Raegan Conlan

  • 16745 North Savoy Road  Hogeland, MT 59529



Transactional and Second Chair (trial) lawyer. I am very experienced in the field of legal law. 

Work experience

Work experience
May 2038 - Dec 2038

Trail Lawyer

kirkland & Ellis

I moved to the UK to expand my job experience.  I cross examined and conducted experiments on evidence and witnesses. Worked second chair to the best litigator in the world.   

Jan 2032 - Dec 2037

Transactional Lawyer

Baker and Mckenzie

I worked on deal making and examining liens and mortgages for the second biggest ranked law firm.

Aug 2026 - Sep 2031

Trial Lawyer

Latham and Watkins

I was the trial lawyer with the biggest law firm in the rankings.  Worked my way up to one of the highest rankings in the firm. 


Aug 2022 - May 2026

Lawyers Masters Degree

Yale University

Achieved a masters degree in Law School

Aug 2019 - May 2022

Ph. D in Business

stanford University 

Achieved and undergraduate degree in Business. 



Time Management 

I also am very time savvy and get tasks done effectively and on time. 


I am very sociable and can handle any problems that may arise with clients, public, and in the work place.


I have practiced excellent organizational skills in the workplace to make the job easier for other work place satisfaction