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Work experience

IIT Delhi Thesis-Shear

Aug 2013Dec 2013


induced instability in inhomogeneous polymer solution flow: Analyzed instability in concentration field for entangled polymers using Rolie-Poly model inFortran Using linear stability theory determined regions of stability and critical parameters for onset of instability

Reliance Industries Limited(RIL)

May 2013Jun 2013

Reliance Industries Limited(RIL)

Navi Mumbai: Simulated PDEB production process inAspen Plus; identified weeping & over-refluxing problem in columns Generated tray hydraulic data sheets usingKG-Tower & TrayCal; suggested improvements to avoid weeping Recieved a Pre Placement Offer among 16 trainees

Squash, BSA

Apr 2012Mar 2013

Hostel Captain

Hostel Captain,: Revived the tradition of game through intrahostel events in order to identify and nurture new talents

Security, Rendezvous, AnnualCultural Fest

Oct 2012Oct 2012

Activity Head, Security

Activity Head, IIT Delhi: Led a team of volunteers to manage the security of OAT having a capacity of 5000

Runner up, Inter Hostel Group Dance



Social Service: Conducted teaching classes for education deprived children organized by NSS IIT Delhi Created audiobooks to educate blinds as a volunteer of National Association for Blind Taught students in nearby villages around Nagothane as a part of Reliance CSR activity. Also guided a group of students for developing different models using hydraulics Pascal law principle. POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY

Security, Rendezvous, AnnualCultural Fest

Mar 2011Apr 2011

Activity Head, Knowledge Management

Maintained a database and designed templates of projects displayed in the fest

Security, Rendezvous, AnnualCultural Fest

Feb 2011Mar 2011

Activity Head, Publicity

Managed the publicity of event, achieved maximum possible participation ever


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi