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I'm 22 years old and a Dancer, currently in my final year studying performing arts at London Studio Centre. I am extremely reliable, committed, friendly, and good with people as well as having a solid understanding of customer service. I’m a very fast learner and am keen to assist and help in anyway necessary. I am looking for a part time position.

Work History

April 20182019 (Current)

Dance/Fitness nstructor

At your beat

I have worked part time at ‘At your beat’ since April last year as both a Dance and Fitness instructor as well as front of house/receptionist. The job role includes ensuring all member are signed in and greeted for each class. The classes I teach are suitable for all adult levels and the aim is to provide a fun, friendly and exciting way to enjoy fitness as well as allowing members to develop their skills in dance to all the latest music. 

November 2018


Mahiki nightclub Mayfair

I’ve worked as a dancer at Mahiki’s nightclub in Mayfair for almost a year putting on bottle shows, general entertainment as well as podium dancing most weekends as well as on the clubs themed nights entitled “Mahiki Monday’s”. My job role was to provide entertainment and ensure clients were having a fun and enjoyable night. Sometimes this would include choreographed shows, handing out merchandise and alcoholic beverages, handling sparklers or podium dancing. 

Sep 2016September 2017

Event Staff

Evolve Hospitality/Mondrian Hotel

I worked from September until early this year as regular staff in both The Rumpus Rooftop Bar and London Events at the Mondrian Hotel. My roles were either hostessing.waitressing or cloakroom staff. In this time period I also worked at events for Sony, Trip Advisor, The entourage film premiere as well as the Mondrian's annual Halloween and New years Celebrations. 

Aug 2016

Hostess/Front of house

Evolve Hospitality/Heathrow Terminal 5 - Rhubarb Restaurant  

I worked as a hostess in the rhubarb restaurant. My job role included greeting  guests and taking them to their tables. I also made sure all tables were beautifully laid and I was at hand to answer any questions guests may have. 

Jun 2016

Event Staff

Evolve Hospitality/Mondrian Hotel 

I worked as event staff in the Rumpus room sky top cocktail bar for an event with the Financial times. Serving and assisting many politicians such as Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Natalie Bennett. It was a great opportunity to be able to work with such influential people and it was a nice challenge being able to work in a fast paced and exciting environment. 

Jun 2016


Evolve Hospitality/ Sky Garden/Sky Pod 

I worked as a hostess in  the Sky Garden of the Fenchurch building. My job role included, making reservations, seating guests and  directing guests to the restaurants as well as ensuring I was at hand to answer any questions and meet each of the clients needs 

May 2016

Event Staff

Evolve Hospitality/Mondrian Hotel 

I worked with events behind the bar delivering a continental breakfast to clients consisting of tea coffee,champagne and pastries.  Shortly after I was put in charge of ensuring that the conference room was kept tidy, chairs were in place and each guest was equipped with plenty of  refreshments.  I  was then put on cloakroom duty, which consisted of taking and storing the clients belongings, ensuring guests had name tags for the event and were gifted with a gift bag at the end of the night. I was also given a schedule of the day so I could direct the guests to the correct rooms at the allocated times. 

May 2016


Evolve Hospitality/ Mondrian Hotel 

I worked as a Hostess in the Sea Containers restaurant when staff was limited. My job role included greeting guests and taking them to their tables,  as well as ensuring all of the tables were beautifully laid and the restaurant lit with candles to add to the overall ambience. 

February 2016


Evolve Hospitality/Mondrian Hotel 

I worked as a waitress serving a full four course meal at a prestigious event for Deutsche Bank. My job role included  laying the tables and organising centre pieces   in the conference room, serving drinks and ensuring I was  keeping up high standards of service for all guests.

December 2015


Evolve Hospitality/SkyGarden/SkyPod

I worked in SkyPod as a waitress for an event. My job role included both serving cocktails to the guests as well as clearing tables and collecting glasses so they were ready for the next client. 

August 2015


Evolve Hospitality/ Mondrian Hotel 

I worked as a canapé waitress in the Mondrian Hotel in the Rumpus bar for a business event. My job role was to serve guests canapé's and maintain a smooth and fast paced service throughout the night. 

Aug 2014Sep 2014

Assistant ( Work Experience) 

Brainjuicer Market research company

This job was at the head office situated in central London. My job role was to help cater to clients for board meetings as well as having creative input when giving my opinion to current advertising being tested 

. Education 

September 2016-2019

BA Hons Degree in Performing Arts Dance 

London Studio Centre 
Sep 2013Jul 2015

BTEC Extended diploma in Performing Arts Dance

City and Islington College

90 credit diploma in Performing Arts Dance - Double Distinction (DD) 

Extended diploma in Performing Arts Dance- Double Distinction star (DD*D) 

Sep 2012Jul 2013


St. Mary’s school Cambridge

Maths (C)
English Lang(B)

English lit (A)
Dual science (C)

Textiles (A)
Religious studies (C)

Drama (A)
French (C)


Social skills 

I believe I am a very sociable person. I love interacting with others and making people feel comfortable at all times. 

Assisting Skills 

When working at Brainjuicer (Market Research company) I assisted those working there to ensure they had every thing they needed for board meeting as well as general needs. 

I've also worked as a hostess in the Mondrian Hotel at sea containers ensuring  guests had a wonderful dining experience and I was always at hand to assist in any way possible.