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Community Service/ Organization Membership

Al's Pals Mentor (University of Alabama) Diet Program, Diabetes Education Program (University of Alabama) Student Dietetic Association Alpha Phi Fraternity, Women's Heart Disease Philanthropy  


Application and Acceptance into the Coordinated Program in Dietetics Deans List: All Terms Presidents List: All Terms American Dietetic Association Membership Human Environmental Science Ambassador Position Complete minor in Kinesiology Shadow Registered Dietician in a local hospital Summer Internship with a Sports Dietetic Program Complete Coordinated Program in Dietetics Graduate with a degree in Food & Nutrition, minor with Kinesiology Become a Sports Dietician for a college program CSSD Specialty Certification

Work Philosophy

My Work Philosophy includes several different areas of importance: Motivation: Commitment, dedication, and loyalty towards work to ensure that my job is meaningful to myself and others. Resourceful: Being able to answer, educate coworkers in my specialized field of dietetics. Balance: The balance with work, family, and sanity. I want to be able to put all my effort into being a Dietician while keeping my family and other relationships close and strong. Helping/Serving: Satisfaction of patients is key to success in the Dietetic field. I want to please my patients as well as employers and other employees. Teamwork: Being able to work with others to achieve goals. Focus: Staying focused on patients and their needs before my own. Creativity: Continuing to love my career years down the road by supplying a fun and creative atmosphere for myself and others.


Amy Ellis

Jeanine Stewart

Joni Wofford

Special Awards and Recognition

Deans List Spring 2013

ServSafe Certified


Infancy Case Study
Pregnancy Case Study
Tracking the nutrition of the woman before, during, and after pregnancy.
Dietary Analysis
Calculating protein, carb, fat, vitamin, and mineral intake based on the persons nutritional status.

Work experience


Burris Farm Market

I was an employee for this local farm market while I was a student in high school. I worked as a cashier in the market and in the bakery. Since graduation I have worked the summer after my first year at The University of Alabama. 


Aug 2012Present

BS in Human and Environmental Science

The University of Alabama