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Rafael Suarez Medrano R. Fuente de Marcela 7, Tecamachalco Estado de M xico, M xico. C.P. 52780 Ph. :(0155) 55969055 / Cel. : (0155) 16793311 [email protected] [email protected] Job Experience 10.2004 - Actual | SM Consultores, Director. Independent Consulting, with projects in Commercialization, Publicity, Marketing, Development, Training and Improvements for Sale Forces. Processes Administration, Process Improvement Plan Development, Specialist in Projects Administration and Business Plans. 07.2001 - 10.2004 | Gacela Express / Gacela Air Cargo, Director Responsible of the main areas of the company, such as Commercialization and Operations. The most important issues were based in making the company profitable establishing Sales Channels for both the Aerial part and the Logistics and Fulfillment part. Important Alliances were made with the most important Carriers in Mexico, it also creates a Business Unit capable of managing from Stock, Inventory Control and Special Packing to sales (by the right sales channel) in Commercial Points with controls established by us and the product delivery service. Two new Business Lines were opened to manage Retail Points in all the country with an Advanced Methodology talking about Sales Point Material managing, promotion and all the merchandizing for the sales on sites. This Service includes a detailed analysis measuring progress, necessities and opportunities of business for the client. 11.1993 - 06.2001 | Corporaci n 8008, Director. The main responsibilities for the job were established in the development of new clients and in the creation of a Sales Force capable of realizing negotiations of high level focused to different Market Groups. Talking about Administration and Commercialization, Introduction of new products to the market, training of personnel and participation in the administration of the group, the main achievements were the creation of an organizational structure capable of managing four companies from different areas belonging to the group with the same Administration Platform, also the introduction of the distribution channels for high technology products, the strategic development and operation of a Call Center and the introduction of a Sales System for different products and markets responding to the increasing foreign competence using the factors of success identification, profitable segments, growth opportunities and appropriate distribution channels, also a franchise program and important programs of abilities development, publicity campaigns with the use of adequate resources. 07.1992 11.1993 | Ticket Master (CIE). Director de Marketing (Cuentas Especiales) The principal reason for my hiring in this company was creating international clients, introducing for each of them a sales strategy that fulfilled both the product introduction to the mexican market and the sales implementation using channels such as Catalog, Telemarketing and direct Mail. Some of the biggest achievements in this period were the participation in the contract of a Television Company for a Joint Venture in the Advertising Spaces commercialization for our clients in the product introduction into telemarketing and the establishment of a Fulfillment Center operated in the Ticket Master installations. 11.1989 07.1992 | The Sharper Image. Marketing Manager. Responsible for the marketing of the products using Catalog Sale and Retail Sales in the stores, so as the promotion and publicity of the company in the Mexican Republic, Media Management and the Sales team training for the attention in shops, creation of a Franchise Plan. The main activities included market analysis for new products introduction, Business Conditions Analysis, Product negotiations with The Sharper Image U.S.A and the supervision and introduction of continuous upgrades of a Client Attention Center in national level. One of the most significant achievements is the creation of the first credit card in association with a bank that gave Sales Points, Special Promotions, VIP Clients, etc., this was copied by other companies some months later. Education 08.1985 - 01.1989 | La Mesa College, United States. Associate Degree Marketing. Computing Use of Microsoft Office All Office Software, Project Manager, Mind Manager and advanced knowledge in Data Bases and Content Administrators. Languages English: Spoken and Written, Total Comprehension. French: Basic Writing, Basic Speaking, Basic Reading Comprehension. Other Studies: Marketing and Catalog Sales. Retail, Telemarketing and Sales Points Course Franchise Strategy / Retail & Facts The Sharper Image Qualification, San Francisco, Ca, U.S.A Sales Upgrades Universidad Iberoamericana Qualification: Creation, Development and Coaching of High Level Sales Forces.

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