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Work experience

Feb 2011Present


Youtopia HB

Started a webshop together with my sister. Selling asian clothing to young girls. 

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Project Manager

Gatukontoret, Malmö Stad

Last summer I worked as a project manager for the VIP-section of the Beach Volleyball Swedish Championship. My responsibilities were to create the area for the players to relax in between the games and keep the area running during the competition. 

Feb 2002May 2004

Marketing assistant

PlymoVent AB

Responsible for creating all the print material for marketing purposes. I worked in InDesign, Acrobate and Excel, coordinating finished images with text in different languages and sending the brochures, flyers and banners off to print. 



Knowledge in Swedish
My native language. 
Computer skills
I have always had an interest in computers and IT. Since I run my own webshop it is vital that I have adequate skills in Word, Excel and Photoshop. I also work on developing these skills every day to keep up with the fast moving IT-environment in which I work. 
Knowledge in Chinese
My father speaks Cantonese and I understand the dialect although I'm not a good speaker. I have studied Mandarin for six months now just to be able to understand the basics and be able to hold a simple conversation in Mandarin, which is the most spoken language in the world. 
Knowledge in Spanish
My boyfriend is from Uruguay. He speaks Spanish with both myself and our daughter. Therefore I understand Spanish well but I do not speak very well. 
Knowledge in Danish
I have worked in Denmark over the past six years. This has allowed me to understand the Danish language quite well. 
Knowledge in English
My father is from Malaysia and spoke English with me when I was a child. As a result, English is one of my native tounges, next to Swedish.