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Wouldn't it be great to just dump all of your social media into someone else's lap?  That is what I'd like you to do, it's why I'm  working in this line of business.  As a small business you don't have time to keep up with all the tweets, likes, pins, etc.  But I can take that out of your hands and do it for you.  Then you get to be more focused on YOUR business.  Your dream of owning your own business is what made you break into the field your in, but mundane tasks also have to be taken care of. Let me help you with those and you will see great results.


I love to read and write.  Boating was a passion of mine and always will be.  I also love to be in the thick of the mountains hiking.


As I am sure you know, the face of advertising has changed dramatically over the past ten years and the world of digital media is fast outpacing other forms of marketing. To that end, I have created a unique, cutting edge marketing plan that takes advantage of online platforms to promote business, products and services with unprecedented successSocial media has become the most powerful advertising medium according to many respected sources - and it’s not just about brand promotion and reputation management anymore. Companies using social media are seeing increased ROI that is increasing annually.This year’s BuyerSphere report revealed that “87 percent of buyers go out and look for advice before choosing.” More then 50% of these buyers seek such advice from their social media contacts!Most companies, small and large don't have the time to set up these social media pages, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc. Heaven forbid another one come out and make an even bigger splash than Facebook did! The time it takes to blog, tweet, retweet, like, pin, etc.about a new campaign or a new product, most small businesses just don’t have the time or the man power to take on that role as well.My company works in and around the Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia areas for our local clients. We also have clients that are strictly online. Each of our clients get the same one on one benefit to taylor what type of package they want and what suits their needs best. I look forward to talking to each and every one of my customers; it's a great feeling to know that I have contributed to their sales through Kalypso Social Media Management.


online platforms for business is a conference platform where you can schedule a meeting, it records and gives you the recording within 5 minutes after the meeting has concluded.  You can pass who has control of the screen shot real time in the conference. Asana is a task management online platform that you program to send you and  your staff reminders a day. LinkedIn a Professional social media platform. Facebook is a social media platform. Twitter is a social media platform where you can mini blog. Pinterest is a social media platform. Google+ is a social media platform. YouTube is a social media platform that is great to use with Google+ now. Digg is a social media platform. StumbleUpon is a social media platform. is a free blog site.    
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The Office Suite contains Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows 7, Windows Live Mail.
Social Media Manager
I am the Social Media Manager for Clear Drains.  Advertising, SEO, branding, increase in ROI, marketing, all platform campaign, blog manaegment.  


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Hired to set up his LinkedIn page.

Social Media Manager

Dottie Dot the Clown

I am the Social Media Manager for Clear Drains.  Advertising, SEO, branding, increase in ROI, marketing, all platform campaign, blog management.

Social Media Manager

Clear Drains

I am the Social Media Manager for Clear Drains.  Advertising, SEO, branding, increase in ROI, marketing, all platform campaign, blog manaegment.

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Social Media Manager

Kalypso Social Media Management

I take care of all aspects of social media for my clients.  I link all of their social media pages to their websites, I get new Likes, Pins, connections, etc.  I also do monthly monitoring of all of their sites online.  Do  new ad campaigns and market the clients product and/or products. Social media is the new word of mouth in today's business world and I cover it all.


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Learn Wordpress, MySQL, and had to brush  up on my FTP.

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Social Media Manager

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