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Rafiqul Chowdhury

Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Application engineer and embedded sales for Intel

Sign For Com GmbH & Co.Kg

-To cover embedded customers in NER region.

-Team leader for NER and work closely with the team.

-To discuss various projects based on Intel platform with customers (including OEM and ODM cusomters) and and support them in all respects.

-To bring the projects (opportunity) to design win with by providing supports based on customer needs or demand.

-Provide technical data sheets, design guide roadmaps to the customer.

-To work with Online Sales Center and co-ordinate the progress.

-To get familiarize with upcoming products and attend online training.

-To work with leads and change leads into opportunity to design win.

Apr 2014Nov 2014

Embedded heads

Sign For Com GmbH & Co.Kg 

- Embedded market analysis.
- Create profiles for the company.

- Generates Leads
- Keep contacting with customers in NER region and provide necessary information

May 2013Feb 2014

Master Thesis 

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen-University of Applied Sciences

Working on fast hardware adders. It includes an overview (state of the art) of adder circuits and concepts, and simulation of suited architectures on transistor/gate level.

The result of this work would be an optimized 64bit adder in an .35 CMOS process (transistor circuit).

(1). Basic gates (NOT, AND, NAND, NOR, OR, EXOR) design by MOS transistors.
(2). Simulations of the gates in du spice.
(3). Basic adder circuit design using MOS transistors (0.35um).
(4). Fast Adder Architecture design and layout design in MICROWIND.
(6). Structural differences need to be made for 16bit and 64bit Fast Adder.
(7). Final simulations in du spice and layout design in MICROWIND.
(8). Documentation of the work.

Aug 2012Dec 2012

lwIP TCP/IP Protocol Stack Demonstration by using Stellaris kit EKT-LM3S9B92

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen-University of Applied Sciences

The purpose of the project is to show the applications by using lwIP TCP/IP stack. In this project the kit EKT-LM3S9B92 is programmed with lwIP code. Later the webpage is downloaded from the http server running inside the ARM board.


Oct 2010Feb 2014

Masters of Science in Information and Communication Engineering

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen-University of Applied Sciences

The following courses I have completed in MSc

-Advanced Signal Processing

-Data Communication

-Optical fiber and Communication

-Wireless technology


-IP based network and protocols.

-Internet protocols and applications

-Computer Networks

Sep 2005May 2009

BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

American International University-Bangladesh

-Electronic Circuits (AC and DC).

-Electronic Devices.

-Analog and Digital Electronics.


-Power System.

-Electrical transmission and distribution.

-Electrical Machines.


-Signal and System.

-Digital Signal Processing.




-Programming language.



C and  C++. 

Circuit Design

Analog and Digital circuit design and simulation was done in PSpice, microwind, dsch, du spice.

MATLAB and simulink

I have worked in various project by using MATLAB which also includes simulink.