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اغسطس 2009 - اغسطس 2012
Al-Quds Open University
Study of Business Administration at the university level includes different subjects aimed at providing students with the academic skills of scientific specialized in business management and rehabilitation of the students to see business problems that may face the institution in the performance of their work and how to develop solutions to them, and also the interpretation of the trade organization's performance and how to improve it or keep it from in order to achieve continuity of the organization's goals; and can eat the most prominent subjects studied by business students at the university level as follows:
Management Science: where will examine how access to economic or investment decision optimization of business of the institution.
Mathematical and statistical studies: The study aims to give those students mathematical and statistical knowledge necessary in management and how to assemble the results of calculations and analysis of information through the study of linear programming and Allegartemat accounts and calculus.
Study of human resources: where the study aims to prepare students to deal with the legal and functional structure that operate businesses, according to him.
Financing studies: saluting those study aims to introduce students to the position of the financial institution, and the value of its shares, and methods of financing, organization and methods of dealing with investors.
Economy Studies: These include the study of the study of all the macro and micro economy where taught in microeconomic different economic systems, and the factors set prices and control, and the study of market trends, costs and revenues. As the economy kidney whereupon studying various economic phenomena such as inflation, unemployment and recession, and how to determine economic policies and evaluated, and the idea of ​​international trade.

High School certificate

Specialization: - literary branch
Average: - 81.1%
School: - Gamal Abdel Nasser Secondary School for Girls

Practical experiences

Company / Takaful Insurance Company Name
Company / Tulkarem / title against the chest Radiology
The area of the company's work / work insurance policies in various types of vehicles and other .....
Of her / Takaful Insurance Company Administration (Ramallah) Masyoun
Function / administrative Skurtih
The period of work / of 01/01/2010 Cali 01/10/2013
Job Description / follow-up data on the computer and insert the following programs (neuro full .... Aloyrd. Pixels. ........ Etc. And followed up with the branch manager
Telephone Company / 092673973




computer :- Dealing with computer programs (Word, Excel, Power point) excellent way ??? . Programs dealing with the Internet in a good way Jaddaa ??? . Languages: - Arabic Language Proficiency (reading + writing + speaking). Excellent English language (reading + writing + speaking). Printing ------ printing Ballgtien Arabic and English are excellent .. other skills :- Proficiency stimulate the working groups to participate more effort


ragheed Yousef Mohammed Asmar well-off working for the (Cairo Amman Bank) mobile   0599293616
Yousef Mohammed Asmar was working for the (Ministry of Education) mobile 0599120333
Mohammad Yousuf Asmar works for the company (mobile) Ramallah Balou mobile 0599000179

personal information

Date of Birth: 21 \ 09 \ 1985
Nationality: Palestinian
Sex: Female
Marital status: Married
Number of children:2.
ID number: 938012226

قسم النص

Me proud that I work for a company acad that I barely thank you