three groups – Project Engineering, Project Control and MIS. Department strength is 30.

 In Jan’06 when I took over as HOD, the dept strength was 8. Recruited engineers and took the strength to 30. Having hired people for their attitude trained them for the required skills. Updated 10 years old Standard Operating Procedures. Established knowledge sharing program in the dept to train the new recruits and to update the knowledge of others.

 As part of management, I have taken various initiatives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. I was in the task force to get the ISO. I drafted various business manuals and execution procedures. In 2007 we were the 1st Engineering Company to get CMMI Level 5 accreditation. I was the one of the active member of the task force to draft procedures and implement on the project. Mine project was the first to be chosen as pilot project for implementation. I was task force member for preparing the IT Roadmap for the company. To improve operational excellence our company hired “Accenture” and launched Project Kiran to implement various initiatives. I implemented Integrated Project Planning in Primavera Enterprise Version. I am one of the key members to initiate value engineering workshops and constructability reviews. To improve the internal interfaces we have drafted Enhanced Engineering Lap Binders (EILBs). I have institutionalized the implementation of past lessons learned in new projects. 



Master of Business Administration– Finance

M S University, Baroda, India

Rank – Second, Adjudged Man of the Batch


Master of Technology – Applied Mechanics

Indian Institute of Technology       New Delhi, India

Bachelor of Technology  – Civil Engineering

G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Nainital, India.