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Work Experience

Jan 2013Present


Midastek Microelectronics Inc.

Digital circuit designs and simulations for MCU-based controller, applied to applications in motor control, sensors, CAN/LIN network, etc.
1.The CPU behavior model
2.QEI motor control
  -  angle control and speed control
3.CAN BUS system implementation
-  bit timing sync.
-  protocol engine
-  mask and filter
-  error control
-  CRC
-  RX and TX integration 
-  develop the CAN bus system
4.Layout of digital circuits- Encounter APR
-  trial route
-  IO pad location
-  size estimation
5.J1939 standard
-  the autotronics IP implementation and the automobile electronics system development.

Apr 2011Dec 2012


Chiplus Semiconductor Corp

Development of PLC (Power-Line Communication) SoC, based on ITU-T standard
 1.implement physical layer
2.  Modules in Transmit Side 
-  Data flow and control flow
-  Integration of TX modules
-  data scramble 
-  ARQ
-  data mapping
-  transmission side filter
3.verify data flow and control flow at the TX side

Jun 2006Apr 2011


System Chip Design Department, Wireless Broadband Division,    Industrial technology Research Center (ITRI)

Development of 90nm WiMAX SoC IC- hardware implementation, algorithm development, system integration, simulations and verifications
 1. Modules in Receive Side
-  AGC  (Automatic Gain Control)
-  Energy detection
-  Pulse shaping filter
        -  Data de-permutation, memory control
        -  De-randomizer
        -  Integration of the modules of the Outer block
2. Modules in Transmit Side 
-  Data flow and control flow
-  data parser
-  channel coding
-  data permutation
-  Pulse shaping filter
-  Integration of all modules in Transmit side
3. FPGA verify
-  Using Logic analyzer to test function
-  Using channel emulator to test the system
-  Test a real-time communication with a base station (BS) via a BS emulator
4.  Field  trail
-  Field tests in ITRI campus (speed- 3~60km/h)
-  HSR @ 300km/h
5.  ESL verification
-  Building C model to test system functions
6.  WiMAX 16M
-  Software-Defined Radio
-  design the architecture of WiMAX 16m Rx Outer system
7.   LTE
-  compare LTE system with WiMAX system
-  Digital dual mode communication system, combining LTE and WiMAX, as a Software-Defined Radio system which can be implemented in DSP.


Sep 2003Jun 2005

Electrical Engineering Master

National Chung Cheng University

Major in digital  signal  processing  and  image  processing.  The  topic thesis  is  “Implementation  of  Digital  Cellular  Neural  Network  with  embedded  system”.


Communication system

IEEE 802.16-2004, 802.16e, ultrasound,, PLC, CAN Bus and J1939

C language
Digital circuit design

Verilog HDL, Verdi, primetime, Encounter, ModelSim and Xilinx FPGA verification