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I am a self-taught iOS developer with over 5 years of experience. I am obsessed with designing clean and maintainable architectures using BDD/TDD. I am passionate about developer experience for whichuse vim+tmux workflow to multitask projects and developed a code generator,  AarKay, to generate repetitive code files using my personal templates. It increases my speed while keeping the design clean and maintainable. 

Work Experience

July 2018Present

Senior Software Engineer

  • Implemented Uber RIBs pattern in Onboarding module.
  • Developed and maintained Gold, Store Discovery, Billpay and Recharge modules in the application.
Nov 2016July 2018

Software Engineer

  • Re-designed iCloud Backup and Restore module in swift
  • Automated the deployment of iOS application using fastlane
  • Setup CI/CD pipeline using Circle CI
  • Led the QA team and added per-pr XCUITests
  • Bug fixes and added new features in Onboarding and Chat modules
Aug 2015Nov 2016

Software Engineer

Pronto IT Labs
  • Built Employer and JobSeeker from scratch and published to AppStore
  • Mentored and reviewed code of team members
  • Won TieCon Hackathon where we built an indoor location map using iBeacon and CoreLocation
May 2014Jul 2015

Software Engineer

  • Bug fixes and added new features in  DRA and SIMN applications
  • Participated in Intel IoT Hackathon and built a smart soul with knock sensor, Edison board and BLE
Mar 2013May 2014

Software Engineer

Empeiria Consulting Private Limited
  • Took Stanford University's CS193p (Developing Applications for iOS)
  • Built TBNEurope applicatiofrom scratch and published to AppStore
  • Built Montcalm application from scratch and published to AppStore

Open Source

AarKay - AarKay is a language independent code generation framework

Restofire - Restofire is a protocol oriented network abstraction layer in swift that is built on top of Alamofire to use services in a declarative way

FrameworkTemplate - A template for new Swift iOS / macOS / tvOS / watchOS Framework project ready with travis-ci, cocoapods, Carthage, SwiftPM and a Readme file

Fastlane - My generic fastlane setup that takes care of associated groups, extensions, code signing for both developer and enterprise applications



Bachelors of Computer Applications (BCA)

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


Nov 2017

Advanced Swift Workshop

try! Swift

I taught the following topics

  • Functional Programming - Map, Filter and Reduce
  • Protocols and Generics, Type Erasures
  • Value vs Reference, Copy On Write
  • Memory Management - Memory Layout, Unsafe Swift


English - Professional Proficiency

Hindi - Mother Tounge