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Foothill Dragon Press


  • Reading
  • Discussing plot lines with my friends
  • Writing for Features
  • Writing for myself
  • Tutoring at Temple Beth Torah on Thursdays
  • Swimming
  • Going to Barnes & Noble on Friday nights
  • Sketching
  • Taking polaroid films
  • Writing poems


  • Tutoring two elementary school students at Temple Beth Torah on Thursdays (1 year)
  • Buena High School's Junior Varsity swim team (1 year)
  • Girl Up (1 year)
  • CSF (2 years)

Character Traits


To me, being part of a team means that you have to be loyal. You have to be loyal to your team and to what you do. I never skipped or missed a deadline because that would be unfair to the staff and to the overall organization. Why should the organization suffer just because I got lazy and decided to not meet a deadline or to not perform to my highest potential? Loyalty doesn't just mean to stick with your staff through thick and thin, it also means to do your part and do it right. To not slack off and throw together an article just to get an 'A' in the class. For me, being in journalism isn't just about getting a good grade. I always try my hardest on articles, I double check facts, and I take initiative.


Profiles on students who had leukemia

Finding out about the three students who had leukemia when they were younger was a bit of an accident. I was having a conversation with my friend and some how, she started talking about how one of the people we knew had leukemia when they were young. When I heard about that, I knew I had to write a profile on the student. After finishing the article, I was told that two other students that were in my class also had leukemia/issues with white blood cells. I could have decided to just turn in the one article on just one person, but instead, I decided to interview two more people and add them to my article. I knew I could't just ignore the information. I knew I had to write about it. 

Religious Tolerance article

I wrote this article with Veronica Mellring and when my editor first suggested this idea to our section, she said the article would need two writers, so I volunteered to be one of the writers. I was really nervous about writing this article because it was on a sensitive topic and I'm not a religious person. I didn't want to accidentally offend anyone. Me and Veronica were careful about writing the article and how it was worded. It was challenging for me because I didn't have a religious background and I didn't know how to address the issue. However, at the end of the day when it was published, a lot of my friends told me that Veronica and I did a great job writing it. I'm proud of this article because we managed to write a good article on a sensitive topic.


Meeting deadlines
One of my main concerns when I first started journalism was meeting my deadlines. I would be terrified of accidentally missing deadlines because of other homework that I was busy finishing. However, I soon found out that meeting my deadlines was actually pretty easy. I never missed a deadline because I learned to stop procrastinating and start interviewing and writing articles as soon as it's assigned. My two week deadlines are always easy to meet and I never really have to worry about missing one because I'm always on top of it. 
Writing articles
Writing articles in AP style is very different from how I was used to writing. When I first started out, I was uncomfortable about writing in short paragraphs instead of long, body paragraphs. However, after writing a few articles, I became used to it. Now, it feels odd to write essays in long and densely filled paragraphs. My writing has definitely improved since I've joined journalism and I'm very proud of that. 
Before joining journalism, I was very shy around people. When I found out that I was accepted into the Foothill Dragon Press, I was nervous about interviewing other people. I wasn't sure how to approach students and ask if I could interview them. However, after a few interviews I gained more and more confidence and now, I'm much more comfortable going up to students and getting quotes. I learned to communicate well with others and making sure that I'm not making the student feel uncomfortable. 

Work experience


Aug 2012Present

Foothill Technology High School