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Rafael Guerra

Work experience

Mar 2005Present

Marketing and Sales Director


Responsible for the  commercial Distribution of Lohmann Animal Health International (US-Germany), Laboratorios Hipra (Spain) poultry vaccine lines and Polysell (Brasil) Disinfectant products for poultry and Swine in Venezuela

Developed and implemented  Business and Marketing  plans for Lohmann Animal Health International, Laboratorios Hipra  poultry vaccine lines and Polysell Disinfectant products for pultry and Swine.

Established and focused a  customer satisfaction company driven by  excellence and innovation.

Designed and executed customized business plans for Key account customers.

Responsible together with Business Managers of different lines  the launching plans of new products based on identificaction of new markets and market niches.

** Top 5 Poultry vaccine company within 5 years.

** 30% Disinfectant market share within 3 years

Jul 2002Feb 2005

Marketing and Sales Director

Insumos Veterinarios, CA  

Developed and executed long term business plans and marketing strategies for Swine, cattle, pets and poultry business units.

Responsible for Sale force of the 4 business units

Established  marketing strategies to increase market share  of already registered  BIOMUNE vaccines.

Designed and implemented launch strategies for Biomune new poultry vaccines.

Responsible for Poultry Key account customers.

Achieved increase poultry market participation from 5% to 15% in two years.

Developed and executed together with VIRBAC Regional Business Manager markting plans for Swine and cattle.

Established and implemented launching strategies for Virbac endectocide line.

Responsible together with Cattle and pet sales managers for developing  marketing and business plans for main cattle, and pets distributors.

Develop and maintain   together with CEO   corporate  relationship with local and national government officials.

 Increased sales by 20% in sales within 2 years

Increased profitability  by 10% within 2 years


Jan 2000May 2002

Business Manager Venezuela and the Caribbean region

Fort Dodge Animal Health (Wyeth)

Responsible for Sales and Marketing for Swine, Cattle, pets and poultry business in the region.

Contributed with  the making of business and marketing plans for the regionin compliance with Global strategic plans

Setting of sales goals for distributors of the region

Developing and follow up of sales and differentiation strategies for distributors

Responsible for key account customers of different lines in different countries

  • Increase profitability average of 20% year over year.
Feb 1997Dec 1999

Venezuela and the  Caribbean  Poultry Sales Representative

Schering Plough Animal Health

Responsible for poultry sales in Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Contributed with the introduction and development of Mallinckrodt poultry line in the Caribbean region

In charge   of Key account customers for all four countries.

Contributed with the Development and implementation of Caribbean and local marketing and sales strategies together with Poultry Business Manager.

 Development of   new poultry products marketing  plans and launching for Venezuela and the Caribbean.

Contributed with  Distributors of the region to implement sales and marketings plans, sale force  product training , sale force support and coaching. 

  • Succesfully reached  sales objectives, Growing sales   by an average of    10 % year over year.
Jul 1995Jan 1997

 Venezuela Poultry Sales Representative


Responsible of sales of poultry products and poultry vaccines for broilers, layers and breeders in the central region.

Contributed to the  introduction and development of  Mallinckrodt poultry line  and Vineland  lab. poultry vaccines in Venezuela.

  • Successfully reached  and overpassed sales targets by 10%  in 1995 and 20%  in 1.996.  
  • Global poultry achievment award in 1.995 for most sales worldwide of Mallinckrodt poultry key product Bursavac3, a Gumboro vaccine, 
Mar 1993Jul 1995

Swine and cattle Product manager

Coopers Animal Health-Mallinckrodt

 Contributed  together with Business Manager to implement marketing strategies  of company business plan.

Support for  sales force to implement strategies and tactics of  key  products  marketing plans.

Partnered with Business Manager   to prepare  marketing surveys to assess potential of new products  with the objective to increment local product portfolio.

Responsible for seeking  new product nitches of product portfolio

Jan 1992Dec 1993

Swine and Cattle Sales Representative

Coopers Animal Health

Responsible for sales and cattle products for 5  states

Implementing of marketing and sales strategies

Responsible together with Regional sales manager of cattle Key accounts

Jan 1991Dec 1991

Swine and Cattle sales representative

Coopers Animal Health

Responsible for sales of Swine and cattle products for 2 central states 

Implementing of sales and marketing strategies

Sep 1988Dec 1990

Swine sales representative

Coopers Animal Health

Responsible for the sales of swine products in Aragua State, Venezuela

Implementing of sales and marketing strategies in compliance with local business plans

Setting and follow up of commercial trials for the introduction of new products


Sep 1981Dec 1985

B.S Animal Science - 

Colorado State University

Studies in nutrition, genetics, behavior, business and technology,production, management and agribusiness skills.