South African native Rael Levitt is the founder and CEO of one of that country's most successful auctioneering companies. He began working with auctions when he was a young man of twenty and following his first property sale he established Levco, an auction services company. Following his university studies he opened the Auction Alliance, a company that is now under the bigger umbrella of the Alliance Group. The Alliance Group is made up of several separate divisions that include

Valuation Alliance, Auction Alliance andAsset Alliance. The company is the recipient of several industry awards and accolades in South Africa as well as in America.

Benefit Auctions

Under Rael Levitt's leadership, the Alliance Group participates in events of all types around the country. Recently the Auction Alliance conducted a benefit auction to raise funds for President Jacob Zuma's charity, the RDP Education Trust. Shortly after he gave the State of the Nation talk, he attended the yearly fund raising evening that was held in Cape Town at the classy Westin Hotel. The elegant event was well attended by wealthy dignitaries, entrepreneurs, government officials and personalities who turned out to show their support for the charity. The auction went well as the auctioneer encouraged the buyers to give generously for the good of the benefit and by the end of the gala, about R2 million had been raised.

Establishment of Alliance Group

In 1992 Rael Levitt established Auction Alliance, which grew into a very powerful and successful auction house in South Africa that deals with both assets and parcels of real estate. He held the position of CEO at Auction Alliance from its inception until 2012. The company has many offices throughout South Africa located in such cities as Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, the Eastern Cape, Cape Town and Gauteng and employs some 200 workers. The company's auction services, which are divided into four divisions, prove successful in identifying and assessing the value of various assets and parcels of property and then following through with a plan to monetise the goods by way of an auction. The Auction Alliance, by its unique mechanism for assessing and selling, is a dynamic business that results in profitable sales for its clients.

Leaders and Entrepreneurs in South Africa who Made a Difference

A popular weekly show in South Africa seeks out successful citizens who have made a difference by taking initiative and stepping outside the box in their respective fields. On each programme, the Top Dog Show selects different people and Rael Levitt was one of those chosen for his strong success in the market while showing a great degree of integrity and honesty. During the programme, the viewers are taken inside of the person's house, offices and organisations to get insight into their successful lives. When they interviewed Rael Levitt, who was one Top Dog chosen to be on the programme, the producer dug into his personal life, his interest in auctioneers and the secrets that led to the Auction Alliance becoming such a successful business venture. 

Work experience

Work experience
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