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Honors and Distinctions

PAEMST Award NomineeDelta Kappa Gamma Professional Society for Distinguished Female EducatorsNominated for the Distinguished Teacher AwardAwarded the Triple T award for dedication to teachingYWCA Women’s Health and Fitness Award 2006Partnership for Multimedia Project grant recipientPittsburgh Spectroscopy Society grant recipientMember of National Science Teacher AssociationMember of the National Earth Science Teacher Association


I am interested in contract and temporary writing assignments. I have SEO experience, advanced computer skills, and have been a professional blogger for several years. I can write on most any assigned topic with efficiency and high standards for excellence. Writing samples are available upon request.

As a secondary level teacher with 10 years experience, I have been active in curriculum planning, creating new courses, writing professionally, and working in professional development. I am highly recommended, have six science teaching certifications, and train others on the integration of software technology in the classroom. My knowledge in education and the sciences is extensive.

I am also a working educational writer for This New York Times Company is one of the top 10 informational sites on the internet. As the weather writer, I share news, lesson plans, and tutorials with readers from around the world. I am also currently writing for Holt, Rinehart, & Winston for the 2010 middle school earth science textbook. Chapters I am writing include climate, the atmosphere, exploring space, and the earth-sun-moon system. I have published works with PBS, the Jim Lehrer NewsHour, and educational journals.

With certifications in all the major science areas, my knowledge of science instruction is unparalleled. You will find my science knowledge, writing skills, and ability to relate to various audiences to be exemplary.


Contract and temporary publishing, writing, and editing jobs

Professional Activities

Curriculum Designer for Student Choice and Academic Improvement

* Created four new courses at my district including oceanography and meteorology.

NASA Science Visualizations Studio Intern

* Worked to implement NASA visualizations into a web structure for teachers.

NASA Educator Astronaut Final Applicant

* Selected among the top 197 educators in the country. Currently working to implement NASA materials in the classroom through professional development I am creating.

Teacher's Earth Science Institute Participant

* Selected as one of only 24 in the US to study mining through the NSF.

"The Road Less Traveled" Teacher and Curriculum Designer

* Taught at-risk students in district-designed after school alternative education program

Generation WHY Partner Teacher

* Mentor to student (who later won an award for her work) in the use of technology and the development of a web site used in a national competition.

Results Based Staff Development Committee

* The committee created inservice agendas, Outcomes Accreditation planning information, and Campus Improvement Plan training.

Special Project

* Creator of the "Modified Accreditation Portfolio" that was approved to be adopted for the North High School faculty during the 1999 school year as a resource binder for improving curriculum alignment.

Partnership for Multimedia Project

* Co-created a CD-ROM in use by the Wichita School District that introduced the WorkKeys standardized assessment to all staff in the district.


* Presenter on development of new science programs at regional science conference * Kansas state science assessment evaluator

Work experience


School District

I have been a full time teacher for 11 years. I have worked in three school districts and will be happy to provide specific locations at a later time to protect my privacy.

Curriculum Writer

PBS NewsHour
  • Wrote several published curriculum pieces for the Jim Lehrer NewsHour
Jun 2006Present Guide to Weather

New York Times
  • I am an online weather writer for the New York Times owned company.
Feb 2009Present

  • Pittsburgh Weather Examiner


Holt McDougal
Harcourt, Inc. – Writer for HST 2010 Earth Science Textbook
  • Completed five chapters for Holt, Rinehart, & Winston text to be released in 2010.



PA Department of Education

I have an extensive post graduate education with credits from specialized programs across the United States. I have trained with NASA, The American Meteorological Society, and major universities.

BA Natural Science/ Biological

Wichita State University


Advanced computer knowledge
Advanced knowledge of SEO marketing for internet/blog assignments.



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Elementary Environmental Education

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General Science

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Earth Science

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Environmental Science

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