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E. Waldron


Ms. Rainetta is a very professional worker and is able to work in a busy environment. She handled the workload given to her with efficiency. 

Rainetta completed her assignments without being monitored and shows that she can work independently.

Rainetta was always punctual and interacted well with her coworkers.  She has excellent communication skills...

Dr. E. Spencer

This letter of recommendation is submitted on behalf of Rainetta Jones, who was a  student of mine at Berkeley College.  Rainetta was outstanding in my Principles of Marketing course, earning a grade of A.

Rainetta also did very well overall while attending Berkeley, with a grade point average of 3.875 versus 4.0. I remember Rainetta to be self-motivated, responsible, and committed to whatever challenge she faced. Rainetta’s reliability in terms of attendance and timeliness mirrored her academic excellence. 

In short, because of her outstanding performance and professional qualities, I would recommend Rainetta for any position commensurate with her level of experience.