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Rachel Butcher

Objective: To obtain a position as a resident assistant in one of the campus dorms


Sep 2015Jan 2016

University of Oregon GPA: 2.92

Major: Human Physiology

Earlier Experience


Throughout high school, I babysat children from ages 2-5. Babysitting is a huge responsibilty and I truly enjoy taking care of kids. It takes your full attention and it is a part of earning trust from parents. 

Elementary School

I volunteered at my elementary school some mornings before school. I loved going back to visit my old teachers and helping all the children with drawing, reading stories, and learning how to write. This experience taught me to be very cooperative and how to work well in teams. 

Father Joe's Charity

Throughout high school, I served food to the homeless through the Father Joe organization. This is an amazing organization that I loved being a part of because it really made me grow as a person by experiencing the smiles on individuals who are less fortunate as we served them a plate of food and how amazing it feels to spend a Sunday afternoon changing people's lives. 

College Experience

I am a member of the PrePA club.

This club has meetings on Thursday where we discuss all sorts of topics about what it takes to be a physician assistant, the programs that are available, and how we can achieve our goals. PA's will come in and talk to us about the life of a PA, which has influenced my goals and dreams a lot. I am so happy to a part of this club because it has given me full reassurance that this is what I want to be and I am willing to do anything it takes to get me there. 

Personal Attributes

  • Truly responsible
  • People-oriented
  • Understanding
  • Positive
  • Good listener
  • Organized
  • Dedicated/Motivated
  • Dependable
  • Energetic