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Jul 2011Jun 2012

Special Student

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Scored a GPA of 4.7/5 in both my semesters.

The classes that I took are 6.111,6.142,6.902,6.141,6.005,6.004 and a couple of independent projects under Prof.Joel Schindall and Dr. Farzan Sasangohar.

Jul 2009Jul 2011


SRM University

Have a CGPA of 9.5/10 in SRM University.

Jun 2007Jun 2009

High School


Scored a 92% aggregate in CBSE Board in the final Exams.


My Major Interests Include-

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Construction
  • Robotics
  • Wireless Communication


Formulated a linear equation to calculate the values of the trigonometric ratios that is consistent up to 4 digits.

Understand Me Better

Academic Activities and Achievements

Academic Activities:

  • Designed a Real time Motion Tracking system that tracks human motions and reproduces them graphically, with the help of similar markers placed on his/her body ,for the final project of 6.111.
  • Built and Programmed an Autonomous Lego Robot that can move around a maze, collect table tennis balls and deposit them else where, in 6.270 at MIT.
  • Programmed a Scheduler Module for a mobile manipulation system that builds furniture autonomously in 6.142 at MIT .
  • Designed and programmed a GUI for Human event repository analysis, to be used in Nuclear power plants in the US.
  • Designed an Integrated voice response system that helps people to keep track of their day-to-day diet and weight. 
  • Currently working as an intern at RISE labs, IIT Madras, on developing a mobile manipulation system that can help customers locate products in huge shopping malls
  • Designed a mechanical speech recognition system that responds to the frequency of human voice to produce a stimulus.


  • Received the Founder’s Scholarship, which entitles the recipient with free education, transport and accommodation and a 1000 INR stipend for his/her graduation.
  • Played for Garden Cricket club, Chennai for an Year.
  • Has a Facebook Music Page with over 60 fans, a Youtube channel with 26 subscribers and 2400 views.
  • Wrote and Directed a short film which has over 1500 views on Youtube.
  • Received a certificate of appreciation in the UN young environmentalist Competition.
  • Represented State for Indian national Informatics Olympiad.
  • Composed, co-wrote and sang 2 songs.
  • Sang covers for 4 English and 1 Tamil song.

Work experience

Apr 2012May 2012



Developed an application with a GUI in Java. It is a graphic busyindicator, communicating on a socket connection, to a frontend server.


Operating Systems
My favorite is OSX but I can work with any of the following operating systems..   -> Windows -> OSX Lion -> Ubuntu -> Fedora -> Jolicloud
Music composition
I can compose digital music using Magic Music Maker.
Video Editing
I can edit Videos and Photographs using Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects and I can Edit Music Using Ableton Live.
-> Java -> C -> C++ -> Verilog -> JSim -> Visual Basic -> C# -> x86 Assembly -> Python -> Elementary MATLAB