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Outside of my School and Work environment, I am currently learning to play the guitar, am President of the Talk for Change Toastmasters, and training to run a marathon. I can learn just about anything, so I try to use my gifts to learn as much as I can. I have an interest in Linguistics, History, Visual Arts, Music Composition, Movies, Biking, Running, Public Speaking, and Journaling.


The mission is simple: To empower individuals, non-profits, and small-businesses to leverage their goals through the power of the Internet to create a better world for ourselves and our children.

This is why: Individuals are the fundamental unit of change. Non profits and social benefit corporations need help. Small business success is in everyone's grasp.

I am an accomplished professional in the Internet industry and have 14 years of experience developing innovative solutions to common problems through technology for small to medium sized organizations. I distinguish himself by having focused on how the Internet allows organizations to work together to further their missions and objectives. As an avid reader of blogs, journals and news magazines, I maintain a knowledge base of trends in business, technology, and policy. As a self-taught internet entrepreneur, I have developed an understanding of the different elements which make up the modern digital enterprise, the organizations that it consists of, and the nature of the people that get the work done. I use my understanding of the people – the different layers of the people, the information they generate, to the network they work on -- and the software they use to work with, to design a better way of working altogether.

I'm also working on a book "Modern Enterprise - The Business of Business Today" which will encompass the framework that we've come up with at our firm and show through case studies how to start, build, and grow a modern organization on the internet. 


Internet Applications


Architecture Diagrams

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Internet Architect, Technical Lead

Beaconfire Consulting

Rahul created technical architecture and design documents, lead the development of, and the implementation of solutions in the Internet Stategy and Planning, Web Design and Development, Online Campaigns and Marketing, and Software Evaluation service lines for clients such as ACLU, Mott Foundation, Feeding America, Heifer International, and the American Legacy Foundation.

Jan 2010Present

Internet Architect


I work on three product/service lines. I design the AppleSeed Portal open source product used by thousands of users. I write and edit the website which educates people how to become entrepreneurs. I provide high level strategy and architecture consulting to businesses around the issues of Content Management Systems, Portals, and integrating them with SaaS and self-hosted web applications.

Sep 2010Present

Adjunct Instructor

Boston University, CDIA

Here, I teach part time students Web Development and "Content Management Systems" with open source products such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Jun 2010Oct 2010

Internet Architect, Project Manager, Business Developer

The Art of the Internet

At TAOTI, Rahul helps with the projects in many different capacities including development and management, with the operations of the company in information and technical management as well as process management. In addition to internal projects, he's also responsible for bringing business as business developer. 

Jan 2006Jun 2008

Project Manager, Admin

Rainbow Portal

While managing the Rainbow Portal project, Rahul defined the future vision of the software, the teams, and overall organization of the open source portal project. He helped with designing the different team structures, the software development practices, and the criteria for success.

Jul 2007Apr 2008

Solution Developer

Avanade - NEW YORK

As a traveling consultant, Rahul helped develop a standard portal management system for a large pseudo-government organization, lead the business and software analysis and improved throughput by 10% for a prominent health care corporation's disability and leave management system, and worked on a consumer level application which was utilized by hundreds of thousands of business owners around the United States.

Sep 2006Jun 2007

Senior Developer/Analyst

Q Industries

Rahul played a dual role as an Analyst for Project Managers by conducting requirements analysis, drafting functional requirements and specifications document, designing architecture diagrams and a Senior Developer to develop solutions using Web 2.0 technologies.

Aug 2001Sep 2006

Owner, Principal Consultant

Anant Systems, Inc.

Serviced clients in the small, medium, and large corporate business sectors as an internet consultant providing a combination of internet services, business critical on-call support, and internet and information technology strategy and sonsulting. Lead the launch of Independence Air's revenue generating website. Served in the architecture group of the Benefits Online section of Merrill Lynch's website.

Aug 2001Jun 2002


Mitre Corporation

Initially worked on a netted sensor project as an aid to the Engineers. At first the key tasks were the synchronization of all of the computer nodes and calibration of the sensors. Other tasks were to develop an acoustic ground truth system to compliment the netted sensors.

Also researched and developed applications on Embedded Linux and JavaOS on Compaq iPaq PDAs and Reference Intel Bitsy Boards.

Jul 2000Nov 2000

Software Engineer

Egrail, Inc., FileNet

Developed the core engine for Egrail 2.5: Content Management System which is now FileNet ECM. Researched and developed ideas for the J2EE Version of Egrail. The team used an open source methodology of development via CVS. Different members worked on different branches of code, while the architects were involved in merging usable code. Created an online portal/community for the Open Sourced version of Egrail CMS prior to the LinuxWorld conference. Researched open source trends and existing open source projects, wrote documentation, and maintained the site.

Jul 1999Feb 2000

Software Developer

BTG, Inc./ Titan Group

Worked as an Intern while under a mentor to complete the design, development, and delivery of a Java applet that enabled users to easily design earth centered orbits in a 3-D window. The function of the application was to be an educational tool as well as a complimentary program which could export satellite element sets which then would be imported into a high end orbit simulation software, Pegasus 3D.




Georgetown University

Current studying Government, Policy, and Democracy at one the nation's best Universities. While attending classes, he serves as the President of the Society of Liberal Studies, Director of Marketing for the Martin Luther King Jr. Week Committee, Director of Web for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. In the past he's served as a student Senator, led an AGAPE Spiritual Retreat, and chaired Model United Nations committees. He's also active in a 180 year old literary and philosophilical debate society and has won several awards while competing with other universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia in Model United Nations conferences.

Aug 2000Dec 2001


George Mason University

Studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and then decided to resume professional and career interests in Internet Consulting and a growing business in the Web Hosting industry.

Sep 2000Dec 2000


Mary Washington College

Studied Business Administration for one semester before entering a sabbatical to pursue professional and career interests.

Sep 1996Jun 2000

Magnet High School Degree

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

Attended the number one public high school in the country. While attending, studied technology and computer science and was active in the science and technology academic journal, played Junior Varsity and Varsity Lacross, played Varsity Football, and helped run student sports events as part of the athletic association.


Social Media Platforms
Working knowledge of the Social Graph in terms of using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook from a communications standpoint as well as from a development and integration perspective. I have built systems that automatically feed updates to both Facebook and Twitter and have created a Facebook Connect Application for viral video marketing. 
Public Speaking
What started off as speaking infront of software user groups, and technology conferences has evolved into a development of public speaking and rhetoric ability. Rahul has been debating literary, political, philosophical, domestic and foreign affairs for the past year and has started to develop a voice for teaching and selling complex ideas to the masses.
Internet Architecture
The business of business has been improving since the 1980s when the Internet was first made public. Rahul started working on the internet in 1995 and since then has followed every development to date. He understands how to design the technology which includes software, networks, and systems as well as how to modify or create teams that use those technologies to fulfill their business need.
Systems Integration
Having had to work with small and large clients over the years in which the Internet gained ground in business operations, Rahul has had to be adept at learning how to specify and implement system integration plans using Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, ETL, and SOAP/XML standards.
Email Marketing
While working with non-profit clients, he understands the needs and uses of email marketing software such as Bronto, Vertical Response, Predictive Response, as well as the builtin features of Off-the-shelf CRM systems.
Customer Relationship Management
As the business industry caught up to use the infrastructure of the cloud, Rahul kept up to date with the latest CRM tools such as SugarCRM, and Salesforce.
Content Management Systems
In several client projects and in past employment positions, Rahul has designed and developed, evaluated and implemented, and made recommendations on the use of several Content, Document, and Knowledge management systems. He is extremely familiar with SiteCore, RedDot, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CrownPeak, Ektron, Convio, and Sharepoint.
I am proficient in all of the major programming languages such as ASP.NET, C#, C++, VB, VB.NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript. I have worked extensively in the Internet field with web server side and client side HTML and JavaScript, but have exposure to fundamental information exchange formats such as XML and formatting languages such as XSLT.