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Rajendra Chavda

Senior Instrument Commissioning Technician Available for New Opportunities


Looking for an exciting JOB in the field of Instrumentation Engineering where my knowledge and experience in the Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Power industry On shore /Offshore will be best utilized. To seek a challenging position as a Senior Instrument Commissioning Technician & Sr. Instrument Technician in a dynamic environment and desires to progress further in the same field and like to grow with the organization and prove to be an asset for its effective functioning and be a team player for the achievement of organizational goal and it’s success. I am looking to work in an intellectual, friendly environment where I can augment my knowledge by learning new technologies and serve better.

SPECIALITIES :-Instrument Calibration, Loop Checking, Troubleshooting, maintenance, Commissioning,Start up activities,Shut-down and Breakdown activities.
Fault finding Preventive and Corrective maintenances of Pneumatic, Electronics and Smart type Instruments, Overhauling of valve and Instrument Related accessories.
Document work of Instrument loop packages and other Document related works.

Work experience

Dec 2013Apr 2015

Senior Instrument Technician

Reynolds Automation

Activities Involved Challenged to supervise all instrument construction, loop checks and commissioning of plant and instructing construction activities at sites. Accountable for conducting loop checking and commissioning of new installations. Actively involved in calibration,installation and loop check coordination. Planning of all related shut-down activities. Personally involve in loop checks, function checks and field DCS-PLC for all types of field instruments and having ability to followed layer drawings and loop drawings, handle successfully all land of test instruments, such as primary and secondary instrument.

Mar 2013Sep 2013

Senior Instrument Commissioning Technician

(ADCO) Though: M/S Brunel Energy LLC Abu Dhabi

I had worked in NPCC for project of ADCO. My responsibility is to do function test, Loop checking (HART AND FOUNDATION FIELD BUS), walk down, Pre- commissioning, Commissioning process control instruments and Fire and Gas Detectors and DCS,ESD and F&G systems of Remote Degassing Stations, Production Wells and Water Injection Clusters.Worked experience on DCS (YOKOGAWA CENTUM VPR5), ESD,ICSS,High-integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS)& F&G (YOKOGAWA PROSAFE-RS) and PLC (Hima, Aalen Bradley, Schneider Electric),  SCADA etc At CDS & RDS. Involved in commission of Well Head and Solar Panel.

Nov 2011Dec 2012

Instrument Technician

Reynolds Automation

:         Activities

  • Working with Installation, calibration, loop checking and commissioning of All type instruments for Power plant and rotating Equipment System and DCS and SCADA System at various Location in India.
Apr 2010Sep 2010

Instrument Specialist

IOCL Though: M/S Punj Lloydltd

Responsibilities: Worked with Shift duties. Instrument day to day maintenance. including Troubleshooting, daily routine job, preventive, call-out, breakdown, and calibration jobs in utilities Area.

Mar 2010Apr 2010

Instrument Technician


 Responsibilities: During this time worked with GASCO(ASAB-1) for Plant shutdown jobs. Like Maintenance and installation of rotating equipment & for pumps, Including Instruments like Vibration Monitors of Bently Nevada Series3200 MMS for Compressors carrying out maintenance, trouble shooting, corrective, preventive, Instrument calibration, loop checking, commissioning, ESD checks, plant s/up Assistance, and mov Calibration, and troubleshooting and Control valve Maintenance And Emergency shut down valve, Smart transmitter(Honeywell, ABB). Rosemount electronics, displacer type level Transmitter Etc.

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Instrument Commissioning Technician

EQUATE PETROCHEMICAL CO.Though: M/S Brunel Energy Kuwait

During this time worked with EQUATE PETROCHEMICAL.Worked Commissioning Activity range included setting, controlling and Maintaining Pressure, control loop, level control loops, temperature control Loops, and flow Controls loops, as per drawing. Interlock check, study of P&I Diagram and system function check from Field bus system, PKS Relcom module, Activities in process area instrument like Transmitter (Honeywell FF), Control Honeywell field to DCS and Also Plant Startup Valve with Fisher DVC 6000F Series Positional & Metso. Control valve like Messolien. Siemens Positioner, SOV, ESDV,  ON/OFF Valve, Thermo couple, RTD Familiar with 375 Field Communicator

Mar 2009Apr 2009

Instrument Commissioning Technician


During this time worked with KNPC though direct Almeer  Technical Services com has been worked MOIP -1 (Modernization of Obsolete Instrumentation Project) and Shut-down at Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery. There I was worked in Control Room on Foxboro I/A Series DCS system and Field Side Instrument All type transmitters (Pneumatic & Electronics), switches, controllers (Pneumatic & electronics), level troll and  Interface level troll, calibration, Loops testing, function test, And Commissioning In process area instrument like Transmitter (Foxboro) and control valve etc.   

May 2008Sep 2008

Instrument Commissioning Technician

CHIYODA TOYO SAKHALIN DEVELOPMENT. SEIC (SHEEL) LNG/OETProject In Sakhalin Energy (Russia)Though: M/S Kentech Sakhalin Technical Services Russia.

During this time worked with CTSD (CHIYODA TOYO SAKHALIN DEVELOPMENT) has been worked Instrument Loops checking (Open Loops, Close Loops and cascade Loops), On FILD BUS System function test, Calibration and   Commissioning Activities in process area instrument like Transmitter (Yokogawa FF) Control Valve with Fisher DVC 6000F Series Positional & Metso & Siemens Positioner, SOV, ESDV, ON/OFF Valve, Smart Transmitter, Thermo couple, RTD, Familiar with 375 Field Communicator. I was working in Fire and Gas, Fire & Gas detectors, UVIR & Smoke Detector for Calibration, maintenance and commissioning Activities of the complete System. [Make: General Monitor Fire & Gas Sensor and Detronics] and also IPS, DCS, Vibrating, Temperature system. I have Good Safety Record & I am regular in my duty

Jan 2008May 2008

Instrument Technician


Worked with Installation and unit, project erection & commissioning, Calibration of Instruments such as Rosemount/ Foxboro/ smart series transmitter, Bailey smart series PH&Conductivity transmitter, Fisher & Porter mag. Mass, vortex flow meters, INC./BROOK P. D. Meter. Valtek/ Virgo/ Val flow make control valves with I/P Converter/ positioner, Danfoss / Dag / Switzer/ R.K.Dutt/ Revathi/ Mombray/ Drexel Brook makes switches. B.S. & B make R. D. & B. A. S. Also gains experience Of Foxboro I/A Series, PLC 5/80, SLC 5/03-system commissioning activities, includingField Related all works of instrumentation installation, calibration, loop checking and Commissioning of all type instrument.

Oct 2007Dec 2007

Instrument Technician


Worked On Offshore Platform and wellhead shut down and project activities Like Installation & loop checking and commissioning Pre- Commissioning,Trouble Shooting, shut-down maintenance making site Modification as required, Checking of complex loop, Interlocks and Shut-down, along with System Checking PM jobs, calibration of all type Transmitters level troll and interface Level troll, control valve over holing etc. and replacement of Shut down Valves on well-head re tubing and wiring jobs. I was following safety rules & proper  presses.

Jan 2007Sep 2007

Instrument Technician


Worked with Shift duties. Instrument day to day maintenance activities including Troubleshooting, daily routine, preventive, call-out, breakdown, and S/D maintenance, Crew supervision, job allocation, plant start-up assistance, calibration of instrument such as Rosemount/ Foxboro/ Fisher/ Massoneilan transmitters, P/I, I/P converters. And calibration and troubleshooting jobs.

Jun 2004Jan 2007

Instrument Technician

I.P.C.L. Baroda, GSFC Baroda & G.N.F.C Bharuch. ,Though: M/s. A-Z INSTRUMENT SERVICES.

Worked with Installation, calibration, loop checking and commissioning of All type instrument like PT, FT, LT, TT, DPT make like Rosemount, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Foxboro and control valve On-off valve make Masoneilan, fisher, voltek and switches, gauges, make like Altop And I/P converter make Rosemount, masoneilan, yokogawa and also valve Positioner, thermo couple, RTD. I was reding P & ID drawings. Relay logic Drawings, Also I was working in system like DCS, PLC (Honeywell) & fisher  Rosemount foundation field bus & yokoguwa DCS system. Familiar with Rosemount hart-265/375, Honeywell XP Rivon and Working panel Wiring Modification Startup and commissioning Activities.  I have good safety record.I am working with safety rules & proper procedure.  I was a permit holder & There I was regular in my duty etc.

Jul 2003Jul 2004

Instrument Technician


Worked with Worked for ROSEMOUNT RS-3, DCS system For process and utilities Area. Including troubleshooting, daily routine, preventive, call-out, breakdown, and S/D maintenance, crew supervision, job allocation, plant start-up assistance,Calibration of instrument such as Rosemount/ Foxboro/ Fisher/ Massoneilan Transmitters, P/I, I/P converters. Danfos/ Switzer /Mobray/ Mercoid makes switches Fisher/ Bailey/ Massoneilan make control valves, A. O.V., Positioner. Also worked On Relay logic & gate logic ESD Interlock system of Compressor, Heater B.M.S., Gas Turbine, and Pump, also gain Experience of RS-3 system Hardware and Configuration. Installation, calibration, loop checking and with Shift duty’s. And Calibration and troubleshooting jobs

Aug 2001Jun 2003

Instrument Technician


Worked with Project and Shut down jobs like calibration, loop checking And commissioning jobs and servicing of all type field instruments like Electronics and pneumatics actuators and control v/v, control room Instruments. Commissioning Activity range included setting, controlling and Maintaining Pressure, control loop, level control loops, temperature control Loops, and flow Controls loops, as per drawing. Interlock check, study of P&I Diagram and system function check from field to DCS. Checking of T/C (Thermo Couple), RTD (Resistance Temperature detector), Limit Switch, Level Switch and Also adjusting switches position. Damper Valve, Shut-Off Value and related Accessories like Feed back positioner, Regulator, Lockup Relay and Booster Relay. Checking of Solenoid Valve, Mov (Motor Operated Valve) Pneumatic and electronic Controller and Transmitter with Accessories. 


Jun 2010Jul 2013

Diploma In Instrumentation & Control


Aug 1999Jul 2001

Instrument Mechanical (Chemical Plant).

Industrial Training Institute