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• Economic consultant, financial analyst (professional background) and macroeconomist (education/academic background) with strong mathematical & analytical background able to deliver top-level research and analytical work
• 5+ years of experience/consulting for clients from public & private sector and 10+ year of experience in NGO industry
- Specialties/Main area of expertise (hard skills): macroeconomical analysis and financial modeling, finance & budgeting (public finance/budget transparency, corporate finance/business valuation), econometrics, economic policy (monetary&fiscal), quantitative analyses, data visualization, financial analyses, banking and financial regulation, financial economics
- Project-based consulting (highly customized advisory services and consulting) for international organizations
- Additional abilities (soft skills) Able to work independently, as a part of the team and also as a team/project leader. Advanced communication and presentation skills & stress resistance, media relations
• Econometric and statistics software (+data visualization) – Matlab, R, SAS, VBA programming (+Tableau)
• Language skills: Native language Slovak & Czech; Fluent English & German; Basic knowledge of Russian
• Other:
- Member of the Slovak National Convention about the European Union (2011, 2013)
- One of the most cited economic analysts/experts in Slovakia (

Work History

Nov 2009Present

Researcher, Open Budget Initiative

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

• research and analytical work in the area of budgeting, public finance management and transparency (World Bank and OECD standards and best practices)

- full budget cycle analysis - budget law analysis

- media representation/communication of analyses outputs

- communication with policy-makers/implementation of best practices and procedures of budget processes

• Open Budget Initiative is a global research and advocacy program to promote public access to budget information and the adoption of accountable budget systems. One important goal of OBI is to raise researchers’ and civil society organizations’ awareness of possible policy recommendations they might make to government officials to open their country’s budget-making process. For example, potential reforms might include providing timely, accurate information to the public and/or providing further opportunities for citizen engagement during budget debates.

References (available upon request): Elena Mondo (CBPP, Washington D.C.); Rocio Moreno Lopez (CBPP, Washington D.C.)

Oct 2009Present



• Economic consulting for clients (public & private sector and NGOs)

• research and analytical work (applied economics, economic impact analysis and forecasting)

- main author and co-author of several research studies and economic articles

- conducting top-quality analytical work & publication of research, data visualization (f.e. Tableau)

• Macroeconomical analysis and financial modeling (MATLAB, R, VBA programming)

• Project-based consulting (highly customized advisory services and consulting) for international organizations

• Media representation of organization/MESA 10

- one of the most cited economic analysts/experts in Slovakia (

- advanced communication and presentation skills. Stress resistance.

• Main areas of expertise: economic policy (monetary&fiscal), macroeconomics, econometrics and budget transparency


References (available upon request): Ján Marušinec, MESA 10



Master’s Degree

Faculty of National Economy, University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia

Accepted without entrance examination (based on excellent academic track record).

Master’s degree in Finance, Banking and Investment.

Specialization: Finance Final thesis: Entrance to eurozone and adoption of the euro in Slovakia, possible impacts on economy. Risks, advantages and disadvantages of monetary policy delegation (on ECB); supervision by Urban Kováč (University of Glasgow, VSL)

Selected academic citation's (during studies): (pages 17 and 81), (page 65)


High School

Business Academy Dudova

Accepted without entrance examination (excellent study track record).

Graduation: Banking, Finance and Accounting.


Quantitative Analytics
Economic Policy