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I’m a junior developer with a background in game development, sales and economics. I enjoy tackling logic-heavy problems and designing seamless user experiences.


BLACK HOLE RUN Stack: JavaScript, jQuery, Babylon JS, Webpack JS, Node JS, html5, CSS

This is a single page application using Babylon JS for the 3-D rendering and Javascript for the back-end. The objective of the game is to steer the spaceship to the target planet using the gravitational pull of blackholes to avoid obstacles.

ROTTEN MANGOS Stack: Ruby, Rails, SQLite3

A movie database app that allows users to post, review, and rate movies. The fundamental objective of this task was to learn the basic principles of MVC (Model, View, Controller) and RESTful design. 

TELESKETCH Stack: Ruby, Sinatra, SQLite3, jQuery, Canvas

An interactive game allowing users to play a version of "Telestrations" (a mixture of broken-telephone and Pictionary). It utilizes the HTML canvas element together with jQuery  to grab input from users, and decodes it from Base64 into a readable format.

PAMOJA Stack: Ruby, Sinatra, SQLite3, Stripe API

Pamoja is an e-commerce website that pairs sellers from less developed countries to buyers from more developed ones. It allows both buyer and admin access.

Work History

Nov 2015Present

Skill Game Designer, FIFA Gameplay

Electronic Arts
  • Created and designed training drills (Skill Games) for FIFA 2017 Mobile and Console
  • Dealt with both production and coding tasks to get Skill Games ready for release
  • Learned the ins and outs of software development on a large scale, with a focus on user experience
Sep 2014Jul 2015

Acquisition Specialist  

Yellow Pages 
  • Qualified sales leads for Media Account Consultants in order to facilitate meaningful sales conversations regarding Placement, SEO and SEM
  • Managed and coordinated the schedules for up to five Media Account Consultants, while placing top three nationally in the role
  • Achieved 100% net gain targets and 120% of appointment-setting goals
Mar 2013Aug 2013


Opinion Search
  • Conducted surveys and interviews for various companies, in order to learn consumer opinions
  • Developed communication skills through persuading consumers to participate in surveys, as well as actually conducting surveys


Oct 2015Dec 2015


Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp

Aug 2010Dec 2013

Bachelor Of Arts

McGill University

Major in Economics