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  • Result-oriented iOS developer with 8.5 years’ experience writing scalable, clean & maintainable source code. 
  • Developed & shipped more than 25 iOS applications offering users an intuitive interface following Apple’s HIG.
  • Well versed in developing apps with agile methodology and TDD/BDD ecosystem.
  • Seasoned in designing and developing iOS apps from idea to implementation following best practices.


iOS App Developemnt
  • Swift,Objective-C, C, C++, Cocoa Touch, Latest iOS SDK and Xcode
  • Core Data, UIKit, Core Animation, Core Foundation, Core Audio, AVFoundation Framework
  • Image processing, PDF programming, App Extensions. OOP, OOD and object modelling through UML.
  • Core Location, Apple & Google Map integration. Core Motion & GPS, Multitouch and gestures.
  • SQLite, Caching data. XML/JSON/SOAP parsing. Rest, OAuth 2.0, MD-5 based encrypted API calls.
  • Remote/local Notification. iCloud, cloudKit, In-App purchase & App Analytics by Flurry
  • GCD, Blocks and Delegate Pattern. Memory optimisation using Instruments and Static Analyser.
  • Use of Keychain & Encryption. Reusability via MVVM architecture. XCTest for unit testing.
  • Storyboard, Auto layout, Core Animation, Core Graphics. SCM through Github & SVN.
  • Design patterns like Singleton and Factory. Sub classing and single responsibility object method.
  • Cross Compiling C++/C library for iOS project. Multi peer connectivity, Bluetooth LE programming.
  • OpenCV, XMPP, Cocoa Pods, Urban Airship, Testflight, OpenTok WebRTC SDK integration.
  • Knowledge on Node.JS, MongoDB, React-Native, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, SQLServer & mBAAS (Parse).
  • Full-stasck back end development using Node JS, mongoDB along with linux server management skills.

Work experience

Jan 2016Present

Sr. Mobile Developer

Global Systems and Information Technology



  • Conceptualised, Designed and Developed a product comprising of 2 iOS app and Node JS powered Backend for Food Ordering system called YummZ.  Also managed product development for other platforms as well.
  • Ported an existing web based POS (Point Of Sale)product into native iOS and Android application using React Native and Swift.
Nov 2014Dec 2015

Sr. Software Engineer

(n)Code Solutions


  • Study & analyse existing products and projects to propose new Mobile initiatives to be lined up with them.
  • Helping Sales and Business Development team for leveraging the possible mobility solution on future project work.
  • Empowering the existing web applications solutions by building relevant iOS and Android Mobile applications.
  • Produce high quality, well-documented code promoting modularity, extensibility and performance.


  • Analysed existing web products and identified opportunities for proposing new Mobile initiative known as 'MAGIC-m' to be lined up with one of successful project called MAGIC.
  • Conceptualised, Prototyped, Designed and Developed an iPad application called MAGIC-m to add mobility to State Govt.'s Mining Royalty Management Web app called MAGIC.
  • MAGIC-m communicated with .net backend over SOAP and XML while also used CoreData, Blocks, and Calendar, APNS and Shinobi Charting library on application side.
  • Prepared technical solution on one of the pilot projects under "SMART Cities" mission by Govt. Of India. Successfully delivered a Mash Networking Messaging app using Multi-peer Connectivity & Bluetooth LE The app is under closed-Beta testing by govt. authority.
  • Prototyped, Designed and Managed development of an Android app Lion Census – 2015.App replaced traditional paper based census with digitised version by providing live data update with GPS metrics. Lead a team of 2 Android and 1 .net developer for the project. App used Camera, GPS, and SQLite to facilitate with   offline mode and export facility to MS Excel format.
Apr 2014Sep 2014

Team Leader-Ios



  • Managing a team of 2 iOS +2 Android developers with focus on task allocation, explaining functional and technical aspects of project and helping team in complex programming issues.
  • Gathering client requirements and features to offer suitable suggestions. Reporting development progress to client.
  • Test, debug and deliver builds to client on scheduled basis. Resolving any bugs. Maintaining code base through SVN.
  • Develop new iPhone Applications. Update existing apps with new feature requests and latest iOS version.
  • Managing app distribution both beta versions and App Store submissions along with version updates.
  • Helping Business Team at pre-sales phase. Preparing Project estimation, planning & various reports.
  • Co-coordinating with designers and back end programmers for UI and API integration respectively.


Projects : AriesSoft , UPnP Media Controller Library

May 2013Apr 2014

Lead Mobile App Developer -  iOS

Precision Creators


  • Acting as a developer lead managing a team of 2 remote junior iOS developers.
  • Participating in a client’s requirement gathering, analysis and offering suitable suggestions. Preparing estimates, development schedule, task allocation and development progress report.
  • Develop new Applications & Enhancements of the existing apps as per new feature requests and latest iOS version.
  • Involved with designers and API programmers for UI design implementation and API integration respectively.
  • Secure approval on new change request, scope modification and project completion from client.


Projects : LAVA, vShoppr, HippaChat, My Mood Manager, Helpful Tips, Skybridge

Other  : QRCode and Barcode scanning iOS library with custom Camera UI (in-house use only)

Apr 2012Mar 2013

Sr. iPhone Developer                                                                                                            

Silicon IT Hub Pvt. Ltd.    


  • Coding, scope analysis, design and delivery of projects assigned. App Store submission and version updates of apps.
  • Report project performance with clients. Develop new applications and enhance existing iOS Applications.
  • Assist the junior teammates in complex programming issues and problem solving.
  • Secure approvals on project scope specifications, requirement changes and project completion as appropriate.
  • Report management on development progress and rework needed in schedule, resources, or project scope.


Projects : Daily-calendar, Calendar Planner, LPG Locator, Bisqup, MyCountDown - Lite & Pro, Rejoin Your Ex, Crack Boss

Other  : EPUB Reader. (Developed for in-house purpose)

Jul 2011Mar 2012

Jr. iPhone Developer

Herald Solutions Pvt. Ltd.   


  • Design, Develop, Debug, and Deliver apps. Fixing bugs whenever encountered. Maintaining Source code versions.
  • Coordinating with Senior Developer & client on functional requirements and offering suitable technical suggestions.
  • Brainstorming with web developers and Designer to integrate app with required back end and UI/UX.
  • Handling App Store submission and version updates on submitted apps.


Projects : EMails Aloud, 30 Days Weather,  Zodiac Speak .

May 2010Jun 2011

Jr. iPhone Developer

Elan Emerging Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,A’bad  (now known as E2LOGY ) 


  • Design, Develop, Test and Deliver apps. Fixing bugs whenever encountered. Maintaining Source code versions.
  • Coordinating with client on functional requirements and offering suitable technical suggestions.
  • Brainstorming with web developers and Designer to integrate app with required back end and UI/UX.


Projects : Grupio, Smart Start , DUG 2011, App2Match, Momentum 2011 , Learning 2011, 2011 JDM, AIAA Space, Assoc Summit, SIGCOMM ‘11 , Acteva Mobile , IT Nations 2011, AES AnnuMtg



Masters in Computer Applications

National Institute of Co-operative Management, Gujarat University

Post Graduate 3 years course Equivalent to MS/ME in Computer Science


Bachelors of Science (Chemistry)

Bhavan's College, Gujarat University

Post Secondary 3 years honours degree course in Chemistry with Industrial Chemistry as an second optional subject


AriesSoft :

A Fire Inspection survey and reporting app covering 15+ major fire safety related reports. User can create a new report OR copy from a previous report, update report and submit to Database server. App works offline as well. App populates PDF report.

  • Prototyped, designed, developed, unit tested and shipped AriesSoft iPhone app. Prepared pseudo code of business logic for 2 peer iOS developers. Lead 2 android developers to port the same application on android platform. Unit tested each UI controls module and inspection reports with help of built-in XCTest.
  • Built several customs UI controls for re-usability across the project and this helped development team reduce roughly 30% of estimated effort in development and testing part.
  • Thoroughly analysed and modified MySQL database at back end to be compatible with Mobile app whose business logic is developed in such a way that it populates a required report template on-the-fly as per the questionnaire provided from back-end database. This synchronisation boosted efficiency to create a new report in few hours compared to 2-3 days previously.
  • App relies on 4-5 robust custom controller, 2 custom classes and few data storage and web service classes.

Environment: iOS SDK 7.x, Xcode v 5.0 to 6.1, Core Drawing, Quartz framework.



A pure HIPPA-compliant universal iOS application offering text/voice/video chat facility using webRTC stack for telemedicine professionals.

  • Engineered a separate class library for user management, communication & data storage modules to decouple ux/ui code. Implemented Asynchronous block based RESTful API calling to offer highest app responsiveness.
  • Accomplished development, testing and App Store submission based on SRS and designs given from client.
  • Fixed few video calling. Executed version updates for iOS8 compatibility. Arranged beta testing over Testflight.
  • Implemented a caching algorithm that elevated speed to load contacts and chat history by 20%.

Environment: TestFlight, APNS, Autolayout, UIKit, CoreData, AfNetworking 2.0, Image Caching, webRTC, Background Mode, GCD, Blocks, Amazon AWS (for RDS), PARSE as mBAAS, Instruments, Static Analyzer.



A Universal iOS application for Australia region that helps customers to search and locate the businesses around, select appropriate section of that business and connect with staff members via 1:1 HD video calling facility.

  • Prototyped, designed, developed, tested and published to App Store. Wrote PHP web services on back end.
  • Successfully fixed a memory leak issue with webRTC SDK while session switch over takes place.
  • Improved app performance & stability by factor of 5 using GCD and block based threaded environment in code.

Environment: TestFlight, APNS, Autolayout, UIKit, RESTkit PHP, JSON parsing, MySQL, webRTC, Background Mode, GCD, Blocks, SVN


Skybridge - InFlight Labs LLC

An iPad only application for next generation audio/video communications to pilots, flight attendants and air traffic control via aircraft Wi-Fi using Electronic Flight Bags (EFB), iPads, iPhones and Smart devices throughout the aircraft.

  • Took over designs and developed the whole iOS application from scratch. Connected to back end over SOAP.
  • Integrated, tested & fine-tuned webRTC SDK for optimum performance and stabilization of video conferencing.
  • Successfully fixed crash issues regarding multi-party videoconference and app going in background.
  • Improved multi-party videoconference performance & stability using threaded environment & multitasking capabilities in code.

Environment: TestFlight, APNS, Autolayout, UIKit, RESTkit, SOAP, XML parsing,MSSQL, webRTC, Multitasking, GCD,

Blocks, Instruments, private Github



An Image sharing app similar to Instagram allowing user to post images within their social network and respond to the same by Like and Comment feature. Image editing, geo-tagging & social sharing over various networks adds and edge to this app.

  • Designed and developed custom carousel control for newsfeed section of app.
  • Implemented asynchronous data fetching over RESTful API. Improved app responsiveness by image caching.
  • Utilized AVFoundation and ALAssets frameworks to fasten the camera related tasks without leaking memory and thus improved performance by 30% in camera related functionalities. Programmed custom classes to fetch contact details from iPhone Address Book, Facebook, Gmail and iCal all under one place. Later on wrapped classes into an iOS library.
  • Devised custom classes to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Later on clubbed up these classes into a social networks library for re-usability.
  • Implemented reachability to check Internet connectivity and used SQLite to let app work in offline mode w/o Internet connectivity. Added beta testing support over Testflight. Used Flurry for App Analytics.


Environment: Facebook and Twitter SDK, GPS, Core location, SQLite, AFNetworking 2.0, Flurry, AVFoundation, ALAsset, Foursquare integration, Core Animation, Core Image, Image Caching, JSON parsing, Blocks, SVN



A lightweight planner & scheduler app for instant delivery of important appointments to all contacts of interest.

Calendar Planner

A birthday reminder iPhone app that grabs birthdays from Facebook and Gmail contacts and also offers sending birthday wishes via SMS or Email from within the app.

  • Accomplished complete app life cycle right from designs to App store submission.
  • Comprehended an open source calendar source code and built my own calendar control to provide Month, Week and Day view for this application.
  • Programmed custom classes to fetch contact details from iPhone Address Book, Facebook, Gmail and iCal all under one place. Later on wrapped classes into an iOS library.


Environment: Addressbook programming, Facebook SDK, EventKit, UIKit, CoreData, AFNetworking 2.0 .


MyCountDown - Lite & Pro  

A universal iOS application catered towards personalized events countdown and reminder functionalities.

  • Built Prototype, user interface, business logic, testing environment and shipped to App Store without single rejection.
  • Devised custom calendar control for Day and Hour view. Implemented In-App purchase for Lite version users to switch over to Pro version.
  • Created a custom Image manipulation class (UIImage Category) to convert selected image into a transparent one through user configured transparency settings.
  • Utilized UIGesture framework to show/hide toolbar and move countdown timer on top/bottom of screen.
  • Added beta testing support over Testflight. Used Flurry for App Analytics. Admob for Lite version advertisements.


Environment: Facebook and Twitter SDK, Core Image, SQLite, AFNetworking 2.0, Flurry, Testflight, Core Animation, Blocks & GCD, Event Kit, Local and Remote Notifications,


Rejoin Your Ex

A simple reference app and has been admired for its content and design. The app is one of the best resources to guide user on how to patch up with his Ex relationship. The app used Flat Design concept before iOS 7 was publicly released.


Emails Aloud (one of the most complex apps I have ever developed)

A full-fledged Email client iOS application that offers listening to emails received and reply to any email through dictation, all of these without physical interaction. This was achieved using speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities with automatic rolling to next emails in Inbox. The app works on any POP3 and IMAP email account on Internet. This video shows app functionality briefly.

  • Involved in requirement analysis and prepared SRS document followed up by mock up designs and working prototype.
  • Accomplished complete app development life cycle by taking on designs from client to final App store submission without any query OR rejection.
  • The hardest part was writing the code offering bare minimum functionalities of a typical email client that required implementing a mechanism to deal with POP3, IMAP & SMTP protocols through native Objective-C source code. No 100% native solutions were readily available.
  • Cracked the hardest part of implementing email related protocols for iOS in Objective-C by searching and collecting several C/C++ libraries (Mailcore and LibETPan) that offer desired functionalities by exposure to protocols required. Later on cross-compiled these 20 something C/C++ libraries for iOS and Objective-C at times. This involved 7 days continuous hard work on cross compilation activity.
  • Devised and implemented a Queue like data structure to fetch the emails on-demand from Mail server OR local database in a seamless and most efficient manner. Threading was employed heavily used to achieve the results.
  • Improved app steadiness and eliminated random crashes by factor of 10 after significant modification to POP3 parser classes written in C. Further improved app performance and responsiveness by 40% by utilizing GCD & Blocks, Data caching on local database and separating UI code from other core business functionalities.
  • Reworked an Open source MIME body parser C library to display HTML content properly. Employed reachability to check Internet connectivity and used SQLite to let app work in offline mode without Internet connectivity.
  • Comprehended and modified speech synthesizer library code to improve speed & accuracy by 5% during dictation.
  • Devised custom refresher control that loads emails in next batch by pulling down the UITableView. Added beta testing support over Testflight.

Environment: SQLite, ASIHTTPRequest library, OpenSSL, XML parsing, C, C++, NSOperationQueue, HTML parsing, STT, TTS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, AVFoundation, Core Animation, JSON parsing, Blocks, SVN


Grupio (Product development experience)

A complete event information app about events, conferences, meetings and trade shows with crisp details on each event’s schedule, venues, sponsors, attendees, speakers, maps & floor charts. The app facilitates users further with features like contact and profile sharing, 1:1 messaging and social sharing over FaceBook and Twitter.

  • Built a repo with client and solely involved in requirement analysis followed up by mock up designs and working prototype. I was hired by USA based client as a dedicated resource and had worked in US time zones.
  • Accomplished complete app development life cycle by taking on interface and functional requirements from client to final App store submission without any query OR rejection.
  • Developed, tested and established a base repository of a Master source code with more than 25 features that was used to create below 3 products for client
      •    Grupio Express  
      •    Grupio Custom    
      •    Grupio Multi-Event.
  • Master source code was developed with scalable and flexible architecture following continuous integration methodology which made it possible to derive a new application in less than 2 days with all or some of those 25 features. Each feature was first developed as a separate xCode project and after testing integrated with Master source code. During my tenure, I could successfully ship more than 13 custom applications under 3 base products.
  • Utilised threading mechanism offered by NSThread & AutoreleasePool for background working jobs to achieve efficient network resources usage, low memory consumption, crash prone ability and UI responsiveness of an app.
  • Employed SQLite for data caching and offline mode so that app can operate without active Internet connection.
  • Integrated an open source Image caching library to improve the smoothness of TableView. Developed a custom navigation controller that can be themed as per requirement.
  • Built Facebook web application Style 1-to-1 messaging control with UI and business logic. Devised custom event timeline controller similar to Day view in native Calendar app.
  • Comprehended and modified speech synthesizer library code to improve speed & accuracy by 5% during dictation.
  • Devised custom refresher control that loads emails in next batch by pulling down the UITableView. Added beta testing support over Testflight.


Environment: SQLite, ASIHTTP library, REST API, XML & JSON parsing, Facebook Graph API, Twitter xAuth, NSOperationQueue, HTML parsing, UIWebView, NSThread, MRC, AutoReleasePool, Core Animation, SVN



Multi event collaborative application which facilitates the user with social integration, personal messaging & details about session speakers and also Maps about various venue related information.Added feature is “Matching users by their area of common interest”.


Helpful Tips

A content based iOS app which specifically provides helpful tips from a prominent public speaker having excellent skills in thus domain.App provides beautiful UI along with capabilities to Share the content over LinkedIn and Facebook wall post.