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Rachmad Eka Perkasa

WCOM Officer (Continuous Improvement)


My name is Rachmad Eka Perkasa, 24 years old, male, single, energetic and healthy. I am a Industrial Engineer and graduated from Institut Teknologi Telkom (IT Telkom / STT Telkom or Telkom University now) on February 2013 with GPA 3.11. I would like to have career to expand my experience. Although I graduate industrial engineering, but I've had little experience in the field of software engineering. One of them in my final project and some of the applications that I have made myself.

1 year ago i was a foreman at Sweet Condensed Milk Processing Departement in PT Frisian Flag Indonesia. My responsibility was Controling the operators, deliver the planning production to them, and make sure the process will be going smoothly. But now I am working as a staff to Plant Manager in PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia. And now my job is continuous Improvement, we call it as WCOM.

I love to learn, and can work independently or in a team as well. I feel good if my environtment is good also, so if it doesn't i try to make it melting. Finally we can work as well.

Work experience

Dec 2014Present

WCOM Officer (Continuous Improvement)

PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia

Handle Continuous Improvement in Plant Pasar Rebo, As a Trainer Routes AM Step 1 - 6, Contribute as a Process Kaizen Engineer in AM Team, Manage All team order for CI, Responsible to Team Management in WCOM, Monitoring AM teams in whole Plant.
Hunting losses at any line in plant and improve into standard.

Nov 2013Nov 2014

Foreman Production SCM Mixing Process

PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia
1 year ago. My responsibility was be a Process Control Leader in that Department. I had to make sure all process and system working well.
Feb 2013Jun 2013

Project Reliability Monitoring Application 

Pupuk Kaltim in Licht Corporate and PT. TOV Utama
  • Creating a module for the calculation of life data analysis in Application Reliability Monitoring based on Web (ASP.NET)

Nb: for Information please contact to Mr. Sutrisno (081389937599) or Mr. Yosep   (085862633380).

Jan 2011Jan 2012

Operation and Maintenance Division Assistant

Telecommunication   Facility Planning And Design Laboratory
  • Provide student with supplementary materials in subject of facility planning and design
  • Geographic and Information System for “Kost-Kostan”in IT Telkom area
  • Geographic and Information System for IT TELKOM’s structural building assets
  • Geographic and Information System as a desicion support system to decide the shortest route to have a tour in Bandung
  • Project Leader for PIMNAS competition 2011
  • Provided class with supplementary materials such as design layout fabric manufacture, cost and material handling
  • Assists the class to do their Geographic Information System Final Project
Apr 2011Jul 2011

Freelance Help Desk Division

Telkom Flexi Center Bandung 
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Make weekly reports of customer complaints
  • Handle Flexi Net customer registration
Aug 2010Nov 2010

Internship at Telkom Speedy Division

PT TELKOM Jakarta Timur 
  • Help modify the phone to be without handles (with headset)
  • Make a report to telkom speedy performance through daily sales results.
  • Make the proposed sale of the business process telkom speedy service and make the conversation to the customer by telephone
  • Telkom Speedy Monthly Report