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Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Software Engineer

Stack Builders Inc.

Worked as full-stack developer for Haystak Digital Marketing distributed systems to manage car dealers advertisement. The project was based in Ruby on Rails and Ember.js and had very complex business definition, requiring constant attention to detail in a daily basis to meet clients expectations. The core had interesting challenges such as +100k requests to external services in a daily basis to keep customers SEO-related data synchronized.

In a daily basis I was involved in:

  • Write crafted and automated-tested code in Ruby and JS, always with fine object oriented design
  • Attend stand-up and other meetings to included business requirements discussions with the client, estimations, architectural definitions and technical review, sprint planning and team retrospective
  • Write and maintain API integrations with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, BingAds, Authority Labs and
  • Evaluate staging and production alerts through Airbrake, NewRelic and Nagios in order to prioritize the needed fixes
  • Maintain Ruby gems that are reused across applications
  • Coordinate and maintain staging and production deployments using Capistrano and CircleCI
  • Help onboarding newcomers
  • Have ideas and suggest stories to help client grow their business and also improve application architecture and error handling
  • Identify technical debts and finding room for refactoring on legacy code
  • Being skeptical in code reviews through Github and pairing in order to reduce chances of bugs and non-quality code to be merged
  • Remote pair programming and help onboarding project newcomers
  • Identify rooms for improvement on the team to increase productivity and relationship with client
  • Maintain a number of unix-based servers on Rackspace

Aside project related stuff, I helped on candidate interviews, brainstorming ideas for company-wide improvements, and also gave talk about technical subjects on internal R&D meetings.

Feb 2015Present

Technical Instructor

Spread Ruby, Rails and design patterns
Aug 2012Aug 2013

Software Consultant


Consultant/Developer at (Online Vehicle Exchange) OVE is an online wholesale vehicle marketplace which many people agree that it's probably one of the largest enterprise RoR codebases in the world. It's an agile distributed team where we practice lean, clean code, TDD, constant feedback and retrospectives.

Here we are daily challenged to conciliate new features delivering, application improvements, killing technical debt and constant communication with the other offices involved. As the team is distributed, we have daily stand-ups and discussions with other devs, BAs and QAs through videoconference and stay highly available in Jabber, Skype and Google Hangout.

The application brings up a lot of challenges like maintaining and adding features to a huge codebase with automated tests while keeping it clear and clean, coordinating integration with various external systems, complex deploy, huge database, high website load, etc.

Some of the languages, frameworks, tools and techniques I've been working are: Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, Capistrano, Background Jobs, Resque, Redis, TDD, RSpec, REST, MySQL, GIT, Jenkins, Memcached, UNIX, Bash, Vim, pairing and Kanban.

As part of the onboarding process I had the opportunity to spend one month in US to meet the rest of the team, which is distributed across Chicago-IL, Atlanta-GA and Recife/Brazil.

Working from home was sometimes necessary when I had to travel, which made acquire required skills and feel confortable to make this happen smoothly in a daily basis.

Jan 2008Jul 2012

Senior Software Developer


While working at IVIA I had the opportunity to acquire a wide knowledge of software development in general and be part of great teams that developed and delivered relevant projects for key local companies, like SEFAZ-CE, TRT-CE, Ministério da Cultura, Unimed Fortaleza, Camed, M. Dias Branco, TCE-Bahia and TCE-CE.

In addition to my role as a developer in the last year working at IVIA, I also practiced consulting skills with a couple clients, lead a team and coached junior developers.

Some of the languages, frameworks and tools I worked with over the 4+ years at IVIA were: Java, JavaScript, Struts, JEE 5 and 6 (CDI, EJB, JPA2, JAX-WS, JAAS, JMS), JBoss AS 6 and 7, GlassFish 3, Hibernate, Spring (IoC, Security, DataSource and Transaction Management), PostgreSQL, Oracle, Aspect Oriented Programming, SOAP, JUnit, DBUnit, Selenium WebDriver, SVN and Eclipse IDE

Besides delivering software, I also gave training to co-workers at IVIA and BNB (Banco do Nordeste do Brasil) focused on Javascript, jQuery, AJAX and creating REST API with Python.



Bachelor of Science

Federal University of Ceará

I have a good academical background having done research around HPC (High Performance Computing) focused in Parallel Programming.


Object Oriented Design
Ruby on Rails
Agile Methodologies
Test Driven Development