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Software Professional - Sybase, SQL Server 2008 / UNIX – Shell Scripting / Autosys

  • Working experience of approx 3 years includes study, analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance in SYBASE, SQL Server 2008 and UNIX platform.


  • Investment Banking and Financial Services with projects for risk management, GL and Tax accounting with particular focus on business reporting. Adept in compiling business requirements and translating them into integrated systems architectural solutions.

Work experience


Crystal Reports, Excel Reporting
As for Data Reporting worked on: Automated Excel report generation from Sybase, using VBA to insert data, refresh pivot tables, and update summaries. Designed new custom reports & modify existing reports using Crystal Report Designer and integrated these reports    with SYBASE database, with SQL, Selection Criteria, Grouping, and Running Totals. Also worked on Crystal Reports automation objects.
Unix- Shell Scripting, Autosys
As a UNIX Development worked on: Working with Korn shell Scripting - Managing and Scheduling daily jobs relating to data transfer, creating Shell scripts for automating repetitive tasks, planning and scheduling using CRON jobs. Working with Scheduling of Jobs - Writing JILS for AUTOSYS jobs to automate the batches. Ability to create and debug Autosys jobs and dependencies. Ability to analyze a complex job stream and correct any inconsistencies, errors or omissions and point out potential problems.
Sybase, SQL Server 2008
As a Sybase Database Developer worked on: Back-End Programming: Developed & written stored procedures triggers, cursors, and ad-hoc queries to assist in the development process, checking queries for achieving optimum performance and batches for smooth functioning. Written stored procedure to populate data for tables, populated data by running BCP utility, written constraints, rules and triggers to maintain integrity. Data Transfer and Transformation using tools like DTS, BCP. Performance & Query Tuning: Breaking long-running queries into smaller queries to enhance the performance. Handling database corruption, transaction log problems. Tuned various queries and stored procedures which ran for report generation through Excel and Crystal Report applications, created and designed Indexes on tables. Extensive usage of ‘set’ tools such as set showplan, statistics io reports to optimize and tune the procedures and triggers. Hands on Experience in Migration of databases from Sybase 12.5 to SQL Server 2008.


Jul 2003Sep 2006


Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology