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Managing and Working with Coworkers
I was a manager on the STAP (Student Technology Assistance Program). I assigned techs to projects, took complaints from teachers and students and personally managed the assistance of specific teachers troubleshooting.
Technology Troubleshooting
I trained on the STAP (Student Technology Assistance Program) to do basic troubleshooting of iPads and computers.


Michael Monahan, Latin Teacher

Mr. Monahan has had me in his class for 3 years and can describe my work ethic.

Marnie Phillips, Family Friend

Marnie knows me personally and can describe personality traits

Rob James, Guitar Teacher

Taught me guitar for about 2 years and can describe my work ethic and learning skills.

About Me

Outside of school I enjoyparticipating in mud runs. Usually these runs consist of trail running, obsticales (like walls or cargo nets) and mud puddles. These races taike a lot of training and determination to get all he way through. I use my determination to push myself to train everyday and get better.