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Work experience

Sep 2005Present

Sr. Network Engineer

Unitus Software Solution’s Pvt. Ltd.,
Responsibilities: - Work in multiple long- and short-term network projects for our customers. Face the customers at their premises and work in rapidly changing and stressful environments. - Manage and fulfil the complete cycle of network projects: Planning, design, deployment and operational support and troubleshooting. - Work independently, as well as in a team of other engineers.
Dec 2001Aug 2005

Sr. Network Engineer

SAARC Overseas
Description: Provided LAN support for an Export/Import textile firm. Use of in-depth technical skills, knowledge of desktop support, and an understanding of business processes to perform problem identification and resolution to insure minimal service disruptions for clients. Role: Worked in the capacity of Network Engineer. As a Network Engineer I am responsible for the support of all networks Hardware and related configuration, deployment, support, troubleshooting and repair of TCP/IP networks. Participate in the 24x7 on-call rotation within the Operations department. Responsible for -: •Responsible for sustaining 97.99% availability to all production systems. •Performed Roll out of LAN from one flat scope of sites using 3Com hubs to switched network using multi-VLAN network, segregating traffic into different classifications using access control lists to limit traffic access to other VLANs, effectively boosting network response time and reliability by 50%. •Responsible for management of the Corporate Active Directory Infrastructure to include design changes, issue resolution, Monitoring and maintenance, and review of internal management processes. •Perform system performance analysis, tuning, and capacity planning. •Responsible for Configuring, Frame Relay, ATM Switches, ISDN, X.25 network for remote access. •Setting up VLANS and configuring ISL trunk on Fast-Ethernet channel between switches. •Design and implemented Frame-relay network with ISDN backup on Cisco 2500 Series Routers. •Install and configure Routers, Bridges, Terminal Servers and CSU/DSU’s to support WAN links. •Troubleshoot ISDN lines, troubleshoot TCP/IP and IPX problems troubleshoot connectivity issues in multi protocol Ethernet, Token Ring, and FDDI networks. •Implemented traffic filters on Cisco routes using Standard and Extended access-list. •Provide Tier-2 systems support where required, and technical assistance and advice to Tier-1 Support staff
May 2001Sep 2001

System Engineer

Pasona Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Pasona is the largest staffing service in Japan, is a leader in Japanese employment and Staffing Solutions. Provide jobs, outsourcing, consulting Executive Search, and Human Resources Consultation. Role: Served as Technical Support Engineer for IT Management division of Pasona Inc. Responsible for day-to-day operations of e-commerce data center, and wide area networks Performed DNS changes for both internal and external networks. implemented network changes. Installation configuration and maintenance of NT, and Windows 2k file, print, and web servers. Responsible for -: •Responsible for the operation and upkeep of complex, scalable, configuration, deployment, and maintenance of networking hardware and supporting Pasona’s infrastructure for network services Tokyo-wide. •Responsible for management of the Corporate TCP/IP, Windows NT Infrastructure to include design changes, issue resolution, monitoring and maintenance, and review of internal management processes. •Provide Tier-2 systems support, technical assistance and advice to Tier-1 Support staff. LAN software monitoring and troubleshooting, Performed Virus Protection using Symantec Anti-Virus 7.x to 9.x Corporate Edition for 80 + servers with a total of 4,300+ clients and administer Symantec System Center. •Compose documentation for systems administrators & help desk to include troubleshooting of TCP/IP connectivity. Projects implemented -: Project 1-: Provide efficient support to some of the biggest Japanese clients (NTTDOCOMO, Mitsui Corp.) •Improved service levels from 98% to 100 %, enhanced security and increased bandwidth were benefits derived from implementing a state-of-the-art web hosting data center •Including 3000+nodes including capacity planning, system administration/tuning, problem analysis, hardware and software upgrades, developing administrative policies, instructional documentation and procedural process improvements to ensure that systems are properly maintained and operated.
Oct 2000Feb 2001

Networking Engineer

InfoTech Network Systems Ltd New Delhi
CLIENT: GE CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL SERVICES – GURGAON Description: Worked as a Network Engineer, in 30-member team, Implemented Microland facility management Project for the GE Capital International Services (GECIS) Gurgaon, India. GECIS, one of the biggest call center setup in India and financial application processing center. GECIS Technology includes a heterogeneous network including TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and Terminal Software's link TN3270, and Citrix. Role-: Responsible for handling the entire facility, i.e. 200+ NT Servers and more then 3000 + Desktop’s three different sites in the vicinity of 1 km, with a quality Infrastructure. Responsible for -: •Responsible for sustaining 99.99% availability to all production systems. •Installation and Configuration of Windows NT Servers on high end Intel based Compaq Servers (which includes Proliant 1600, 3000, 5500, 7000). •Communicate and work closely with team members to assist in troubleshooting. •Troubleshooting of Windows NT 4.0 Server, Workstation systems and Application servers. •Ensuring the connectivity to be maintained across WAN links (i.e. leased lines) with the servers located worldwide. •Integrated and installed Compaq Insight Manager on all the servers across all the sites to be able to monitor them so that in an event of failure action could be taken proactively. •Installation and configuration of NT Domain with DHCP, WINS and DNS. •Additional Software: Cheyenne Arc serve, Citrix ICA Client, Terminal Emulator's as Host explorer, Extra Personal Client, TN3270/3250 Applications and different Imaging Applications. •Managed helpdesk calls of all types ranging from login and printing problems to more complex application, operating system, and WAN/LAN related issues. •Technology involved here at Gecis Site based on Mainframe Connectivity at USA, UK & Australia and all the sites are interconnected with Leased line (depend upon the Bandwidth requirements).



NIIT Technologies


Delhi University


IP Switching
IP Routing
Networking and Hardware skills Routers: High level design & implementation experience with a wide range of network routers/switches ranging from core network switch/routers to customer edge CPE routers. These cover equipment ranging from Cisco routers (700 series, 800 series, 1600 series, 2500s, 3600s, 2800s, 3700s, 3800s. This includes the configuration of a broad range of Network Services such as Voice, Service Provider and Enterprise Services.     Switches: Advanced Data Centre Implementations of 6500, 4500 and 4900 in Server Farms as Access, Distribution and Core  Switches, Advanced  Implementations  of  3750,  3550, 3560 Series  Switches  with  PoE  in Access  Layer  Enterprise Environments. 3Com 3300, 4200, 4700 and Core Builders etc.   Carrier Services: Detailed knowledge of Service Provider and carrier services implementations utilized by carriers and service providers encompassing several Layer 2 Services including Frame Relay, ATM, PPP, Ethernet etc. Also including several Layer 3 Routing Protocols including BGP, OSPF, ISIS, Multicasting and Layer3 MPLS VPNs.  This includes detailed understandings, advanced configurations, integration of such services. Voice: Basic Hands on experience with Cisco Voice Gateways, Call Manager and VoIP Phones.     Management and Software skills People Skills: Proven track experience in technical resource management.   Client Facing: Professional client care, delivery and work flow management.   Service Management: Day to day business support and technical resource management.   Project Management: Proven track experience throughout all phases in Project Implementation life cycle.   Operating Systems: Hands  on  experience  with  most  major operating  systems including all Microsoft  product  ranges (Win 2000, Win 2003, XP), Cisco IOS.   Routing  Protocols:  Detailed  knowledge of  all  relevant  protocols  and  the  underlying  principles  of Internetworking/IP solutions including RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, static routing, etc.   High Availability: Non-Stop-Forwarding, FHRP (HSRP, VRRP, GLBP), Fast Rerouting, RPR, RPR+, 802.1w, Spanning Tree and Traffic Load Balancing and Service Level Agreements.   Switching Protocols: VTP, Trunking, CatQoS, 802.1q Tunneling, 802.1x Authentication, Broadcast Control   QoS: Rate-Limiting, Traffic Classification, Congestion Management,  Congestion Avoidance, Queuing, Shaping, Packet Fragmentation, Control Plane and Data Plane Traffic Policing.   MPLS: Frame Mode, Cell Mode, MPLS, Label Distribution (LDP / TDP ), Cisco Express Forwarding, Virtual Routing and Forwarding, Multiprotocol BGP, CE to PE Routing, PE to PE Routing, Inter-AS MPLS VPNs, Intra-AS MPLS VPNs, AToM, 802.1QinQ Tunnelling, GRE, RSVP, MPLS Traffic Engineering, Quality of Service.   IOS  Security  Services:  Traffic  Filtering,  RADIUS  Authentication,  Layer2  Security  Protocols,  802.1x  Authentication, Network  Attack  Mitigation,  SSH,  Service  Authentication,  Packet  Sniffing,  Network  and  Port  AddressTranslation, Port Redirection, TCP Intercept, Source Guard, SPAN/RSPAN, Catalyst Security   Network  Performance  and Monitoring  Tools:  Hands  on  experience  with  most  major  Network load  balancing  and performance tools, including Cisco Works Enterprise, ASDM, SDM, MRTG, PRTG, Solarwinds, IPSwitch Enterprise Manager   Windows  2003:  In-depth knowledge  of  Microsoft  Windows  2003 Active  Directories  including  multiple  sites,  forests, organizational units, security configurations etc.



  • 8+ years experience in supporting, implementation and roll-out of IP Network and associated infrastructure in an enterprise environment, including architecture, configuration, monitoring, and network performance tuning.
  • Experience managing global infrastructure in 24x7 co-located environments.
  • Experience in implementing, optimizing & managing Cisco Routers & Switches in a multi-protocol environment.
  • In-depth knowledge of. Large-scale IP Data network design skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP fundamentals including content switching
  • In-Depth Knowledge of OSI Reference Model 7 Layers & TCP/IP Protocols 4 Layers: Telnet, DNS, SMTP, SNMP, FTP, TFTP, CDP, DHCP, POP3, UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP, NTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS.
  • Know-how in the operation and configuration of Cisco Routers (4000, 3000, 2600, 2500, 1700, and 1600 series & Terminal Servers: 2511, 2509). And Cisco Switches (6500, 3500, 2900, and 1900) series Catalyst switches.
  • Routing: L3 network: Static and dynamic Routing Protocols such as OSPF, BGPv4, RIP, IGRP, HSRP and EIGRP; Route Redistribution, Summarization and Filtration (using Access List, Prefix List, Distribute List, Route Map and Passive Interface), Subnetting, IP Addressing, FLSM, VLSM, InterVLAN Routing, and CIDR.
  • Routing optimization using BGP/EIGRP/OSPF/RIP on the WAN links.
  • Switching: 10/100/1000 base Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, VLAN STP (802.1D, VLAN Trunking, VTP Prunning, VTP (802.1Q and ISL), configuring HSRP, Port aggregation, Multicast (PIM) and Network QoS management.
  • WAN Technologies: MPLS, ATM, PPP, Frame Relay, ISDN, T1 / and HDLC.
  • Network Security: RADIUS and TACACS+ (for authentication, authorization and accounting); Port security; NAT / PAT, Access List.
  • Ability to perform the following; analyze user existing data networks, evaluate capabilities and determine service quality of data to identify any need for improvement; Setting new network objectives along with outline of current network.
  • Strong knowledge of non-stop network environments, including hitless upgrades, failover (at both layer 2 & layer 3).
  • Basic knowledge of MPLS and VOIP.
  • Network Management and Troubleshooting: Monitoring network configurations and performance using ICMP, (tracert, traceroute, and ping), Telnet, ipconfig, netstat.
  • Structured cabling to standard (Cat 5, 5e UTP cables).
  • Operating Systems: Cisco IOS, Cat OS, Win2003/2K/WinNT Server, Windows XP/98 Client.
  • Experienced with Server Services DNS, WINS, & DHCP & Internet protocols.
  • Experience with Call-center Services and Software's Support.
  • Experience with Terminal-emulator Software's like Cardpack, Vision and Magellan.
  • WAN Communication Servers - IBM Mainframes with TN3270 and TN5250 Sessions.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, troubleshooting, customer service skills, possessing the ability to effectively communicate and transfer knowledge and ideas to clients and co-workers alike.
  • Proficient in Speaking and writing Japanese since completed Japanese For Busy People Vol.1, 2, 3 , Japanese For Busy People Vol. 3, Progressing from Intermediate to Advance Course from Tokyo Japan.
  • Worked with end users, helpdesks to ensure that the calls have closed on time.
  • Accept and provide direction, work well under pressure and handle concurrent tasks.
  • Ability to work with limited supervision and able to solve problems independently.


To  secure  a  challenging  and  technology  focused  position  in  a  high  growth  company with  considerablePersonal Objective advancement opportunities in IP Based Multiservice Networks