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Qualification and Achievements Summary

  • U.S Permanent Resident with Bachelor's in Computer Science and eight month professional experience of iOS Mobile Application Development.
  • Built a Sentiment Analysis framework to analyze the sentiments in product reviews with 73% accuracy.
  • Designed and built an iOS mobile application, WINKK, which uses hyper-eye technology to convey the information about ads on billboard and magazines.
  • Received semester based merit scholarship for securing 3rd position in Spring 2015 from University.
  • Secured "Dean List of Honor" twice in college for obtaining 3.52 and 3.80 CGPA.
  • Published a research paper on "Aspect Identification and Sentiment Analysis" in an international journal and conference.
  • Head the participant relation team of one of the biggest national college event,PROCOM, and handled more than 1400 participants with 30+ competitions.


Major Elective Courses

 1. Machine Learning                                          4. Data warehousing

 2. Compiler Construction                                  5. Information Retrieval & Text Mining                                     

 3. Graph Algorithms                                           6. Artificial Intelligence 

Major Course Projects

Aspect Identification and Sentiment Analysis:

  • Designed a prototype for final year project in which user can enter the name of any product using a web interface and get a visualization of aspects with their ranking based on sentiment score.

Image Classification using BoW:

  • Devised a Bag of Words (BoW)-like-model to classify 1500 images of cats and dogs with an accuracy of 75%.

Compiler Construction:

  • Built a C-compiler using Bison and Flex parser, which could identify major logical and programming errors on the code and give relevant error messages.

Virtual Operating System:

  • Developed a virtual operating system which could execute assembly language instruction, manipulate the register values, toggle flags, and execute a certain predefined instruction set.

Work experience

April 2016Present

iOS Mobile Application Developer

  • Designing the structure of iOS app
  • Developing proof of concepts.
  • Programming the app and fix bugs.
Jun 2015Oct 2015

iOS Mobile Application Developer

Folio3 Software
  • Enhanced an iOS mobile application which can capture a 2D image from a magazine or billboard using hyper-eye technology and display the information about the ads and it's related products.
  • Designed and coded Storyboards for the walk-through section and animation for the home screen.
  •  Fixed major bugs in the application which decreased the load time by 20%.

Technical Skills

Objective-C - 8 months experience

Have knowledge of iOSmobile application development life cycle and expertise on major high level features of Cocoa Touch layer including:

1. Auto-layout

4. Storyboards

2. Gesture Recognizer

5. Standard System View controller

3. Local Notification

6. Table view Controller
MATLAB - 6 months experience

Used MATLAB for Machine Learning and Graph Theory course projects to develop classification algorithms and image segmentation.

SQL - 6 months experience

Created an online freelancing job portal and automated movie recommender with a database managed using SQL

Python - 1 year experience

Developed final year project of Sentiment Analysis using Python and used Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing libraries including

  • Natural Language Text Processing (NLTK)
  • SciKit
C/C++ - 3 year experience

 Developed major Computer Science course projects on C and C++ using object-oriented design principals and different data structures including:

  • Compiler using Lex and Flex - C++ language
  • Simple Object Detection module - C++ language
  • Virtual Operating System - C++ language
  • Demonstration of Digital Signature and major hashing functions - C++ language
  • Console-based social networking module - C language
  • 3D Box Game using Allegro - C++ language

Academic Achievements

  • Certificate of Merit received from World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science for the research paper presented in University of California, Berkeley.
  • Dean's List of Honor recipient for securing 3.52 and 3.80 GPA during bachelors in Computer Science.
  • Highest Achiever Scholarship received for two years from Sir Adamjee Institute of Technology for outstanding academic performance.


Study of Automatic Extraction, Classification, and Ranking of Product Aspects Based on Sentiment Analysis of Reviews

  • International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 6(10), 2015.
  • Proceedings of The World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2015, 21-23 October, 2015, San Francisco, USA, pp781-786