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I love turning ideas into software. 

Work experience

Jul 2013Present


I am course designer at Ironhack bootcamp. Ironhack is a 8 week bootcamp where 15 people are taught the necessary skills to be a web developer. This is an amazing experience. All the people there are really involved in what they do and are able to transmit their passion for their profession to their students. I am really proud of being part of this.

I write materials for the course, teach some classes and develop the internal teaching platform for our students.

I started freelancing for Ironhack and then I moved to a full time position. That is why the dates overlap a bit.


Jun 2013Jun 2014

Team leader

Gemalto acquired Avalon Biometrics and I started working as team leader in visa management applications. My team had 7 people and I had to continue my work with the adoption of extreme programming practices within the company.

Although the role may seem a management position my day to day does not change that much from the rest of my teammates. Maybe this is just a sign of me getting older.


Jan 2011Jan 2012

I’ve also completed small part time jobs as a freelance coding Ruby in sites as doing small changes to Rails applications and refactoring legacy code.

Avalon Biometrics

Jan 2006Jan 2013

Software Developer

Previously I worked there almost since the company was created. During all that time we have built homeland security applications for many different countries: South Africa, Morocco, Croatia…

I worked in backend applications but since this was a small company I had the possibility of being involved in several different areas of the development of the software.

The awesome part of this job was taking part into growing a 7 people small company into a 35 people  successful product based company. It was a fantastic journey with its highs and lows and I learnt a lot in the  way.


Universidad de Oviedo

Computer Science