About Me

I'm a junior web developer, with a passion in back end algorithms and database logic. I believe in having not only clean but also efficient code in the back end. In my spare time I like to study formal logical systems and currently am reading up on Linear Algebra and The Propositional Calculus.  I'm also an avid film buff and comic book reader. 




I use Ruby's object oriented features to rapidly prototype algorithms that require class and object heirarchy to work.


I am able to deploy programs in C using memory pointers and native data types to build complex data structures that are quick to execute and low on the stack.


I am able to integrate back end databases written in SQLite3 and PostgreSQL with my web apps.

Ruby on Rails

I can successfully deploy web apps written in Ruby on Rails on the back end.


Work experience
2013 - 2013

Structural Engineering Intern

FutureStress Structure Lab, Mumbai, Maharashtra State, India

-- FutureStress structural laboratories perform structural audits of existing buildings. These audits involve destructive testing of concrete samples that are to be used for building purposes, as well as on site structural audits and non-destructive testing on standing buildings.

-- During my internship at FutureStress, I learned the basics of civil engineering, and was involved with practical destructive concrete cube testing to test the strength of quality of concrete used by builders all over the country. I also performed a non-destructive testing during a safety audit conducted on buildings in  Mumbai to test for the compressive strength and permeability of concrete among other tests.

2013 - 2013

GIS Database Intern

FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Mumbai, Maharashtra State, India 

-- FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, is an international group of agencies to complement the provision of  emergency relief, principally in the developing world. It helps people in need reduce their dependence on humanitarian aid and facilitates their transition to sustainable self-reliant, long-term development.

-- I interned, learning to work with Geographic Information Systems, aiding with the collation of location-based data on maps, as well as learning how to classify this data, and how to make it useful for  developing communities to plan disaster management protocols.


2014 - 2019


University of Toronto

Currently in progress

Sample Projects

https://github.com/Raees678/connect_6Connect 6 Game Written in C
https://hidden-brook-5857.herokuapp.com/Web App To Connect Students With Volunteers
https://github.com/Raees678/music-wallWeb App That Supports Users To Add Songs From Youtube Into Custom Playlsits


Contact list app in Ruby and Object Oriented Programming


Contact list app written without object oriented programming.