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Work experience

Attitude Of A Consultant

Independent & Adaptable – So far, I haven‘t felt attached to a single place. Meeting new people in new environments energizes me.  Being busy and on the go appeals to me. I like to take on challenging assignments that stretch my mind.

  • Studied at 3 universities, gradually increasing the challenge, constantly improving results, involvement and enjoyment.
  • Published independently as a music journalist (, articles among the most read and discussed in the scene.

Improvement oriented – I am enthusiastic about technologies, especially about those promising personal performance improvement. I welcome opportunities to measure and analyze my own behaviours. I am competitive and result-oriented.

  • Motivated and improved myself by collecting and analyzing data of my physical performance and office behaviours.
  • Learned how to manage myself as an information worker. Currently working on developing self-discipline and the action habit.

Recognized Leadership Potential

Team leader & Team builder – I have always seen myself as being a distinctive individual. However, it was not until recently when my peers started to acknowledge my leadership qualities and I started thinking about myself as a potential future leader.

  • Lead an international team in Country Manager Simulation, recognized and appreciated strengths and needs of team members, set and successfully achieved the objective, created a process for effective collaborative decision-making.
  • Naturally took the lead and provided a vision while working within teams of peers lacking these abilities.

Responsible & Initiative – I take a psychological ownership of team’s and personal responsibilities. I make sure that appropriate attention is given to important deliverables and events. Getting things done keeps me motivated.

  • Responsible for class finance at college, class representative during master‘s course, participant in research projects.
  • Seen as hard working during holiday and part-time jobs, got things done to or above standard faster than expected.

Bi-lingual communicator – Above all, I praise myself for being honest. I am confident to ask a question, contribute idea, opinion or relevant information. I am direct and to the point, often among the most contributing people in the room.

  • Educated and experienced in creating and delivering presentations.
  • Fluent in written and oral English and Czech - university entrance exam: scored 98% in English, TOEFL Score: 108 (2007).
  • Interviewed retail designers, researchers, and executives as a part of master’s dissertation.

Intellectual Competency

Analytical thinker – It is natural for me to identify problems within a system a propose corrective actions. I welcome opportunities to measure and analyze my own behaviours. Working with charts and numbers often gets me into the flow state.

  • Mathematically talented – represented schools in maths and physics, placed 2nd in regional competition.
  • As a team leader, developed strategy and made data-driven marketing management decisions during Country Manager Simulation (, achieved best bottom-line results in competition with 15 other teams.

Intuitive & Inventive – I am an idea person, keeping my ideas realistic, prefering the big picture perspective. I like improving and designing systems. I proved myself that following my gut feelings is often the best way to deal with business and life.

  • Master‘s dissertation - synthesized model of shopper’s in-store behaviour andsuggested up-to-date research approach as a result of reviewing more than 100 journal articles.
  • As a part of consulting team proposed and justified marketing approach for launch of corporate wireless email software/service mNotes5 (
  • Contributed ideas into development of software applications (e.g., often having seen brisk implementation.

Reflective learner & Prolific researcher – I learn best by taking action and reflecting on my experience. My interests are broad, I am a maven full of latest information. I seek understanding, constantly correcting my mental models by learning and unlearning.

  • My passions include marketing, technology, future, leadership and personal development. I love blogs and audiobooks.
  • Undertook primary and secondary research studies employing methods such as interviewing, surveying, or research synthesis.



MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

Including modules in Strategic Marketing, Strategic Management and Enterprise, Marketing Analytics, Consultancy Skills and Practice, Managing Customer Relationships, Marketing Ethics, and Services Marketing.


BA (Hons.) in Business and Marketing

University of Hull

Including modules in International Marketing, Marketing Communications, International Business,Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, English for Business.


Information Management

University of Hradec Králové

Including modules in Mathematics, Statistics, Marketing, Management, Database Systems, Theory of Systems, Object Modelling, Algorithms and Programming, Web Publishing, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Psychology.

Currently Reading

Country Manager Simulation

Shopper's in-store behaviour

Media Appearance

Please, understand me.

DiSC Profile:

  • Result Oriented (6-6-3-5)

MBTI Profile:


StrengthsFinder Profile:

  • Analytical
  • Individualization
  • Learner
  • Responsibility
  • Restorative

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